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IES OBJ Mechanical Engineering 2000 Paper II

IES OBJ Mechanical Engineering 2000 Paper II

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Published by: SB on Apr 15, 2011
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Euler’s formula can be used for obtainingcrippling load for a M.S. column withhinged ends. Which one of the followingconditions for the slenderness ratio 1/k isto be satisfied?a.
5 < 1/k < 8b.
9 < 1/k < 18c.
19 < 1/k < 40d.
The kinematic chain shown in the abovefigure is aa.
mechanism with one degree of freedomc.
mechanism with two degrees of freedomd.
mechanism with more than twodegrees of freedom3.
A point on a link connecting a doubleslider crank will trace aa.
straight lineb.
A wheel is rolling on a straight level track with a uniform velocity ‘v’. Theinstantaneous velocity of a point on thewheel lying at the mid-point of a radiusa.
varies between 32
and -2
varies between v/2 and - v/2c.
vanes between 32
does not vary is equal to v5.
A four-bar chain hasa.
all turning pairsb.
one turning pair and the others aresliding pairsc.
one sliding, pair and the others areturning pairsd.
all sliding pairs6.
Which one of the following pairs iscorrectly matched?a.
Beauchamp tower : First experimentson journal bearingsb.
Osborne Reynolds : Antifrictionbearingsc.
Somonerfeld number: Pivot and Collerbearingsd.
Ball bearings : Hydrodynamiclubrication7.
Sensitiveness of a governor is defined asa.
Range of speed2 × Mean speed b.
2 × Mean speedRange of speed c.
Mean speed × Range of speed.d.
Range of speedMean speed 8.
Masses B
, B
and 9 kg are attached to ashaft in parallel planes as shown in theabove figure. If the shaft is rotating at 100rpm, the mass B
3 kgb.
6 kgc.
9 kgd.
27 kg9.
The equation of motion bra dampedviscous vibration is 3x+9x+27x= 0
 The damping factor isa.
I.E.S-(OBJ) 2000
 2 of 15d.
A mass is suspended at the bottom of twosprings in series having stiffness 10 N/mmand 5N/mm. The equivalent springstiffness of the two spring is nearlya.
0.3 N/ mmb.
3.3 N/mmc.
5 N/mmd.
15 N/mm11.
The velocity ratio in the case of compoundtrain of wheel is equal toa.
No. of teeth on first driverNo of teeth on last follower b.
No. of teeth on last followerNo of teeth on first driverc.
Product of teeth on the driversProduct of teeth on the followersd.
Product of teeth on the followersProduct of teeth on the drivers 12.
A loaded semi-infinite flate plate is havingan elliptical hole (A/B = 2) in the middleas shown in the above figure. The stressconcentration factors at point either X or Yisa.
For the bracket bolted as shown in theabove figure, the bolts will developa.
Primary tensile stresses and secondaryshear stressesb.
Primary shear stresses and secondaryshear stressesc.
Primary shear stresses and secondarytensile stressed.
Primary tensile stresses and secondarycompressive stresses14.
A screw thread specified by M 20 × 2.5 Cas per BIS thread system meansa.
Metric thread of 20 mm nominaldiameter and 2.5 mm pitch havingcoarse toleranceb.
Metric thread of 20 mm root diameterand 2.5 pitch having coarse tolerancec.
Metric thread of fine class having 20mm root diameter and 2.5 mm pitchd.
Metric thread of 20 mm shank diameter and 2.5 mm thread depth withcoarse tolerance15.
The key shown in the above figure is aa.
Barth keyb.
Kennedy keyc.
Lewis keyd.
Woodruff key16.
Which one of the following statementswith regard to belt drives is NOT correct?a.
Increase in the angle of wrap of thebelt enables more power transmissionb.
Maximum power is transmitted whenthe centrifugal tension is three timesthe tight side tensionc.
Wide and thin belt is preferable forbetter life than a thick and narrow oned.
Crown is provided on the pulley tomake the belt run centrally on thepulley17.
Angle of twist of a shaft of a diameter ‘d’is inversely proportional toa.
Which one of the following sets of parameters should be monitored for
 3 of 15determining safe operation of journalbearing?a.
Oil pressure, bearing metaltemperature and bearing vibrationb.
Bearing vibration, oil pressure andspeed of shaftc.
Bearing metal temperature and oilpressured.
Oil pressure and bearing vibration19.
Consider the following pairs of parts:1.
Pair of gear in mesh2.
Belt and pulley3.
Cylinder and piston4.
Cam and followerAmong these, the higher pairs area.
1 and 4b.
2 and 4c.
1, 2 and 3d.
1, 2 and 420.
Which one of the following sets of accelerations is involved in the motion of the piston inside the cylinder of auniformly rotating cylinder mechanism?a.
Coriolis and radial accelerationb.
Radial and tangential accelerationc.
Coriolis and gyroscopic accelerationd.
Gyroscopic and tangential acceleration21.
Consider the following statements:1.
Round bar in a round hole forms aturning pair.2.
A square bar in a square hole forms asliding pair.3.
A vertical shaft in a foot-step bearingforms a successful constraint.Which of the statements are correct?a.
1 and 3b.
1 and 2c.
2 and 3d.
1, 2 and 322.
Consider the following pairs of types of bearings and applications:1.
Partial Journal bearing : Rail wagonaxles2.
Full Journal bearing : Diesel enginecrankshaft3.
Radial bearing Combined radial andaxial LoadsWhich of these pairs /are conectlymatched?a.
1 aloneb.
1 and 2c.
2 and 3d.
1, 2 and 323.
Consider the following statementsregarding the turning moment diagram of areciprocating engine shown in the abovefigure(Scale 1 cm
= 100 N.m)1.
It is a four stroke IC engine2.
The compression stroke is 0° to 180°3.
mean turning moment T
= 580/ 
It is a multi-cylinder engineWhich of these statements are correct?a.
1, 2 and 3b.
1, 2 and 4c.
2, 3 and 4d.
1, 3 and 424.
The pitching of a ship in the ocean is anoscillatory periodic motion. A ship ispitching 6° above and 6° below, with aperiod of 20s from its horizontal plane.Consider the following statements iii thisregard:1.
The mdtion has a frequency of oscillation (i.e. pitching) of 3 cycles / minute.2.
The motion has an angular frequencyof 3.14 rad/s.3.
The angular velocity of precession of ships rotor is
 /300 rad/s4.
The amplitude of pitching is
 /30 radWhich of these statements are correct?a.
1 and 2b.
1, 2 and 4c.
2, 3 and 4d.
1, 3 and 425.
The critical speed of’ a shaft is affected bythe,a.
diameter and the eccentricity of theshaftb.
span and the eccentricity of the shaftc.
diameter and the span of the shaftd.
span of the shaft26.
Match list I (Applications) with list II(Joints) and select the correct answer :

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