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Sat Yam Paper 6

Sat Yam Paper 6

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Published by Razman Othman

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Published by: Razman Othman on Apr 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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_______________________________________________________________________Message: 2Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 13:26:10 -0000From: "nagendra08" <jaiswal_n_k@rediffmail.com>Subject: satyam papersSATYAM GE SOFTWARE SERVICES LIMITEDINSTRUCTIONS1. Please write your Name,College,HT no., Degree, Branch and questionbooklet no. on the answer sheet.2. The duration of the test is 60 min.3. The question paper contains 50 questions and all questions aremultiple choice.4. Every correct answer carries 2 marks.5. For every wrong answer ¼ mark are deducted.6. Avoid guessing.7. Donot write anything on the question paper. you will not beconsidered for selection if you do so.8. Put a `X' mark on the answer of your choice on the answer sheet.9. If you wish to change your answer put three horizontal lines onthe choice you have already marked .10. Use of any calculating device is prohibited.1.1.values of n and k is 100.2.n is divided by k and the integer part of the quotient isstored in i.3.n is divided by k and the remainder is stored in j.4.i is multiplied by itself to get the new value of i.5.if the values of j and I are equal then n is printed.6.add 1 to n.7.if the value of n exceeds 999 then stop.8.go to step 2the result of the above logic isa. 124,248,369,?.B. 101,204,309,?c. 111,222,333,?d. none2.1. sony=02. jimmy =13. add jimmy to sony to get new sony4. add sony to jimmy to get new jimmy5. if jimmy is equal to 34 then stop6. goto 3What will be the value of sony when the logic terminatesa. 15b. 18c. 21d. none
3. go to step 3.0.get cost of the item (c )1.get number of items (n)2.multiply n by c to get total cost (tc)3if tc is above 10000 then discount (d)=5%4.if tc is less then 10000 but more than 5000 and c is above 85 thend=4.5%5.if tc is less than 5000 and c>65 and n >50then d=4%what will be the discount if 40 items were purchased each costingRs. 58a. 5%b. 4.5%c. 4%d. none5.1. k=02. add 1 to k to get the value of z3. p= quotient of z divided by 104. m= remainder of z divided by 105. if m=p-1 then print z6. add 1 to k7. if the value crosses 99then stop8. goto 2the result of the above steps is(a) 11,22,33,??. (b) 21,32,43,???(c)12,23,34,??.. (d) none6.THE NUMBER of valuesthat are printed area. 9b. 19c. 29d. none7.1. cost of item ©=RS 502. total cost (TC)=03. number of items purchased =14. TC=TC+C5. If the remainder of N divided by 5 is 0 then reduce Rs 10 from C6. Increase the value of n by 1.Using the above rule , how much money should one pay after buying 12itemsa. 480b. 510c. 540d. none8.every applicant takes three test .candidate is selected ifhe/she secures80% above in the aggregate and 75% and above inatleast two test . all test are evaluated to 100 marks.if the candidate scores 96,78,&68in the three testgoing by the above logic,his result will bea. rejectedb. selectedc.withheldd. none9.
the output of theabove logic isa. 8, 13, 21, 32, 47, 63b. 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 ,?.C. 8,13, 34, 55 d. none10.if the numbers like 244, 514, 136,etc are to be printed from the above logic the ? should be replacedwitha. is j=l or j=l/2b. j+l=dc. is j+l+d=10d. none11.1. let fn=12. let a=23. let fn be fn multiplied by a and add 1 to it4. write the value of fn5. if the value written is more than 777 then stop6. -----------------------------------------------------------7. go to 3if the expected output from the above logic is 3, 10, 41, 206, 1237,then the statement in the line 6 should bea. let a=a*ab. a=a+ac.a=a+1d. none12.the result of the above logic isa. 6,8,14,b. 6 , 12, 20 , 30,c. 6, 12, 18, 24,d.none13. the following qualifications are necessary for the recruitment ofthe librarian. The candidate must1. have masters degree in library science with atleast 55% marks2. have one year specialization in information technology3. have atleast 10 yrs experience in universityin case the candidate has4. 15 yrs experience in college ,the case may be reffered to vicechancellor5. has obtained less then 55% but has 13 yrs experience inuniversity, the case may be referred to registrar.6. Has Ph.D in library science/Documentation the condition (1) may bewaived.Gopal Brahma has been Deputy Librarian of SLC University since 1982and has a masters degree in library science with 53% marks. Given theabove rules the gopals information, gopal should bea. selectedb. rejectedc. referred to VCd. none14. the following rules are applied for the appointment in a companySruti's father Vijay works in a company. She secured 72%marks in her 12 th class and holds post graduate qualification inInformation systems. She was born on 15th march 1975. Given thisdata, the deposit to be paid by her to get employment in the company

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