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Vegetarian Guide to Los Angeles 2012

Vegetarian Guide to Los Angeles 2012

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Published by Vegan Future
Compassion Over Killing's Vegetarian Guide to Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas. This guide contains over 75 listings of restaurants, bakeries and food trucks.

Order print copies of the guide for yourself and friends

Make a donation to Compassion Over Killing

Read Compassion Over Killing's Vegetarian Starter Kit
Compassion Over Killing's Vegetarian Guide to Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas. This guide contains over 75 listings of restaurants, bakeries and food trucks.

Order print copies of the guide for yourself and friends

Make a donation to Compassion Over Killing

Read Compassion Over Killing's Vegetarian Starter Kit

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Vegan Future on Apr 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Second edition, 2012
125 listings!
The VegeTarian guide To Los angeLes
Including Restaurants, Bakeries, Hotels, Food Trucks, and Farmers Market Favorites
The Vegetarian Guide to Los Angeles
= all-vegetarian
Prefer to cook at home?Visit
The VegeTarian guide ToLos angeLes
 As the interest in vegetarian and vegan options continuesto rise, a growing number o restaurants—rom ast-ood toour-star—are dishing out delicious animal-ree are.
 Why are row umber o peope eavama o her pae?
For beer heah.
According to the American Dietetic Association, vegetarians are reported to have lower rates o heart disease, blood cholesterol levels, blood pressure, andbody mass indices than nonvegetarians.
For he earh.
 Animal agriculture is considered one o theleading causes o global warming, and according to a UnitedNation’s report, generates nearly one-th (18%) o all globalhuman-induced greenhouse gas emissions.
For he ama.
Every single hour in the U.S., more thanone million animals are killed or us to eat. With virtuallyno laws to protect them, birds, pigs, and cows on actoryarms are routinely treated in ways that would result in legalprosecution i those same abuses were inficted upon cats anddogs with whom we share our homes. We can help animalsat every meal simply by choosing the vegan versions o ouravorite oods. Whatever the reason you’re exploring meat-ree eating, wehope you’ll nd our
useul and your dining experiencesdelightul. It’s never been easier to savor vegan cuisine in theCity o Angels!Sincerely,  Jaya Bhumitra, Los Angeles Outreach DirectorCompassion Over Killing
South Bay
Freh Broher
2008 N. Sepulveda Blvd. • Manhattan Beach310-546-4444 • FreshBrothers.com
Chicago-style pizzeria with additionallocations in Redondo Beach, Marina DelRey, Westlake Village, Calabasas, andBeverly Hills. Ask or vegan cheese andolive oil instead o butter on the crust.
ga lee’ Bro
211 Palos Verdes Blvd. • Redondo Beach310-375-4462 • GinaLeesBistro.blogspot.com
Upscale Asian-usion restaurant with aseparate vegetarian menu eaturing manyvegan options such as ratatouille, lettucetacos, soba noodles, and a chocolate sorbetthat tastes just like gelato.
the gree tempe
1700 S. Catalina Ave., Ste. 103 • Redondo Beach310-944-4525 • GreenTemple.net
restaurant oering burgers,Mexican-inspired dishes, and Sundaybrunch. The soy cheese is not vegan.
Happy Vee
709 N. Pacic Hwy. • Redondo Beach310-379-5035 • HappyVeggie.com
 Asian-inspired eatery withThai iced tea, pad thai, and pho.
Pa P
1112 Hermosa Ave. • Hermosa Beach310-374-3663 • PitaPitUSA.com
Order the new protein-packed vegan blackbean patty, thanks to COK’s restaurantoutreach campaign.
sammy’ Woodfred Pzza
780 South Sepulveda Blvd. • El Segundo310-335-9999 • SammysPizza.com
 A pizzeria and restaurant with clearly markedvegetarian items and a separate vegan menuincluding options such as vegan cheese andGardein chick’n.
the spo
110 2nd St. • Hermosa Beach310-376-2355 • WorldFamousSpot.com
LA’s oldest
restaurant servingbreakast, lunch, and dinner daily. Manydishes can be made vegan.
1735 S. Catalina Ave. • Redondo Beach310-373-3234 • Turquoise-Restaurant.com
Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restauranteaturing vegan tapas and entrees such as theTou Kabob and Roasted Vegetables. Soupsand specials are oten vegan.
829 N. Douglas St. • El Segundo310-648-7919 • zpizza.com
Brick-oven pizza made with vegan cheeseand vegan meat crumbles. Many locations inthe L.A.-area.
Catalina Island
Caé Meropoe
205 Crescent Ave. • Avalon310-910-9095 • CafeMetropole.com
 A veg-riendly caé serving up lunch,dinner, and brunch on weekends, withoerings like sweet potato hash brownsand a veggie “chorizo” burrito with soycheese and avocado.Compassion Over Killing(COK) is a nonprot animaladvocacy organization basedin Washington, D.C. with asecond oce in Los Angeles. Working to end animalabuse since 1995, COKexposes cruelty to animalsin agriculture and promotesvegetarian eating as a way tobuild a kinder world. Visitus online at
For a ree
Vegetarian Starter Guide 
, visit TryVeg.com
look or quck ad eayama-redy recpe?
 Visit VegRecipes.org.
Comme or ueed?
Contact our L.A.oce at jbhumitra@cok.netor 310-375-2280.
iereed  voueer?
Visit COK.net or a list oupcoming L.A.-area events.
Fan us on Facebook:Facebook.com/CompassionOverKillingLosAngeles
Restaurants ...........................................p.3Hotels ................................................p.14Bakeries .............................................p.14Farmers Market Favorites ..............................p.15Food Trucks ..........................................p.16
The Vegetarian Guide to Los AngelesThe Vegetarian Guide to Los Angeles
= all-vegetarian
South LA
su i Ea
114 N. Market St. • Inglewood310-671-0115 • StuffIEat.com
comort ood. Try theSoul Food Platter, Nacho Salad, or one o the delicious desserts.
Ve-i-Up gr
1100 W. Florence Ave., Unit D • Inglewood310-670-7400 • VegItUp.com
and vegan-riendly caéoering healthier versions o comort oodsmade with soy-based mock meats. Manyitems, including the desserts, are vegan.
Long Beach
lo Beach Vea Eaery
2246 N. Lakewood Blvd. • Long Beach562-986-5283 • LBVeganEatery.com
new kid on the block oers adiner style experience, as well as a “Meatball”Sub, Crispy “Chicken” Wrap, Stued Shells,cream-lled donuts, and whoopie pies.
 Wok n Ro
4756 E. Pacic Coast Hwy. • Long Beach562-597-8783 • WokNRollLongBeach.com
This Chinese restaurant boasts a vegan-riendly, vegetarian menu including ‘meat’ried rice or chow mein and vegan chickennuggets. Sauces are mostly vegan.
Zephyr Veeara Caé
340 E. 4th St. • Long Beach • 562-435-7113
caé serving a variety o soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, ricebowls, and even vegan pies à la mode!
Santa Monica/West LA
Bawarch ida Kche
10408 Venice Blvd. • Culver City310-836-8525 • IndianBawarchi.com
restaurant uses the DumPukht style o cooking, allowing vegetablesto retain their favor and nutrients. O the20 dishes that are prepared daily, 12-14are vegan. The jackruit pulled “pork” andpakoras are popular options.
Beer le Cue
717 Broadway Ave. • Santa Monica310-458-7620 • BetterLifeCuisine.com
 An all-raw,
dining experience.
the B Ch
10850 W. Olympic Blvd.• Los Angeles310-475-1070 • TheBiggChill.com
 A rozen yogurt shop with one vegan optiondaily in favors such as chocolate macaroon,cookie dough, and chocolate cinnamon.Cash only.
Caora Vea tha Cue
12113 Santa Monica Blvd. • Los Angeles
This Thai-inspired
eatery oers avariety o noodle and curry dishes, as wellas burgers, wraps, and desserts.
gree Pea Caua Food
4437 Sepulveda Blvd. • Culver City310-397-9815 • GreenPeasCasualFood.com
Oers a vegan version o nearly everymenu item, including “chick’n” and “bee”sandwiches, quesadillas, pizzas, cakes,cookies, and more. Closed or renovationsuntil March.
gode Mea
1028 Wilshire Blvd. • Santa Monica310-393-6500 • GoldenMeanCafe.com
caé oering a variety o salads,burgers, sandwiches, wraps, pizzas andbaked goods.
ierm Caé
530 Wilshire Blvd. • Santa Monica310-319-9100 • InterimCafe.MenuToEat.com
Oers a variety o clearly-labeled vegansalads, sandwiches, tou scrambles, burgers,and more. Try the vegan sot serve.
lA Vea
4507 S. Centinela Ave. • Los Angeles310-574-9888 • LAVeganThai.com
restaurant serving a variety o  Asian-inspired and American cuisine.
lea Orac
11938 W. Washington Blvd. • Los Angeles310-397-0700 • LeafOrganics.com
eatery oering a number o raw, cooked, and “usion” appetizers,burgers, wraps, and soups. Also hostsraw-ood classes.
nave Food Caé
9343 Culver Blvd. • Culver City310-559-3601 • NativeFoods.com
restaurant chain servingdaily soups, seasonal specials, and aseparate kids’ menu. A local avorite withseveral other locations in the area.
Pae Raw
609 Broadway • Santa Monica310-587-1552 • PlanetRaw.com
, raw restaurant that also hostscooking classes. Try the Guac & “Cheeze”Burrito or “Salmon” handroll sushi.
When Compassion Over Killing investigators ound herat an egg actory arm, one o her wings was pinned in the wires o her cage. Painully thin and dehydrated,she had struggled so violently to ree hersel that herwing dislocated and her tendons ripped. We rescuedJane, and ater having her wing amputated, she nowenjoys her reedoms at a sanctuary where she basksin the sun, scratches the earth, and eats her avoritesnack—green grapes.Nearly 300 million egg-laying hens are suering inwire “battery” cages in the U.S. Visit
tolearn more and to discover delicious egg-ree recipes.
the hard-boed ruh abou e. Mee Jae.
Six months after rescue

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