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February 2011: Call To Action - Defend The California Enterprise Zone Program

February 2011: Call To Action - Defend The California Enterprise Zone Program

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Published by SingerLewak

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Published by: SingerLewak on Apr 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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On January 10, 2010, Governor Brown issued his proposed budget or scal year 2011-2012, which realigns dierent governmentunctions and eliminates deemed “unnecessary” state programs – in particular, the Caliornia Enterprise Zone Program.The budget proposes to eliminate all Enterprise Zone (“EZ”) tax incentives, which include, in signicant part, a hiring credit, a creditor sales tax paid, and a deduction or interest received rom businesses located in an EZ. The Governor’s proposal would eliminatethese tax benets, both or newly earned credits and deductions and or credits that had been earned in prior years, but had not yetbeen used.The seriousness o the Governor’s announcement cannot be minimized, as never beore has a sitting Governor specically targetedthe Enterprise Zone program or elimination. This has generated increased scrutiny o the program rom all quarters, especiallyrom the media. Many editorials have already appeared applauding the Governor or his determination to balance the budget andcharacterizing the EZ program as one that is costly and unproductive.To combat the attacks on the program and launch a coordinated response on behal o the EZ program, SingerLewak LLP is work-ing with a coalition o EZ supporters comprised o local governments, small business organizations, manuacturers, Chambers o Commerce, taxpayer associations and the list continues to grow. A coalition o this nature will be critical to wage the grassrootsand public relations campaign that’s necessary to deliver a message that is succinct, unied and understandable to Legislators,Administration representatives and media.As part o this concerted eort, we are asking YOU, the Caliornia taxpayers and beneciaries o the Caliornia Enterprise Zone Pro-gram, to rise to action in deense o the program and write a letter to the Governor and your local Representative in the CaliorniaState Legislature explaining how the Enterprise Zone program has positively aected your business and local community.The Governor has made this a ght about numbers. Numbers matter. You letter should include:How many jobs were
by your business in the Enterprise Zone last year;How the program has helped your business expand, increasing the amount o capital investment in the Enterprise Zone; andHow the program has motivated your decision to move your business into, or maintain your business in, an Enterprise Zone.The task beore us is huge and daunting, and will require participation rom all members o Caliornia’s business community. In aneort to increase participation, we have attached a sample letter that you may use. Please eel ree to modiy the letter to refectyour particular business, and copy to your Company’s letterhead.Please return your signed letters to the ollowing SingerLewak proessionals:

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