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Table Of Contents

Islam and Christianity
The Muslims and Jesus
The First Principles of the Two Religions
The Difference between Them
Debate of the Christians with the Prophet
The Question of Jesus' Crucifixion
Byzantines and Muslims
Christian Scholars and Muhammad
The Cause of Hostility between Islam and Christianity
Ignorance and Fanaticism
Christianity Does Not Accord with the Nature of Western Man
Colonialism and Christian Mission against Islam
Islam and the Present State of the Islamic Peoples
Western Science and Literature
Efforts of Islamic Reform
Western Missionaries and Muslim Conservatives
The Idea and Plan of This Book
The Qur'an as the Most Reliable Source
Candid Advice
Restriction to the Life of Muhammad
This Book as Mere Beginning of Research
Universal Benefits of the Study
An Observation
Answering the Followers of Western Orientalists
Dependence upon the Muslim Biographers
The Orientalists and the Bases of Religion
The False Charge of Forgery
Muir Rejects the Forgery of the Qur'an
The Slanderers of Islam
Proper Methodology
The Slander of Epilepsy
Return to Science
Incapacity of Science in Some Fields
Slander against Muhammad Is Argumentum ad Hominem
Observations of Muslim Islamicists
Refutation of the Orientalists and Its Method
Biographies and Hadith Books
The Difference between These Books
The Age of These Books
Effects of Islamic Political Strife
The Standard of Hadith Criticism
Reports Condemned by Reason and Science
The Qur'an and Miracles
The Greatest Miracle
The Believers during the Life of the Prophet
The Goddesses and Tabuk
My Methodology
The Works of Orientalists
The Muslims and Research
The Cradle of Human Civilization
The Mediterranean and Red Sea Basins
Christianity and Zoroastrianism
Christian Sects
The Decay of Zoroastrianism
The Geographic Position of the Peninsula
Except Yaman the Arabian Peninsula Is Unknown
The Two Caravan Routes
The Civilization of Yaman
Judaism and Christianity in Yaman
Conquest and Rule of Yaman by Persia
Cyrus's Rule of Persia
Destruction of the Dam of Ma'rib
The Social Order of the Peninsula
Arab Paganism and Its Causes
Christianity and Judaism
The Spread of Paganism
Idol Worship
Makkah's Place in Arabia
Geographic Position of Makkah
Ibrahim-May God's Peace be upon Him
Ibrahim and Sarah in Egypt
Who Was the Sacrificial Son?
The Qur'anic Version of the Sacrifice
The Historians' Version
Discussion of the Story
Ibrahim and Isma'il's Construction of the Ka'bah
Religious Development in Arabia
The Arab Prophets
Offices of the Ka'bah
Ascendancy of Quraysh
Qusayy ibn Kilab (circa 480 C.E)
Construction of Permanent Residences in Makkah
The Descendants of Qusayy
The Descendants of `Abd Manaf
Hashim (646 C.E.)
Makkan Affluence and Prosperity
Al Muttalib
Abd al Muttalib (495 C.E.)
The Redigging of Zamzam
The Vow and Its Fulfillment
The Year of the Elephant (570 C.E.)
Abrahah and the Ka'bah
The Position of Makkah after the Year of the Elephant
Makkan Luxury
The Residences of Makkah
The Marriage of `Abdullah and Aminah
The Birth of Muhammad (570 C.E.)
Muhammad's Nurses
Halimah, Daughter of Abu Dhu'ayb
The Story of Splitting Muhammad's Chest
Muhammad in the Desert
The Death of `Abd al Muttalib
Under Abu Talib's Protection
The First Trip to al Sham
The Fijar War
The Alliance of Fudul
Muhammad as Herdsman
The Life of Thought and Contemplation
Muhammad in the Employ of Khadijah
Muhammad's Qualities
Reconstruction of the Ka'bah
Wrecking and Rebuilding the Ka'bah
Dissolution of Authority in Makkah and Its Effects
Dissolution of Idol Worship
Muhammad's Sons
Muhammad's Daughters
The Arabs' Annual Retreat
Groping after Truth
The True Vision
The Beginning of Revelation (610 C.E.)
Muhammad's Fear
The Conversation of Waraqah and Khadijah
Waraqah and Muhammad
Subsiding of the Revelations
The Call to Truth Alone
Salat [Islamic Worship]
The Conversion of Abu Bakr
The Muslims and Quraysh
Muhammad's Nearest Relatives
Islam and Freedom
The Poets of Quraysh
Muhammad's Attack against the Idols
The Logic of History
Banu Hashim Protects Muhammad against Quraysh
Persecution of the Muslims by Quraysh
Muslim Patience
The Call of Muhammad and Modern Scientific Inquiry
The Essence of Muhammad's call
The Conversion of Hamzah
Delegation of `Utbah ibn Rabi ah
Emigration to Abyssinia
Quraysh's Delegation to the Negus
The Muslims' Answer to the Ambassadors' Claims
Answers of the Negus and the Patriarchs
The Muslims and Abyssinian Christianity
The Spirit in Islam
The Conversion of `Umar ibn al Khattab
The Emigrants Return from Abyssinia
Incoherence of the Story
Refutation of These Arguments
Two Revolutions in Abyssinia
Inverted Evidence of the Qur'anic Text
Fallacious reasoning of the Claim
The Story's Violence to the Contextual Flow of Surah "al Najm"
The Linguistic Evidence
The Story Contradicts the Fact of Muhammad's Candidness
The Arm of Propaganda
The Charge of Magical Eloquence
Al Nadr ibn al Harith
Al Tufayl ibn `Amr al Dawsa
"He Frowned and Turned Away"
The Will to Perfection
Jealousy and Competition
Fear of Resurrection and the Day of Judgment
Quraysh and Paradise
The Struggle of Good and Evil
For the Sake of Salvation
Calling the Tribes to lslam during the Holy Months
Blockade of the Muslims
Infallibility of Muhammad in Conveying the Revelation
Death of Abu Talib and Khadijah
Increase of Quraysh's Hostility
Muhammad's Excursion to Ta'if (628 C.E.)
Muhammad Offers Himself to the Tribes
Muhammad's Engagement to `A'ishah
Al Isra' (621 C.E)
Was al Isra' in Body or in Soul?
Al Isra' as Given in Literature
Ibn Hisham's Report about al Isra'
Al Isra' and the Unity of Being
Al Isra' and Modern Science
Doubt of Quraysh and Apostasy of Some Muslims
Al Isra' in Body
Muslim Weakness after al Isra'
Muhammad's Fastness
The First Signs of Victory in Yathrib
The Jews' Spiritual Influences
Suwayd ibn al Samit
Iyas ibn Mu'adh
The Battle of Bu'ath
Islamic Beginnings in Yathrib
The First Covenant of `Aqabah
Muhammad Thinks of Emigration
The Second Covenant of `Aqabah
Discussion before Conclusion of the Covenant
The Covenant
Quraysh and the Covenant of al `Aqabah
Tension between the Two Parties
The Muslims' Emigration to Yathrib
The Quraysh and the Prophet's Emigration
The Command to Emigrate
'Ali in the Prophet's Bed
The Miracle of the Cave
Some Biographers Omit the Story
The Trip to Yathrib
The Story of Suraqah
The Hardships of the Road
Awaiting the Prophet in Yathrib
The Spread of Islam in Yathrib
Muhammad's Entry into Madinah
Explanation of the City's Welcome
Buildings of the Prophet's Mosque
Muhammad's Aversion to War
The Thinking of Yathrib
Muslim Brotherhood
The Traders
The Harvest
Muhammad's Friendliness to the Jews
New Horizons in Political Life
The Prophet's Marriage to `A'ishah
Adhan or the Call to Prayer
Brotherhood: Foundation of Islamic Civilization
Muhammad's Kindness to Animals
The Brotherhood of Justice and Mercy
Muhammad's Power to Surmount Life
The Sunnah of Muhammad
Beginning of Jewish Fears
The War of Words between Muhammad and the Jews
The Story of Finhas
Orientation to the Ka'bah in Prayer
The Christian Delegation from Najran
Congress on the Three Religions
Withdrawal of the Christian Delegation
Rethinking the Problem of Quraysh and Makkah
Muslim Policy in Madinah
The First Raids
Raids Led by the Prophet
The Historians' View of the First Raid
Our View of These Raids
Exposure of Quraysh's Trade to Danger
Al Ansar and Offensive Attack
Nature of the Madinese
Threat to the Jews
Jewish Plots
Islam and Fighting
Sedition Greater Than Murder
The Qur'an and Fighting
War in the Cause of God
Christianity and Fighting
The Saints in Islam and Christianity
The Muslims Mobilize for Badr
Abu Sufyan's Messenger to Quraysh
Old Enmity of Quraysh and Kinanah
The Path of the Muslim Army
Reconnaissance and Espionage
Escape of the Caravan and Abu Sufyan
Prospects of Battle
The Muslims Camp at Badr
Building a Booth for the Prophet
The True Faith of the Muslims
Hamzah Kills Ibn `Abd al Asad
Engagement of the Two Armies
Muhammad's Prayer and Invocation
Muslim Morale
Bilal Kills Umayyah ibn Khalaf
The Muslims Spare the Just
People of the Grave
Muslim Differences Concerning Booty
Equal Division of the Booty
Execution of Two Captives
News of the Victory in Madinah
The Captives of Badr
Abu Bakr and Umar’s Views Regarding the Captives
Orientalists' Controversy
Revolution against Idolatry
The Slaughter of St. Bartholomew's Day
Warning to Makkah
Ransom and Conversion of Abu al 'Asi ibn al Rabi`
Quraysh Mourns Her Dead
The Effect of Badr in Madinah (January, 624 C.E)
Muslims Kill Abu ‘Afk and Asma
Murder of Ka’b ibn al Ashraf
Jewish Fears and Aggression
Blockade of Banu Qaynuqa`
Political Unity in Madinah
The Campaign of Al Sawiq
Threat to the Shore Route of al Sham
The Tribes' Fear of the Muslims
The Jews' Fear of Muhammad
The `Iraq Route to al Sham
Muhammad's Marriage to Hafsah
Quraysh's Preparations for Revenge
The Makkans' March against Madinah
Al `Abbas's Message to the Prophet
Varying Opinions on Madinah's Defense
Call to Bravery and Martyrdom
Discipline and Mutual Consultation
The Muslims' March
Ordering the Ranks for Battle
Quraysh Women
The Campaign of Abu Salamah ibn `Abd al Asad
The Campaign of `Abdullah ibn Unays
The Battle of al Raji` (625 C.E)
The Battle of Bi'r Ma'unah
The Jews and Munafiqun of Madinah
Jewish Plots against Muhammad
Warning to Banu al Nadir
Instigation to Defy the Prophet
Blockade of Banu al Nadir
The Prophet's Secretary
The Would-be Encounter at Badr
Campaign of Dhat at Riqa
Campaign of Dawmat al Jandal
The Zaynab Affair and the Orientalists
The Orientalists' Portrait of Zaynab
Great Men and the Law
Incoherence of the Orientalists' Account
As Husband of Khadijah
Muhammad's Marriage to Sawdah
Historical Analysis and Its Results
The Story of Zaynab, Daughter of Jahsh
Adoption in Islam
Return to the Orientalists' Views
Muhammad's Caution and Arab Instinct
Jewish Enmity
Jewish Preference of Paganism to Islam
The Jews' Rallying of the Arab Tribes
The Muslims' Panic
Quraysh in Front of the Dry Moat
Jewish Fear of Makkan Withdrawal
The Prophet's Warning to Banu Qurayzah
Morale of the Makkans and Their Allies
Engagement of the Forces
Dividing the Enemies against Themselves
The Anger of Nature
The Campaign against Banu Qurayzah
Arbitration of Sa'd ibn Mu'adh
Huyayy's Responsibility for the Tragedy
The Spoils of War
Organization of the Arab Community
Relations between Men and Women
Arab Eroticism
Woman in Other Civilizations
Muhammad and Social Reconstruction
Islam Forbids Fornication
The Prophet's Home and His Wives
Social Foundations of Muslim Brotherhood
The Campaign of Banu Lihyan
The Campaign of Dhu Qarad
The Campaign of Banu al Mustaliq
The Plot of `Abdullah ibn Ubayy
Ibn Ubayy's Resentment of the Prophet
Muhammad's Marriage to Juwayriyyah
'A’ishah's Illness
The Gossip and `A'ishah
The Revolt of `A’ishah
Revelation of `A'ishah's Innocence
Proscription of the Sanctuary to Muslim Entry
Muslim Yearning for Makkah
The Arabs and the Ka'bah
The Muslims and the Ka'bah
Muhammad's Proclamation Concerning Pilgrimage
Quraysh and Muslim Pilgrimage
Muhammad's Caution to Safeguard the Peace
Quraysh's Delegates to the Muslims
The Delegation of `Urwah ibn Mas'ud al Thaqafi
Muhammad's Delegation to Quraysh
The Covenant of al Ridwan
The Quraysh's Response
Conclusion of the Treaty (March, 628 C.E.)
Promulgation of the Treaty
The Treaty of Hudaybiyah: A Genuine Victor
The Story of Abu Basir
Muslim Women Emigrants
Muhammad's Marriage to Safiyyah
Delegation to Heraclius
Delegation to Chosroes
Delegation to the Archbishop of Egypt
Delegation to Abyssinia
Explanation to the Kings' Replies
Muslim Return from Abyssinia
The Muslims' March to Makkah
The Quraysh Evacuate the City
Circumambulation of the Sacred House
The Muslims' Sojourn in Makkah
Muhammad's Marriage to Maymunah
Conversion of Khalid ibn al Walid and Others
Skirmishes before the Campaign
Causes of the Campaign
Byzantine Mobilization
Fall of the Martyrs
Ibn al Walid's Strategy
Muslim Disappointment and Muhammad's Assurance
The Campaign of Dhat al Salasil
Effects of the Previous Campaign
Spread of Islam in the North
Quraysh's Violation of Her Treaty
Quraysh's Fears
The Failure of Abu Sufyan's Efforts
Muslim Preparations for War
The Muslims' March on Makkah
Abu Sufyan's Audience with the Prophet
The Historians' Estimate of These Reports
The March on Makkah Continued
Deployment of the Muslim Forces
The Muslims Enter Makkah
The Prophet's General Amnesty
Cleansing the Ka'bah of Its Images
Al Ansar's Fears and the Prophet's Reassurance
Pardon Extended to the Convicts
Reconsecration of Makkah: The City as Inviolate
Ibn al Walid and the Tribe of Jadhimah
Malik ibn `Awf's March against the Muslims
The Muslims March to Hunayn
Muslim Defeat
Muhammad's Resoluteness and Bravery
Al `Abbas's Call for Regrouping
Muslim Counterattack and Victory
Muhammad's Bereavement
The Birth of Ibrahim, Muhammad's Son
Jealousy of the Prophet's Wives
The Wives Plotting
Their Rebellion
The Prophet's Separation from His Wives
The Judgment of Critical Historiography
Refutation of the Orientalists' Claim
Institution of Zakat and Kharaj
The Threat of Byzantine Invasion and Muslim Reaction
The Muslim's Response to Muhammad's Call to Arms
Al Munafiqun
Recruitment of Jaysh al `Usrah
Encampment at Al Hijr
Byzantine Withdrawal, Covenants of Peace with the North
Ibn al Walid's Campaign against Dumah
The Muslims' Return
The Recalcitrants
Severe Treatment of the Munafiqun
The Prophet's Last Campaign
Illness and Death of Ibrahim
The Effects of the Campaign of Tabuk
Conversion of `Urwah ibn Mas'ud and His Murder
Thaqifs Delegation to the Prophet
Destruction of the Idol al Lat
Abu Bakr Leads the Pilgrimage
The Moral Foundations of the Islamic State
The Principle of Freedom in Western Civilization
The West's War against Communism
Legislation Map Restrict Freedom
Social Aspect of Associationism
Legitimacy of the War against Associationism
The Other Deputations
Islam's Distinction between Paganism and the Religions of the Book
More Deputations to the Prophet
Arab Unity under the Banner of Islam
Conversion of Arab Christians to Islam
The Prophet Prepares for Pilgrimage
The Muslims March for Pilgrimage
Desacralization after the `Umrah or Lesser Pilgrimage
Performance of the Pilgrimage Ritual
The Prophet's Last Sermon
Effects of the "Farewell Pilgrimage"
The Prophetic Pretenders
The Prophet's Concern for the Northern Front
The Prophet's Counsel to Usamah
The Prophet's Illness
The Prophet's Visit to the Cemetery
Muhammad's Congenial Mood
Attacks of Fever
Sortie to the Mosque
The Prophet's Whisper to Fatimah
The Prophet's Wish to Write a Testament
Muslim Joy at the Prophet's Apparent Recovery
The Interlude of Wakefulness before Death
"Rather, God on High and Paradise"
Muslim Shock at the News of Death
Enter Abu Bakr
Muhammad Is Truly Dead
Further Thoughts on Muhammad's Death
At Banu Sa'idah's Court
Nomination of Abu Bakr to the Caliphate
Abu Bakr's Election
Inaugural Speech of the First "Rashidun" Caliph
The Quest for a Burial Site
Preparing the Body for Burial
The Funeral Prayer
A Grave Moment of History
Confusion of the Men of Little Faith
The Prophet's Burial
Expediting Usamah's Army on Its March
Prophets Leave No Inheritance
Muhammad's Great Spiritual Legacy
Islamic and Western Civilizations
The West and the Struggle between Church and State
The Economic System as Foundation of Western Civilization
Incapacity of Western Civilization to Bring Happiness to Man
The Groundwork of Islamic Civilization
No Competition between Church and State in Islam
Islam Makes Reason the Final Judge
The Power of Iman
Iman in God
Divine Assistance to Discover the Pattern of the Universe
Nature of Islamic Prayer
Equality before God
Nature of Islamic Fasting
Fasting Is Not Self-Privation
Nature of Islamic Zakat
Islam and the Manners of Giving
Zakat as Act of Worship
The Will To Wealth
Nature of Islamic Pilgrimage
The Metaphysic of Morals in Islam
The Qur'anic Notion of the Perfect Man
The Qur'an on Self-Discipline
Morality and Utilitarianism
The Wisdom of Prohibition of Alcohol and Gambling in Islam
The Qur'an and Science
The Islamic Economic System
The Evils of the Interest System
Interest and Colonialism
Islamic Socialism
No Abolition of Private Property
The Final Groundwork of Islamic Socialism
Socialism Is Brotherhood
Probable Western Objections
The Example of Muhammad
The Misguided `Ulama'
Islamic Civilization and the Future
Irving and Islamic Determinism
Falsity of Irving's Criticism
The Qur'an and Determinism
Scientific Determinism
The Absolute Need for Deliberate Self-Change
Misguidance Is Injustice to Oneself
Our Personal Ethical Ideals
Good Works Are Acts of Worship
Prophets Are Always Folkmen
The Philosophic Value of Islamic Determinism
Nature of Good and Evil
Ethical Nature of Human Deeds
The Gateway of Repentance
Man's Spiritual Development
The Judgment of Reason and Belief in Miracles
World Peace Founded Only on Tolerance
The Sublime Life of Muhammad
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The Life of Muhammad M.H.haykal

The Life of Muhammad M.H.haykal

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لائف آف محمد: محمدحسین ہیکل
لائف آف محمد: محمدحسین ہیکل

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Published by: عبدالحی عابد on Apr 16, 2011
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