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Published by Matrix_Armeria

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Published by: Matrix_Armeria on Apr 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: and you as a player should know that you cant beat him!!!!! so stop acting like a one person alliance..thats who we kick out of[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: here and thats why i said it!!!!![Alliance ][sayers6]: Rhiza just stop[Alliance ][Rhiza]: Of course I can't beat him alone. Thats why I'm appealing tothe alliance. We should as an alliance attack him and get him out[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: and how many times have i told you who to talk to this about...your yelling at me about this issue!!!!![Alliance ][Rhiza]: Because when we let enemies build cities in the middle of our area we look weak.[Alliance ][Rhiza]: and our enemies will treat us as such[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: yell at the other officers!!!!!!!!!!![Alliance ][Boomonyou]: i dont feel that makes us look weak...like i said i've built cities in their territory and they have left me alone[Alliance ][Rhiza]: So thats it then? We're enemies but we never fight?[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: i've had 2 cities over by them for over a month and havenever even been scouted[Alliance ][sayers6]: okay break this up[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: do you really think you can take on a 6 mill enemy??[Alliance ][Rhiza]: What happens when they do attack one of us?[Alliance ][Rhiza]: Will you sit on the side lines going "Well they didn't attack me so its fine"[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: then they attack its a war game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![Alliance ][Rhiza]: its already a war game so why aren't we attacking them whenthey move against us?[Alliance ][Rhiza]: oh and your abuse of "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" <<<--- pointless[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: you seem to know everything dont you[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: i see why your in an alliance and dont have one of our own[Alliance ][sayers6]: r u guys angry with me by any chance[Alliance ][Rhiza]: I know that spamming caps and exclamation marks does not serve any purpose[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: no sayers i like you[Alliance ][sayers6]: thanks[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: sayers glad to have you in the alliance[Alliance ][sayers6]: thanks u to[Alliance ][sayers6]: i do try my best to build a great army[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: sayers build an army for your purposes..dont try to build an army to defeat an enemy that moves into town[Alliance ][sayers6]: is this good rep 116048[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: its a start[Alliance ][sayers6]: k i wont be attacking oddity at all[Alliance ][Rhiza]: Naturally...[Alliance ][sayers6]: coz i dont wont to start up a war if u guys dont want me to[Alliance ][Rhiza]: We are already at war with them[Alliance ][sayers6]: yea i know[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: its not even a war....rhiza will be in the lead for thatand i will send out a message to all alliance members that Rhiza is in[Alliance ][Boomonyou]: the lead on this attack...he wants to fight he can leadit[Alliance ][sayers6]: good idea[Alliance ][Rhiza]: and you will be sitting safe far away from the battle. Not having to get your hands dirty or troops no doubt[Alliance ][sayers6]: ME![Alliance ][Rhiza]: How can it be a proud stance to take. To be too affraid to attack our enemy?[Alliance ][sayers6]: R U TALKING ABOUT ME[Alliance ][sayers6]: !!![Alliance ][Cauthon]: hi

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