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SHADOW LAND - Elisabeth Esperance

SHADOW LAND - Elisabeth Esperance

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Published by Robert Bayer
A wonderful thoughtful auto-biography of a lady who was born a ‘natural’ medium and spent most of her life exercising and learning about her talent and trying to relate her skill to her life.
A wonderful thoughtful auto-biography of a lady who was born a ‘natural’ medium and spent most of her life exercising and learning about her talent and trying to relate her skill to her life.

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Published by: Robert Bayer on Apr 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Elisabeth d’Esperance(1897)
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This book has been written at intervals during several years. I intended tohand over the manuscript to someone to publish after my death; but now havingfinished my work as a medium, I have come to the conclusion that I have no rightto place on the shoulders of another, a burden of responsibility, that I would wish toescape bearing myself, and have decided that it is better to have the opportunity of defending the truths which I have here attempted to record rather than to leave thework to others.A more weighty reason is the fact that suicides are increasing and I havenever known a single instance of a sane man throwing his life away, when once henot only believed, but knew, the truths which have been part of my every day lifesince childhood.Some months ago Stafford wrote an article on materialism which wasreproduced in several German newspapers and a few weeks afterwards. I received aletter from Baron X. saying he had just lost a lawsuit which to him meant the lossof everything. He had decided there was nothing left to live for and was arranginghis affairs prior to taking leave of this world, when accidentally the newspaper containing Stafford’s article, came into his hands. He read it, wrote to thank theauthor and decided to give life another trial.This circumstance encourages me to hope that, by making my experiencesknown, some others of my fellow-men may pause and consider whether earthlyexistence ends all and whether, in throwing away the great gift of life, they are notmaking a mistake which, a few moments after they would give worlds to have theterrible deed undone.
My Dear Friend!
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You have had the kindness to send me the proof of your book, of which youask my opinion. It is with pleasure that I comply with your request. The task youhad undertaken was rather difficult, yet you have successfully achieved that atwhich you aimed. The danger to be avoided was that of saying too much or toolittle. In saying too much, you would have been entangled in particulars, as itwould have required ten volumes, and more, to give a full record of your mediumship and yet, after all, it might have looked somewhat apologetic. In sayingtoo little, you could remain obscure. You have however chosen a middle path, and,what is important, one gets a whole or complete impression a very good one too.Perhaps even now you may remain obscure for others, but I speak for myself; as Ihave followed your mediumistic career in all its details for more than twenty years,I can understand you better than many others.Endowed from birth with the fatal gift of sensitiveness, you, against your will, became a medium. Prompted purely by a feeling of duty towards truth, youdid not refuse your help to those who were anxious to push further into the enquiry,in which you yourself became more and more interested. Soon you obtained veryremarkable phenomena, and you were enraptured with the idea of having such palpable demonstrations of the glorious truth of immortality. What a consolationfor poor, benighted humanity!What a new field for science! A missionary spirit inspired you and you wereready for any sacrifice for the triumph of the truth of spirit intercourse.Long ago when I first became acquainted with spiritualism, I often thoughtthat if I were a powerful medium, I would gladly give all my life, all my strengthand means, for proving to all and everyone, the fact that there is a spirit world, andthat communication with it is possible. Happily, I am not a medium, but you are,and you were animated by the same principles, as I had thought should have guidedme, had I been endowed with the gift which is yours. In your life I see what theresults would then have been in mine. Your career is a proof that, with the bestintentions and the fullest sincerity, the results attained do not appear to be in proportion to the sacrifices we have made, or the hopes we have fostered. I can,therefore, be content with the idea that my fate would not have been better thanyours. And why so? From ignorance of the phenomena, their laws and conditions.
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