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BEE DEAD (First Draft)

BEE DEAD (First Draft)

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Published by phirzel
The first draft of the zom-com BEE DEAD
The first draft of the zom-com BEE DEAD

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Published by: phirzel on Apr 15, 2011
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BEE DEADByPhilip HirzelPhilip Hirzel506 Williamstown RoadOttawa Ohio, 45875(419)-796-0354
INT.NICE STUDY.NARRATORAllow me to take you on ajourney... If I may. It’s the year2010, and Global Warming is heatingthings up for Planet Earth.Glaciers melting, seas rising, manya sloppy ice creams. Honey Beesdecided they want none of that, andstarted to go extinct. However,since bees populate over 1/3 of theWorld’s Food Supply, scientistsdecided to set out and create a"Super-Bee" that would right thiswrong and surely save mankind. Butthings went horribly wrong. Worsethan anyone could ever imagine. Andinstead of saving the human race,they had made a species that wouldsurely destroy it. The bees wereeliminated and the projectsabandoned. The hives themselveswere left along the side of theroad, presumed empty and devoid.But how wrong they were. How verywrong...EXT.COUNTRYSIDE.DAYA truck dives down a back country road. It’s a picturesquefall day, and there are two guys in the truck; ZAC andMITCH. They are two normal guys who look exactly like whatyou’d expect two guys who grew up in a small farming town tolook like. ZAC is driving, MITCH is in the passenger.They speak as they drive.ZACListen, all I’m saying is, you’rebeing retarded.MITCHHow?ZACHow is hunting with a rifle notbeing a "true hunter"?MITCHBecause it’s such a cop out.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.ZACYou aren’t saying why.MITCHYou want me to explain it? Is thatwhat you want Zac?ZACThat’s what I’ve been saying Mitch.MITCHFine. I’ll explain it.MITCH waves his arms around for a moment while trying tothink up the right things to say.MITCHWhen I went on my first hunt, Iused a bow. My dad took me. I wastwelve. We went out to woods, andsat in the stand for nearly fivehours before we seen anything. Butalong comes this gorgeousfive-point buck. Dad said it wasone of the most beautiful thingshe’d seen.ZAC(cutting in)Well after seeing your mom, that’snot really saying much.MITCHYeah, shut up asshole. Anyways. Heputs that bow in my hand, and tellsme to take aim. Id been out to therange plenty of times before, so Iwas confident, but I was nervous.My hands were sweating, but--ZAC(cutting in)Are you recounting your first hunt,or the first time you had sex? Whowas that with, Cheryl? She looksmore like a pig to--MITCHWill you just fucking shut up?There’s a pause for a moment, MITCH glares at ZAC while ZAClaughs to himself.(CONTINUED)

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