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Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris & Indonesia

Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris & Indonesia

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Published by vhan_meat2515

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Published by: vhan_meat2515 on Apr 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Act 1
 Narrator: Once upon a time, in a place deep inside the forest, there were a green giant named Buto Ijo and a sacred hermit. They were best friends sincetoddlers. One day, the hermit came to the grotto to see his best friend.
Hermit: Is anyone inside?
[Walks inside the grotto]
Buto Ijo: I’m here.Hermit: There you are my best friend, what are you doing?Buto Ijo: Eating. Isn’t it obvious?Hermit: Oh… I see. What are you eating?Buto Ijo:
[No response, just continue eating]
Hermit: You’re so annoying! Can I have some?Buto Ijo:
[Turns his body away, not willing to share his foods with the hermit]
As usual, you never share me your foods though I alwaysshared mine to you! You stingy giant! I loathe you!Buto Ijo: As if I care!
[Continue eating]
Hermit: Someday your greed will get its return! Don’t regret it! I’m leaving!
[Gets out of the grotto with anger]
Act 2
 Narrator: One day, there was pleasant couple. They lived in a village near the forest. They lived happily. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any children yet. Everyday they prayed to God for a child.
Mother: Oh God… please give us a child. I promise I will always protect mychild. Please answer our prayer. Thank you God.
 Narrator: The green giant, Buto Ijo, coincidentally passed by the couple’s house. He heard what they were praying for.
Buto Ijo: Whoa…ha…ha…ha! I heard that!
Oh my God! W-Who are you?Buto Ijo: I’m Buto Ijo.Father:
[comes toward his wife]
What’s with the noise? Who is that, honey?Mother: Oh my husband, Buto Ijo is in front of our house. I’m scared. He willkill both of us!Buto Ijo: Whoa…ha…ha…ha… I’m not going to kill you. But I will fulfill yourequest to have a child.Father: You are just joking, aren’t you?Buto Ijo: No…No… I’m serious, yes, I’m really serious. If you don’t believe meit doesn’t matter.Mother: All right… All right. My husband, let’s see what he can do to help us.Buto Ijo:
[Gives the seeds]
Look, here are some cucumber seeds. Plant theseseeds, then you’ll get a daughter.Father: Do you mean it? It’s so easy.Buto Ijo: Yes, I mean it. But remember, on her seventeenth birthday, I’ll come back to take the girl.Mother: Oh, husband… please I want a child! Let’s try his offer!Father: But… Oh well, if you insist, I’ll take his offer.Mother:
[Bows down]
Oh, thank you, husband! Thank you a lot, Buto Ijo!Buto Ijo: Whoa…ha…ha…ha. See you again seventeen years from now, humans.And remember your promise.
[Go away]
Act 3
 Narrator: The next day, the couple planted the seeds. Months later, a goldencucumber grew in the yard. The cucumber was getting bigger and bigger each day.
Mother: Look! Look! The cucumber grew very big! It’s so fantastic!
Father: Yeah, you right. What a very big one.Mother: It’s ripe already. Does it work? How can this big thing give us adaughter?Father: I don’t know. Don’t ask me.Mother: I think it’s time for us to open it up. I wonder what makes it’s so big.Don’t you think so?Father: Yes. Let’s cut it into two.
 Narrator:Carefully, they cut the cucumber into two. To their surprise, they found a beautiful baby girl inside the cucumber. How joyful they were.
Oh my goodness! There is a baby girl inside this cucumber! Is itfor real? Or am I dreaming?Father: Yes it is. You want me to pinch you to prove it?Mother: Err… No thanks.
[Holds the baby out]
This baby is so cute! God, thank you so much! Thank you so much!Father: What will we name her?Mother: I think I will name her Timun Mas, husband. Because she came fromthe cucumber and she is cute. That name really suits her, isn’t it?Father : I agree with you.
Act 4
 Narrator: Years passed by and Timun Mas grew into a lovely girl. Her parentswere very proud of her but their hearts hurt so badly when theyremembered their promise to Buto Ijo. The couple then remembered that there was a sacred hermit living inside the forest. So they went there for the help.
[Knocking the door]
Excuse us.Hermit:
[Comes toward the door and opens it]
May I ask who you both are?

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