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FH Minutes 2011-02-23

FH Minutes 2011-02-23

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Published by Morris County NJ

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Published by: Morris County NJ on Apr 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A regular meeting of The Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County ofMorris, State of New Jersey, was held on February 23, 2011, in theFreeholders Public Meeting Room, Administration and Records Building,Morristown, New Jersey. The meeting began at 7:30 p.m.Clerk of the Board Diane M. Ketchum announced that adequate notice ofthis meeting held this 23
day of February has been provided throughresolution adopted by this Board at its regular meeting held at theAdministration and Records Building on January 5, 2011 and mailed to the StarLedger, the Daily Record and the Record, through posting on the Countywebsite and by filing a copy of same with the Morris County Clerk and thisClerk of this Board.
PRESENT: Freeholders Douglas Cabana, Gene Feyl, Ann Grossi, ThomasMastrangelo, John Murphy, Margaret Nordstrom, andDirector William Chegwidden (7)ALSO PRESENT: County Administrator John Bonanni, Assistant CountyAdministrator Tom Markt, County Counsel Dan O’Mullan,Assistant County Counsel Randy Bush and Clerk of the BoardDiane M. Ketchum
County Counsel Dan O’Mullan opened the meeting with a prayer and asalute to the flag.--
Dylan M. Grabinski, Boy Scout Troop 173, ParsippanyJohn Stretavski III, Boy Scout Troop 173, Parsippany
All Minutes of the Board of Chosen Freeholders All Meeting Minutes ofFebruary 9, 2011On motion by Freeholder Murphy and seconded by Freeholder Nordstrom themeeting minutes were approved.--
1. The Knights of Columbus Council 6504 in East Hanover is askingpermission to use the following roadways for a coin toss fundraiser onthe following dates:April 28 - 29 (4 to 6 p.m.) and April 30 – May 1 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
Hanover Road at Mt. Pleasant Avenue2. The Mendham Township Library is requesting permission to hang a banneracross Route 24 (County Route 510) in Mendham Township from April 1 – 18to advertise Shredder Day.On motion by Freeholder Murphy and seconded by Freeholder Nordstrom, thebanner requests, road closing request and road opening permit were approved.
(1)Director Chegwidden stated: “We will now consider the introduction bytitle an ordinance.”
Freeholder Feyl stated: “I would like to introduce by title anordinance entitled, ‘BOND ORDINANCE OF THE COUNTY OF MORRIS, NEW JERSEY,APPROPRIATING $3,000,000 AND AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF $2,855,000 BONDS ORNOTES OF THE COUNTY FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE UTILITY RELOCATION AND SITEDEMOLITION WORK ASSOCIATED WITH THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE MORRIS COUNTY PUBLICSAFETY TRAINING ACADEMY EXPANSION INCLUDING ALL WORK AND MATERIALS NECESSARYTHEREFOR OR INCIDENTAL THERETO, BY AND FOR THE COUNTY OF MORRIS, NEWJERSEY.’”Freeholder Nordstrom stated: “I second the motion.”The Clerk called and recorded the following vote:YES: Freeholders Cabana, Feyl, Murphy, Nordstrom andDirector Chegwidden (5)NO: Freeholders Grossi and Mastrangelo (2)Please note that prior to their vote, the following freeholders madecomments:Freeholder Grossi stated she was uncomfortable in moving favorably atthis time because of the costs in these tough economic times.--Freeholder Mastrangelo made the following statement:“Prior to casting my vote for this Ordinance, I must first mention thatI recognize the hard work of the outside professionals and the County ofMorris employees who have spent much time since 2007/2008 with regards theexpansion of the public safety building.Since being sworn in several weeks ago on January 5 of this year, Ihave spent time gathering as much information as possible in order to allowme to make a well informed decision on this project on behalf of MorrisCounty Taxpayers. This project seems to be one of the largest financialundertakings in the history of Morris County.Several weeks ago, we decided to move forward with obtaining realestimates of this proposed project and are awaiting to receive otheroperating costs associated with this proposed project. I understand thisinformation is forthcoming in the March to April time frame.Prior to taking office, my understanding and to many I spoke to on thecampaign trail last year is that this project was based primarily on a sharedservices foundation for centralized county wide dispatch.
Let it be clear
andon this record
that I am in support of shared services where it makes senseand countywide dispatch is a shared service concept I support. Centralizationversus distributed regionalization would have been something I would haveasked to have looked at if I was on this board earlier.Upon arriving at the Freeholder Board I learned that the projectincluded expansion and relocation of other county functions to be placed inthe new hardened facility.It is proposed in the project plans for the Division of EmergencyManagement to expand to a new third floor at a build cost of approx $5.9million. This floor for the most part will remain empty unless we are facedwith a disaster. It is further proposed to relocate Information Technologyto this building at a build out cost of $ 2.4 million. Approximately 75 % ofthe applications are Business Critical, the balance of the applications areMission Critical. I question why ITD needs to house Business Applications ina hardened facility. Also I question the extent of interdependency of themission critical applications with the business critical applications.It is my opinion ITD can be housed elsewhere with a best practicesbusiness continuity disaster recovery plan to protect our county businessinformation and insure accessibility for continuance of county business andgovernment. Removal of IT out of the facility would free up space andpotentially eliminate the EOC third floor and the associated cost of it.EOC could then be relocated to another area on the second floor of theproposed expansion.
Please note, after walking through the County IT room I am in agreementthat it needs to be moved, but am not convinced at this time that it needs tobe a hardened facility.I believe in delivering the county services, especially the sharedservices this building will house, but to right size the building, relocatesome services to existing county locations in order to drive this capitalcost of this project down. The County Central dispatch requires approximately10000 to 12000 square ft. The building expansion is 38000 sq ft with 16000 sqft of renovation of existing space. I believe this goes way beyond the scopeof what is required for the county wide communications center.Without a review of alternatives which I suggest, obtaining realestimates and the total estimated operating cost for this project, especiallyduring these economic times with county workforce reductions, I VOTE NO.”--Freeholder Cabana said the Board has not taken this project lightly,and they have studied other locations but because this needs to be a hardenedfacility, this was determined to be the best location.--Freeholder Feyl moved that the Clerk be authorized to publish theOrdinance in summary form in the local newspaper together with the notice ofpublic hearing and consideration of final passage of this Ordinance whichwill take place at the Freeholder meeting to be held in the Administrationand Records Building, Fifth Floor, Court Street, Morristown, New Jersey, onMarch 9 at 7:30 p.m.Freeholder Nordstrom stated: “I second the motion,” which passed withfive YES votes.--
(1)Director Chegwidden stated: “We will now consider for final adoptionthe ordinance entitled ‘BOND ORDINANCE AMENDING BOND ORDINANCE NUMBER 963091FINALLY ADOPTED JUNE 13, 2007, BY THE COUNTY OF MORRIS, NEW JERSEY, IN ORDERTO PROVIDE FOR A CHANGE AUTHORIZED BY SUCH ORDINANCE.’”Clerk Ketchum read the following ordinance:BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF CHOSEN FREEHOLDERS OF THE COUNTY OFMORRIS, NEW JERSEY (not less than two-thirds of all the members thereofaffirmatively concurring), AS FOLLOWS:Section 1. Bond Ordinance number 963091 of the County of Morris, NewJersey (the “County”), finally adopted June 13, 2007 entitled “BOND ORDINANCEOF THE COUNTY OF MORRIS, NEW JERSEY, APPROPRIATING $200,000 AND AUTHORIZINGTHE ISSUANCE OF $190,000 BONDS OR NOTES OF THE COUNTY FOR RENOVATION ANDUPGRADE OF BATHROOMS/LOCKER ROOMS IN THE ORIGINAL SECTION OF THE FIREFIGHTERS AND POLICE TRAINING ACADEMY, BY AND FOR THE COUNTY OF MORRIS, NEWJERSEY” is hereby amended to read as follows:Section 2. The title of said Bond Ordinance number 963091 of theCounty, finally adopted June 13, 2007, is hereby amended to provide forbathroom/restroom upgrades in facilities managed by the Buildings and GroundsDivision. Therefore, the title of said bond ordinance number 963091 shallread in its entirety as follows:“BOND ORDINANCE OF THE COUNTY OF MORRIS, NEW JERSEY, APPROPRIATING$200,000 AND AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF $190,000 BONDS OR NOTES OF THECOUNTY FOR RENOVATION AND UPGRADE OF BATHROOMS/LOCKER ROOMS IN THEORIGINAL SECTION OF THE FIRE FIGHTERS AND POLICE TRAINING ACADEMY ANDBATHROOM/RESTROOM UPGRADES IN FACILITIES MANAGED BY THE BUILDINGS ANDGROUNDS DIVISION, BY AND FOR THE COUNTY OF MORRIS, NEW JERSEY.”Section 3. Section 3(a) of said Bond Ordinance number 963091 of theCounty, finally adopted June 13, 2007, is hereby amended to provide forbathroom/restroom upgrades in facilities managed by the Buildings and GroundsDivision. Therefore, Section 3(a) of said bond ordinance number 963091 shallread in its entirety as follows:

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