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NASA Facts STS-115

NASA Facts STS-115

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Published by Bob Andrepont

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Published by: Bob Andrepont on Apr 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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National Aeronautics and Space Administration
      N      A      S      A
       f     a     c       t     s
 ASA’s space shuttle mission SS-115marks the return to construction o theInternational Space Station, which is the maingoal o the remaining space shuttle ights.During the 11-day mission, Atlantis will dock to the station and the crew will perorm threespacewalks. Mission SS-115 is the 116thspace shuttle ight and the 19th ight to thestation.Te astronauts will deliver and installthe P3/P4 integrated truss segment, as well asbatteries and solar arrays to provide power tothe station. Te segment is approximately 45.3eet long and weighs nearly 35,000 pounds.Te P3/P4 segment will attach to the P1 trusson the port side o the station’s integrated trusssegment. ogether, the trusses and solar arrays will provide one-ourth o the total power-gen-eration capability o the completedstation.Te P3 portion includes the Solar AlphaRotary Joint, which is the largest mechanismon P3. It osters the primary unction o P3:rotating the entire truss structure outboard, in-cluding two solar arrays on P4 and eventually the two solar arrays on P6. Tis rotation keepsthe surace o the arrays pointing at the sun oroptimal power generation. P3 also comprisestwo Unpressurized Cargo Carrier Attach Sys-tem platorms or stowage.P4’s upper and lower decks each have aseparate station power channel known as 2A 
19th ISS Flight Continues Construction
and 4A. Tese channels each include a solar ar-ray, six batteries, three battery charge/dischargeunits and other electronics which generate,store, regulate and distribute power to thestation. P4 also includes a large photovoltaicradiator and two thermal cooling loops lled with ammonia or each deck. Tis system dis-sipates the heat that accumulates during powerstorage and distribution, keeping the variouselectronic components cool.During the rst spacewalk, crew members will mate the P3/P4 truss segment and beginpowering it. Te second spacewalk includesremoving the restraints that kept the truss

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