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Hubble Facts Making Hubble Even Better Servicing Mission 3B

Hubble Facts Making Hubble Even Better Servicing Mission 3B

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Published by Bob Andrepont

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Published by: Bob Andrepont on Apr 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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National Aeronautics andSpace Administration
Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland 20771(301) 286-8955
Making Hubble Even Better
Servicing Mission 3B
New and Improved
– that’s the condition of thetelescope after each servicing mission. With more than11 years of historically astounding science alreadyaccomplished,Hubble looks to the next servicing mis-sion to enhance its capabilities for even more excitingnew discoveries.The next 360-mile high service call,ShuttleMission STS-109,will add a camera that will increasethe imaging capability of Hubble ten times over its cur-rent capabilities. Astronauts also will fit Hubble with asmaller,more powerful set of solar arrays,a freshpower control unit,a refurbished reaction wheelassembly,and an experimental cooling system to rein-vigorate Hubble’s infrared vision.When Hubble was on the drawing board,itsdesigners knew that technology would evolve rapid-ly—so they built the telescope to evolve right alongwith it. During planned servicing missions,spacewalk-ing astronauts install powerful new instruments andperform routine maintenance to keep Hubble healthyand on the cutting edge of technology and scientificdiscovery throughout its 20-year life.Servicing Mission 3B is the fourth visit to Hubble.NASA split the original Servicing Mission 3 into twoparts and conducted 3A in December of 1999. Duringthe 3B mission,the crew of Space Shuttle Columbiawill perform five spacewalks in an 11-day mission.
What’s New and Improved
 Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS):
With its wide field of view,powerful detectors,andsuperb image quality,Hubble’s newest science instru-ment will have 10 times more discovery potential thanthe telescopes current workhorse,the Wide FieldPlanetary Camera 2.ACS sees in wavelengths ranging from visible tonear ultraviolet. It is actually a team of three differentchannels with specialized capabilities. The
high reso-lution channel
will take extremely detailed pictures of the inner regions of galaxies and search neighboringstars for planets and planets-to-be. The
solar blindchannel
blocks visible light to enhance ultraviolet sen-sitivity. [Among other things,it will be used to studyweather on planets in our own solar system.] With afield of view twice the size of Hubble’s current survey-or,ACS’s
wide field channel
will conduct new surveysof the Universe. Astronomers will use it to study thenature and distribution of galaxies in order to under-stand how our Universe evolved.
 Hubble free floating

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