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Published by Boris Kovačević

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Published by: Boris Kovačević on Apr 15, 2011
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 S  E  L  L  
 S  p e  c i   a l    O l   y m pi   c  s  C  o a  c i  n g Q  ui   c  S  t   a  t   G  ui   d  e 
February 2008
Basketball Quick Start Guide- February 2008 1
Special Olympics BasketballCoaches Quick Start GuideTable of Contents
Acknowledgements 3Sample Training Session 4Principles of Effective Training Sessions 5Tips for Conducting Safe Training Sessions 6Assessment & Matching Athletes with Events 7Basketball Attire 8Basketball Equipment 9Teaching the Rules of Basketball 10The Court 10The Ball 10 Number of Players 10Uniform of the Players 10Referees 10Duration of the Game 11The Start of the Game 11Scoring 11Fouls 11Violations 11Special Olympics Unified Sports® Rules 12Protest Procedures 12Basketball Glossary 13Appendix: Skill Development Tips 15Dribbling 15Skill Progression Dribbling 15Dribbling Drills 16Passing 17Skill Progression Passing 17Catching 18Skill Progression Catching 18Passing & Catching Drills 19Shooting 20Skill Progression Shooting 20Shooting Drills 21Defending 22Skill Progression Defending 22Defending Drills 23Rebounding 24Skill Progression Rebounding 24Rebounding Drills 25Footwork 26Skill Progression Footwork 26Agility Footwork Activities 27Additional Basketball Drills 28Changing Baskets after Halftime 29Three Seconds in the Lane 29Fast Break 30Free Throw 30
2 Basketball Quick Start Guide- February 2008
Special Olympics BasketballCoaches Quick Start Guide
Jump Ball 31The Give-and-Go 32Recognizing and Working with Teammates 33Team Defense 34Teaching Progression for Team Defense 35Team Offense 37Teaching Progression for Team Offense 38Throw-In 40

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