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Opm 530 Assignment (operations scheduling)

Opm 530 Assignment (operations scheduling)

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Published by Ros Khairul Bariyah

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Published by: Ros Khairul Bariyah on Apr 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Operations Management/OPM 530
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ismillahirrahmanirrahim««. Assalamualaikum w.b.t«««. Alhamdulillah, with the permission of Allah S.W.T., we are able to complete this groupassignment for subject Operations Management / OPM 530. This assignment requires a lot of hard works, patience and makes us to think out of the box. We also have tried our best to dothis assignment with successful.First, we want to thank our lecturer, Miss Nooradzlina Mohd Pauzi
for his preciousguidance and supervision, from the beginning until the end in guiding us on how to completethis task.We are also thank to those who has sincerely helped in quest of seeking materials andinformation for this assignment especially to Puan Rohana bt Uji who has give cooperation withus to complete our assignment.Lastly, to all who those were supported us in any sense and anything, hopefully that thisassignment can be use to increase our knowledge about this subject.
Operations Management/OPM 530
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The topic of our project is operations scheduling. Our major focus from that topic isscheduling services. In our project, we choose to make a research on bakery. The name of thecompany is NR Hana Trading. NR Hana Trading use the name of NR Hana
akery for all itsbranches. The main business in NR Hana Trading is produce breads and cakes. NR HanaTrading started its business at Pasir Puteh, Kelantan. Then, they opened their branches that aretwo branches in Machang, Kelantan, one in Jertih, Terengganu and another one in Pasir Putih,Kelantan. The profit of this company earns approximately RM18, 240 per month.The objectives of the study are to identify we want to identify the scheduling of bakery¶sproduct and we need to identify either the company using forward or backward scheduling for their production. The company has it own mission and vision. The mission is to conquer thebusiness market at Pasir Puteh. The visions are to conquer the business at all places inKelantan and to become the number one producer of bakery and cake in Malaysia.From our survey, we know that to produce the cakes and breads, we need to know thescheduling of the bakery¶s product. This is they need to know the amount of the product thatthey produce everyday. They also need to make sure the quantity of raw material such as flour,icing, baking soda, sugar, eggs and so on are enough to produce their product. The companyneeds to minimize the time of producing cakes and breads that is when the company gets lotsof order they have to extend their work time. They also need to make sure the raw material thatbeen used everyday is fully utilized.
esides that, we also found that either the company using forward or backwardscheduling. From our survey, NR Hana Trading are using the combination of forward andbackward scheduling. Forward scheduling is the jobs performed to customer order. For example, this company taking order from customer that made order for special occasions.
ackward scheduling is begins with the due date of the final operations; schedules jobs inreverse order. For example, this company producing the cakes and breads for selling tocustomer everyday.
Operations Management/OPM 530
Page | 3
ackground of the studyOrganizations schedule their activities in order to meet customers' requirements on timeand improve their operational efficiency. Scheduling of activities is important for bothmanufacturing and service firms. An operation can be scheduled in different ways.
ut they canbe broadly divided into three that are forward scheduling, backward scheduling and acombination of both. Routing, loading, and dispatching are the important activities in thescheduling of an operation. Routing describes the sequence of operations and the work centersthat perform the work. Loading assigns jobs to various work centers. Dispatching is the releaseof an order to start the production operation.In this project, we are focusing on the scheduling services. Scheduling of services canalso be complicated when it is necessary to coordinate and schedule more than one resource.Minimize completion time is to minimize the time of producing cakes and breads, that is whenthe company get lots of order they have to extend their work time. Maximize utilization is the rawmaterial that been used everyday is fully utilized. Since customers don't like to wait, labour mustbe scheduled so that customer wait is minimized. This sometimes requires the use of queuingtheory or waiting line theory. Queuing theory uses estimate arrival rates and service rates tocalculate an optimum staffing plan.We also focusing on forward and backward scheduling. Forward scheduling, thescheduler selects a planned order release date and schedules all activities from this pointforward in time.
ackward scheduling, the scheduler begins with a planned receipt date or duedate and moves backward in time, according to the required processing times, until he or shereaches the point where the order will be released. For the company that we choose, NR HanaTrading , they use the combination of forward and backward scheduling.

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