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Origin 16 Out with the Old and In with the New

Origin 16 Out with the Old and In with the New

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: SUPERALEXtheGREATEST on Apr 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The relationship between gravity and time is quite interesting. Besides both looping around andmaintaining the cyclical and balanced nature of the universe and quadverse (and omniverse, for that matter.) Not only is gravity/dark energy responsible for the creation of the third dimensionover entropy/time..... the rate of time also responds to the presence of gravitation. During the 1Dand 2D phases of the universe, when gravity waves do not exist, time proceeds very slowly(maybe remains static), until the universe cools sufficiently to phase transition to 3D, inflationoccurs with the polarity flip at the central black hole / white hole and the dark energy to darkmatter ratio increases, parallel time lines are created and gravity emerges. In 3D and 4D timeproceeds much more rapidly, since gravity is now present (but separated among the variousparallel timelines) and the universe expands ever more quickly in the dark energy era and evenfaster with explosive expansion (inflation phase 2) during the phase change to 4D space. At thistime, to an outside observer, the universe would finally become visible as a 1 dimensional lineexpanding from the center towards the event horizon of the parent black hole from both ends.Before this happened, it was only a point particle (although, since all times exist together,perhaps it will always appear as a line frozen in the imaginary time dimension of the omniverse--all the parallel timelines will be superimposed upon each other, in the fashion of quantumsuperposition-- as will the other members of the quadverse be visible as single dimensionallines.) Besides the black hole and superverse properties mentioned in Origin 13 which impact thephysical properties of the baby universe/quadverse, the actual size of the parent black hole andthus the width of the Cauchy Horizon, will also impact length of each oscillation. Time proceedseven more quickly when the universe rebounds off the Cauchy Horizon from the parent black hole(the macro version of the strong force), as the gravitational waves become much moreconcentrated as they bounce off of it and time proceeds rapidly as the universe starts to contract,the polarity at the center black hole / white hole flips, the dark matter to dark energy ratioincreases, until finally the phase transition back to 3D occurs as the universe heats up and keepscontracting with more dark matter, the time lines merge and gravity increases even more withdeflation until we reach the 1D/2D wall and time slows to a crawl (or stops), gravity disappearsand the universe big bounces at 10 planck lengths and the cycle starts all over again. In themirrorverse, this is synchronized, while it occurs in reverse in the antiverse and theantimirrorverse, where time itself is reversed. Note also, that gravity/time/dark matter/dark energyis conserved in the quadverse (and the omniverse in general) as an increase in rate or quantity inone component results in a decrease in one of the other components of the quadverse (actuallyit's 2 vs 2) since, after all, the universe and mirrorverse experience time in reverse from theantiverse and the antimirrorverse. The structure of this quadverse in the omniverse isn't actuallyfour lines, it's a double double helix (thus my cosmic DNA reference earlier-- yet another exampleof fractality!) Gravity and EM create the twists and turns to produce this structure. Consider thefour dimensions to each be base pairs of the cosmic DNA (for a total of 8 D, 6+2), connected toeach other through the central black hole / white hole which keeps reversing polarity at differentphases of the cycle. These wormhole connections are a cosmic fractal representation of thechemical bonds between the base pairs of the DNA double helix..... we actually have two doublehelixes, with the universe and mirrorverse in sync, as is the antiverse and the antimirrorverse,which all exist within the cosmically fractal 4+1 omniverse (this is exactly why our universereaches a limit of 4+1 in its own dimensions before starting to contract.)Hey that new science discovery might be technicolor!I love technicolor, so needless to say Im enthusiastic about this if it proves to be correct. Iremember mentioning it way back in Origin 1 last year, as I hoped it would replace Higgs....hopefully, this is the first step towards supplanting the Higgs Boson.well chapter one was written about a year ago and in it I mention a theory called technicolor, fromwhich I theorized that our dimensions and mass emerged from... instead of the Higgs Bosonwhich is what conventional physics has assumed.... I just think technicolor makes much moresense and is a much more elegant theory, and it is a structure of reality based on color theorywell basically I analogized the three primary colors to the three spatial dimensions and time as
the background.... and then you can also construct three negative spatial dimensions which arethe represented by the complementary primary colors and a similar complementary timedimensionRed Green Blue RGB are the additive primariesthe complementary subtractive primaries arecyan magenta and yellowblack and white represent time and complementary time. The complementary dimensions makeup the antiverse and the antimirrorverse.it just occurred to me how three dimensions of space are so similar to the three primary colorsand how time could be similar to the background upon which it was built. Note that in QCD, color charge effect becomes nil outside of the particle..... thus, anyone in the superverse would not seeour dimensions (they have their own dimensions that arise from their own cosmic color charge),but on the inside, we are subject to them and perceive them as dimensions.well there are two possibilitiesone is just two dimensionswhich would be a particle and its complementaryif youve seen a color wheel, you know its the color opposite to it on the color wheelthe other possibility is 3 particles, in which case you have the primary colorseach color represents one third of the charge of the particlethe colors correspond to color chargeyou have to imagine it as a rubber band.... within the rubber band they can move freelybut once they reach the edge and start trying to get out, the rubber band becomes tightand pushes them back init is how I also picture the universe.... with gravity taking the place of this force on a universalscale and the dimensions taking the place of color charge. Once the universe expands to thecauchy horizon, it "bounces back." Notice the fractal representation of quantum lattice and spinnetworks-- this shows that cosmic DNA replicates itself in the baby universe and thus they aremade in the image of the omniverse itself.This also works with Calabi-Yau manifolds, which are six dimensional, as each manifold would beconstructed of the three additive primary spatial dimensions plus the three subtractive primaryspatial dimensions.This is the first step towards a gravity-strong force unification, to match electro-weak unification....so instead of 4 forces, we'd have 2 x 2 (just like the quadverse arrangement..... more fractality!)Universes with additional dimensions can be created based on this framework by adding inresonances or higher and lower energy versions that exist on higher or lower energy levels.... likethe electron, muon and tauon, for example. Universes with the same dimensions, like paralleltimeverses and mirrorverses can also exist on different energy levels.The renowned Kip Thorne has created a solution to the geometry of two colliding black holeswhich looks suspiciously like the Hopf Fibration and E8, as well as the toroidal model of theuniverse. It is therefore theorized that baby universes can be created when two black holescollide and merge, resulting in a warping of space and time that creates the shape of the babyuniverse that lies within. The physical properties and laws of the universe are determined by thespin, charge, cosmic color charge (aka dimensions, which may also arise from infalling quarkgluon plasma and cosmic strings) and other properties of the parent black holes as well as theresults of the collision. Both parent black holes provide cosmic DNA which goes into producing
the baby universe. The fractal representation of this also resembles the structure of largegalaxies, therefore it is also theorized that these baby universes are produced at the core of thesegalaxies where the supermassive blackhole exists, during the quasar active stage of its life cycle.As mentioned above, this also shows how quantum lattice and spin networks are replicatedthroughout the omniverse, as cosmic DNA and gravity mold not only the structures withinuniverses, but the omniverse itself. As a matter of fact, the recently discovered magneticmonopoles represent these fractional cosmic color charges in the early universe.The interesting thing about the quantum mirror analogy is it reminds me of the "FunhouseMirrors" analogy I used in describing parallel time universes-- basically, they are multiple imagesof the same thing, distorted by various gravitational effects. But they are really reflections of thesame universe in superpositional states with itself.BTW if you'll take a look at this diagram again :http://cdn.physorg.com/newman/gfx/news/hires/2011/physicistsdi.jpgYou'll notice a few things--First of all, there are criss crossing lines.... I believe these to be parallel time lines, and the reasonthey are criss crossing is because it's the universe and mirrorverse entangled with each other andwith each universe's timelines 90 degrees to the other's. They don't actually intersect since theuniverse and the mirrorverse (and all other universes) exist on different energy levels. Althoughthese may be points where wormholes exist and facilitate matter and energy transfer across thequadverse both in space and in time.Secondly, you'll notice two large gaps, one between the mobius BB in the middle and the secondlater on after the first set of criss crossing lines. It's my belief that this diagram represents not justone moment of time, but ALL TIME(S).... that is, to a hypothetical observer from outside our universe, they would "see" all time simultaneously (because all times exist together). If this is thecase, the center mobius represents the BB and the first "gap" represents inflation or 1D to 2D(which is what caused time to split into separate time lines). The second gap represents another phase transition, perhaps when the universe went from 2D to 3D and I would call it dark energyassisted inflation or inflation phase 2. Forces selectively deunify at each phase transition,beginning with unification at each BB. Gravity does not exist in 2 dimensions, so you'll notice thetimelines are symmetrical. In three dimensions, when gravity and dark energy do appear, you'llnote that the timelines are emergent. The timelines are 1D strings separated by imaginary timeand since there was only one timeline per universe at the BB, there are four mobius strips at thecenter. The diagram takes us through both expansion/deunification and contraction/reunificationof each member of the quadverse (and inflation and deflation as timelines emerge and converge.)The fifth force represents gravity in the baby universe, just like our gravity is the fifth force of thesuperverse. Also note that the mobius structure in the middle actually consists of 4 strings-- theuniverse, antiverse, mirrorverse and antimirrorverse. The universe and mirrorverse are entangledand BB together as do the antiverse and antimirrorverse. These represents the 2x2 entangledstrands of cosmic DNA-- the double double helix born from the two colliding black holes (whichlikely resulted in a huge ripple effect that not only generated the quadverse, but also a large GRBthat fractally creates galaxies and superclusters in the superverse which create other babyuniverses and more GRBs and so on and so forth fractally.) The baby universe is itself a fractal

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