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Mr O's Cheeky Guide Part Deux

Mr O's Cheeky Guide Part Deux

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Published by adamrobbins

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Published by: adamrobbins on Apr 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mr O’s Cheeky Guide PartDeux:One Hour To Go…
This booklet is for you to use with
one hour to go
. It contains
final reminders to jog your short-term memory. Use it wisely, mydisciples!
Paper 1 – Section A - Reading
 You will have an extract from a novel or a short story.
 You will then have to answer
questions about the extract each worth tenmarks:1.Finding information
What evidence can you find to prove something?2.Personal response- What are your thoughts and feelings about a character?- What do you learn about a character?3.Character response- What is going through a character’s mind?- Why does a character behave in a certain way?4.Empathetic response (Foundation)
Imagine you are a character
5.Craft of the writer (Higher)-How does the writer make it interesting or exciting or dramatic?-What happens in these lines – how and why do you react to what happens?
Top Tips – Paper 1 Section A – Reading (55 minutes) 
Read the extract carefully (6 minutes)
Draw a line under each section that the question refers.
Highlight the quotations you will refer to in the text.
Aim to spend no longer than 12 minutes on each question, writing at least halfa side for each
Only use bullet points if the question clearly states that you may.
If a question uses the words ‘you’ or ‘your’, you need to give your opinion infirst person. E.g. ‘I think…’
Do not make generalized comments about the text. E.g. ‘The extract useslong and short sentences’. Instead
make precise points like: ‘the use of asimile suggests…’; ‘here, vocabulary like ‘scarlet’, ‘crimson’ and ‘red’imply…’
Use the words of the question in your answer.
With the empathetic response (‘Imagine you are the character…’) you mustuse information from the text to show an understanding of the characterand write in first person e.g. ‘I’
To achieve a high grade you need to choose quotations carefully and providea detailed explanation of them.
Embed your quotes (Higher tier)
Keep quotations short and to the point
Remember to check and improve (1 or 2 minutes)

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