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JPKU TM Newsletter Images January 2011

JPKU TM Newsletter Images January 2011

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Published by vikask.malik

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Published by: vikask.malik on Apr 15, 2011
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Club No. 858173Division C, District 82
Mission of Toastmasters
To provide a mutually supportive and positivelearning environment in which every individ- ual member has theopportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills,which in turn foster self-confidence
January 2011
Its my first newsletter and it seems to be very exciting.. its been a littletough but a great experience . January is so used to usher in a new year that we forget thatthe club has got a new Executive Committee that has taken charge this very month. I willbegin with congratulating the new EC and hope we gel together as team.In this issue Immediate past Club President Malkiat passes the baton to Club President Vi-kas kumar, who shares his plans for the club, Anurag Butoliya talks about the race of his
life, Akhil Sood finds answers to his monster question. Don’t miss the poem by Sir RudyardKipling. In the ‘Hyde Park’ section we invited some thoughts on discussing the last minute
backouts. Read about Himanshu Sharma and Vaibhav Vashishtha, the latest additions toour family in Know thy toastmasters. .Hope you have a good time reading it.
The Editor’s Note
 Newsletter of the JPKU Toastmasters Club, NewDelhiVol. 5, Issue 1; January 2011
January 2011
Passing the guard Page 3
The outgoing president hands over the charge of the club tohis successor Vikas and his team
Malkiat Bindra and Vikas Kumar
Know Thy Toastmaster
Page 9and 10
 Let’s get to know the latest addition to our family
 Himanshu Sharma and Vaibhav Vashishtha
The Hyde Park
Page 11
  Handling Backouts
Vikas Malik,
Sanchit Aggarwal
Akhil Sood
Best of the Month
Page 13
 Find out our star performers week by week.
Meeting Theme Of The Month
Page 7and 8
Toastmasters of the month and meeting themes
-Vikas Kumar-Sanchit Aggarwal-Sameep Taneja
Club Contact Details
Page 14
Page 15
 -Anurag Batoliya
The Beginning
Page 8
 A poem by Sir Rudyard Kipling 
The monster question
 -Akhil Sood
News and announcements
 Page 6
January 2011If you live through your life, you will not realize the thingswhich have changed. But, if u give a thought, ponder upon thethings which matter, you might realize a lot has changed with-out much attention. All you did was your duty, took some help
from others, saw your friends stand next to you and wallah! It‘s
all done.. Something similar happened when I was in charge of the club from July'10. There were DCP goals, concern for thequality of the club, concerns for other things regarding the club.Piece by piece, meeting by meeting, month by month, all wassorted just like that.Our term did not have many EC members left by the end of the term. But, those whowere there, made sure there was nothing that they could not handle. They made surethat no one could notice that it was mere few who were handling the job of 7 fullytrained officials. Yes, they were not trained in some specific aspect of the job, but noone could tell the difference. These are those people who excel in their life and fulfilltheir dreams and turn them into reality. They surely made my job very easy. I'll missthe time I spent with these true leaders.Isn't that why we are here in the first place? Isn't learning and excelling the first ob- jective of joining Toastmasters? I have full confidence in the new EC and I am surethey will take our club to new heights. I was asked to write this down for the Newslet-ter and I was not sure of what I would write. But when I got to write it down, all of itis coming naturally from the heart. This is the impact the club and its people have hadon me. I'll surely miss them all....Before I say goodbye, I would like to say "All the Best" to the new EC and to VikasKr. Malik in particular who has to lead the pack of 7 prominent leaders having differ-ent responsibilities of their own.
Malkiat BindraImmediate Past President - JPKU Toastmasters Club
Standing on the brink of a bright new beginningI can feel the fresh new breeze coming to meAnd I long to set myself free....I wish this year 2011 brings new joys to your life.First of all, I would like to congratulate the newly appointed ECmembers
Akhil Sood ( VP - Education), Shraddha Nakra (VP -Membership), Shreeja Kumar (VP - Public Relations), VinayJain (Treasurer), Sameep Taneja (Secretary) and Sanchit Aggar-wal (Sergeant at arms) for being selected as the Executive Committee. I would like tothank the Selection committee of our club which has shown their trust in this team. It isthis team's hard work, skills and perseverance which will help our club to reach newer heights.Serving a club with tradition of achievements is a matter of pride and it is my privilege to be given charge of this "Always Ahead" club. It is said that to be at the top is easier thanstaying at the top. Continuous improvement with the ability to reinvent is the utmost re-quirement of sustained success. Last Executive Committee in their term has set theachievement bar at a new high. JPKU Toastmasters Club has already achieved the coveted"President's Distinguished Club" Award. Congratulations to all members and EC team for 
the same. Now, it‘s our duty to follow the path laid down by our predecessors and then go
 beyond what has already been achieved.For fellow EC members, my message is to take guidance from our predecessors and striveour best to reach the standards set and then go past them. For members of club, my mes-sage is to be present and participate. The quality of the club, its meetings is defined by thequality of its members and for that members need to participate in all the activities of theclub.I wish you all the success and many new beginnings in your life.
Vikas Kumar President - JPKU Toastmasters Club

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