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Nasa Facts STS -106

Nasa Facts STS -106

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Published by Bob Andrepont

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Published by: Bob Andrepont on Apr 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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National Aeronautics andSpace Administration
John F. Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Center, Florida 32899AC 321 8672468
August 2000KSC Release No. 6900
Preparation of the International Space Station for First Resident Crew
In a further step toward permanently living andworking in space, Space Shuttle Atlantis will visit thethird brightest star in Earth's sky – the InternationalSpace Station – to prepare the orbiting outpost for thearrival of its first international crew.Space Shuttle Atlantis will once again return tospace on its second of backtoback missions to theInternational Space Station (ISS). Mission STS106 willprepare the ISS for its first resident crew and begin theoutfitting of the newly arrived Zvezda Service Modulelaunched this past July.Zvezda will serve as the support and controlcomponents for the rest of the Station as well as theearly living quarters and lab space for the first longduration crew, “Expedition One,” to reside aboard theStation beginning this fall. The Zvezda will serve as thesupport and control components for the rest of theStation. After docking with the Station, the sevenmembercrew of Atlantis will perform support tasks on orbit,transfer supplies and prepare the Zvezda living quartersby unloading supplies from a double SPACEHAB modulein the rear of Atlantis’ cargo bay and from the newlyarrived Russian Progress resupply ship docked to theaft of Zvezda.In addition, Atlantis’ Mission Specialists, Ed Lu andYuri Malenchenko will perform a sixandahalf hourExtravehicular Activity (EVA) or spacewalk. The primarygoal of the EVA is to connect through the electrical linesand data cables from the Service Module to the rest ofthe Station. This is only the second time there has beenan astronaut cosmonautteam to perform a space walkfrom the Space Shuttle.Atlantis will dock with the Station on Flight Day 3.During the EVA, Mission Specialist Rick Mastracchiowill maneuver the Shuttle’s robotic arm to position theEVA crew for the installation of a magnetometer on theoutside of the module. The magnetometer is like a threedimensional compass that is sensitized to tell theorientation of Zvezda and the entire Station with respectto Earth.After completion of the EVA, the Space Station willbe stocked with basic lifesupport systems such as 784lbs. of water, 858 lbs. of food, a 13lb. food warmer andnumerous crew safety items. In addition, removal andreplacement of two Functional Cargo Batteries (FGB) orZarya module batteries will be undertaken in preparationfor mission STS92. The crew will also install theergometer or bicycle, and treadmill that Station crewswill use to keep in shape. During the fiveday transfer,the crew will move nearly 5,000 lbs. of Russian and U.S.hardware and equipment from the SPACEHAB moduleto the Space Station.After completion of tasks, Atlantis will undock fromthe Station and conduct a flyaround to document theexterior of the Station with photography. Engineers onEarth will use the photographs to study the effects of thespace environment on the Station for future EVAplanning.STS106 will take flight with the 99
Shuttle launch.The 22
flight of Atlantis will begin with a liftoff fromKSC’s Launch Pad 39B. Atlantis will ascend at a 51.6­degree inclination to the equator for direct insertion intoorbit. The mission is scheduled to last for 10 days.Landing is planned for KSC’s Shuttle Landing Facility.
KSC FORM 2203NS (REV. 11/92)

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