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CASE STUDY ON The Notebook

CASE STUDY ON The Notebook

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Published by Melanie Joan Hughes

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Published by: Melanie Joan Hughes on Apr 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Notebook 
By Melanie HughesRecently, Mrs. Allie Calhoun has been brought for my analysis and I have discovered agreat deal about her background, more from her husband than herself. She is from a family of wealth and high class. Her intellect is high like the friends she has kept. When she was younger,Allie fell in love with a boy of lower status, her husband Noah. From what Noah has told me, her mother also went through the same situation when she was younger. In her 80¶s, her familymental health history is unknown. Mrs. Calhoun has an unknown drug history, though she drinksalcohol from time to time. Her known life difficulties included falling for a boy who her parentsdisapproved of, going to college and nursing wounded soldiers. Her goals were to have a familyand a big white house as a young woman. Allie¶s coping skills are highly passive-aggressive andshe uses violence. When panicked, her breathing is heavy. She is a quite ambitious character.Some of her weaknesses consist of her difficulty in focusing and forgetting most of her life, her  past, children, and husband. From studying, I have concluded that she is suffering fromdementia.Mrs. Calhoun has difficulty focusing at times, sometimes seen day dreaming as she staresat the river. This could possibly be her thinking about her past that she can¶t quite remember. Sheis unable to remember her husband, children, or that she paints and plays piano. Her fingers stillhave the muscle memory to play the piano, so there is some hope. When Noah finished telling
her their story, Allie remembered who she was and what her life was. Her young ambition wasstill there. However, after a few minutes, she forgot again and went through a panic attack.Mrs. Allie Calhoun has been diagnosed with dementia. Her symptoms include difficultywith memory, emotional behaviour, and forgetfulness. This matches up with the symptoms of dementia. She has a change in personality, lack of interest in things previously enjoyed,forgetting events in her life, having delusions, is violent and can¶t recognize family members.The intervention that I would suggest to her therapist is using a Cognitive-BehaviouralApproach. After a bit of talking and discussing with Allie about her life, we can try to get her toretain and remember her memories. Firstly, we could have her husband, Noah; continue to readto her, reading their story again to her. Secondly, we could get her to begin a therapeutictreatment by getting her to begin to paint and play piano again. This would be beneficial to her asit will be working on both gaining her memory back as well as relaxing her to treat her anger andviolence issues.Mrs. Allie Calhoun is a patient, who I feel, has hope for recovery if the proper treatmentis delivered to her. My dearest regards are sent out to her health and her family¶s well being,especially her supportive husband, Noah Calhoun. I truly do hope she returns to Noah again.

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