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Drunvalo Melchizedek on CMN

Drunvalo Melchizedek on CMN

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Published by life2essence

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Published by: life2essence on Apr 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Drunvalo Melchizedek 
The Prophecies
RM: Drunvalo Melchizedek has been educating people around the world for decades about thenature of Geometry as universal principles that support life here on Earth and elsewhere. He didthis through his Flower of Life Workshops. Today, Drunvalo has been called by indigenous eldersfrom around the world to help them get their true messages out to the world regarding this profoundperiod of time. They believe it is important that people understand that we can change the outcomefor ourselves through our own consciousness.RM: So, this time you are off on a real adventure, and this is an adventure that took place over 25years or so in your newest book, Serpent of Light. Obviously you are not going to slow down for along time now because you have stirred a lot of energy up by actually revealing some of the eventsthat you went through—the initiations throughout the planet. I would like to talk about that book and then move it forward into what we are looking at in the very near future. Can we talk a little bitabout why you decided to finally reveal all of the things you have been through around the world inthese Earth Rituals with indigenous people? Almost no one has had the invite you have had into theindigenous circles.
DM: It really was my publisher because when they looked at everything that was possible—there are lotsof books that are possible—that one is so pertinent to this moment, to right now. They were the ones thatasked me to do that [book]. At first I felt a little funny about that because it was very personal. Then theytalked me into it, and I said
OK, well alright.
Now that it is done it is changing— 
the indigenous people have been reading this book.
And so, they areresponding to it, and they are responding very positively but with more energy than I have ever seen before.What has happened since the manuscript for that book has been turned in—it was actually turned in June of 2007; in July of 2007, before it was even published, it started to speed up. And so, it’s good; it is a goodthing. What happens in those worlds is crucial to what happens in our world. People don’t reallyunderstand that. You know I’d like to give a little story to try to explain why the indigenous world is soimportant.
RM: Please.
DM: Because, most of the people just say
ah, they are just primitive people. They don’t know anything,and it is obsolete and it doesn’t have any effect on this new technological world 
. But, that’s not what wesee in the sacred geometrical world, which is the world underlying everything that we are in. Underneathour world are the geometrical patterns. When you go into the carbon-based life forms and the Geometry behind that there is something there that is very clear, when a biological life form expands into a higher level of consciousness, they can’t do it unless they are connected to the past.You can see it in plant growth. Plants very often use the Fibonacci sequence, which is0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55. . . (add the first two numbers shown, then that total is the next number inthe sequence, that number added to the number just before it is the next number in the sequence). But whatit really is if you take three simple numbers like 3, 5 and 8; it’s just that 5 adds to 3 and makes 8. That’show many [plants] grow their leaves. The will start out with one leaf, then one, then two, then three, thenfive, then eight. The plant doesn’t know where it is going. It is sitting at five leaves; it looks back at whereits last growth was was three, which is kind of obsolete; it is past that. But then it adds it together and it
knows where to go, which is eight 
.The symbolism is exactly the same in human consciousness. If we do not connect with our ancient past —it is the memories, it is the wisdom of everything that happened, and we don’t add that to our present-daytechnological expansion we will be lost. We won’t have any idea where we are going and we won’t be ableto survive this. It is clear we haven’t added that in there and we are killing our planet. We are killing itfast. But if we were to add that wisdom of understanding like the concept of seven generations—never doing anything that would effect seven generations down the line—if we understood these kinds of thingsand they were incorporated into our way now, then we would know where we are going, we would knowwhat to do and we would expand in a conscious way that would be safe and usable.© Conscious Media Network. All Rights reserved.
RM: That’s very true. One interview we did was really surprisingly refreshing. It was with a mannamed Shlomo Shoham, who had been in the Israeli Parliament and he, at that time, had anoversight committee. He has since retired from that position. It was staffed by a lot of young LegalBeagles. The whole purpose of it was to evaluate every piece of legislation that had to pass throughthem as to its effect seven generations out, which is the first time I’ve actually seen that employed inthe modern world, but this is something that is intrinsic to the indigenous cultures. So, this is part of a—Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphogenic Fields—it is all building on the past.
DM: Yes it is, and we as a planet right now, are ignoring it. It is like Genocide. We are trying to get ridof it. If we were to get rid of it our life would be over. We would never make it from my way of seeing it;we would just never be able to make the expansion into the next level of consciousness.
RM: It’s true, and it seems as though we are almost on a drunken binge of last minuteconsumption from every level trying to stave off the inevitable, which is responsibility for what weshall inherit in the future.
DM: Yeah, you know “we” the technological world thought this wasn’t going to happen for a long time.We thought it wasn’t going to happen ‘til we reached about 12 to 14 billion people in the world. It is nottrue; it is happening at half that number. Oil just went over $123.00 a barrel and the consequences of wherethis is leading are huge. It is absolutely huge.
RM: Yeah.
DM: It wouldn’t have to be this way if we had just lived our lives a little differently. So, right now theindigenous people are basically using me to get out to the world, to try to get their understanding out because they realize that it is crucial. Even in the Hopi Prophecy they knew they had to go to the United Nations and tell them these things, which they did. But it hasn’t changed anything.
RM: Can we talk about the book and just kind of skim through it because it is too much to cover inthis interview and then get on to the next. But, the purpose for writing it the way you did, which Ithought was brilliant of your publishers to suggest, that you go really personal on it. And, it is fun;it’s a fun, exciting, inspirational journey. So can you give us a little hopscotch through whatoriginally happened that called you into contact with the indigenous people and pick a starting place?
DM: That’s easy. My last life; I remember every minute of it, every word that was spoken, every actionthat took place. I was born to a Taos Pueblo. So when, right before I died in the Taos Pueblo, they left mea long list—if I wrote it out it would be a couple pages long of things that I had to do when I got here inthis body. And, I had been back to them—this wasn’t even in this book. I went back to them and theyacknowledged this. They knew my name, which was Gioni, they knew everything about me, they told meour whole stories and I already knew it. Then I had to begin with that list and it took me 14 years goingthrough that list getting every single thing done, but one. There is one last thing, which won’t happen untilthe very end.
RM: Can we start more toward the top of the list?
DM: No, those are personal to the tribe. I mean I even had to burry certain people in the ground, andthings. There was a lot that they knew—this was back in the 1890’s when this list was made. They kneweverything that was coming up in the future.
RM: I see.
DM: Part of that was that I was to assist other indigenous tribes around the world at this time.So, I kind of don’t have a choice. I have to do this because it is my Dharma; it is what I have to do in mylife. I just have to stay in a certain vibration that they have taught me. As long as I do the tribes will acceptthat.
RM: But the calls came in unusual and unexpected ways to you, and then you set out. You listened,you bought the airline tickets and you showed up.
© Conscious Media Network. All Rights Reserved
DM: Yeah, and that is still going on now, and it has accelerated more. But the story that is behind there,the movement of the Kundalini
(note: as a whole earth energy not as it is associated with the chakras)
 from Tibet to Chile and the completion of the grid around the Earth—a lot of people have not talked aboutthe Kundalini because that was kept very secret. But the grid that is around the Earth, that is in books and alot of people are aware of that. By the way, that was born into the world on the day of the Eclipse, January24
, 25
or 26
of this year. So, the conception of that grid was 13,200 years—the conception of it, andthe birth took about a month. It was between the Lunar Eclipse in January, where the shadow went rightover the Polynesian mountains and there we were in Moorea when this took place, with all the elders there.And the final edge of the birth was here in Sedona where the shadow went right over Sedona. And, the gridis now alive and conscious. This changes everything.
RM: Let’s talk about that—what that means, what the implications are.
DM: As big as you can get, just about. The Kundalini had to move first, and it moved and it was in placein Chile by some time in 2002. It got past Panama in 2001, but it moved all over South America and finallysettled. That’s where these 112 tribes are sitting there in a circle, which they are still there right now; theyare holding that space, because to them this is the most sacred thing in thousands and thousands of years.
RM: Let’s back up a bit before the grid and talk about the Kundalini having been present in Tibet,and what that has meant throughout history, and now what it means to have it moved half wayaround the world.
DM: When it moved into Tibet was 13,000 years ago. And the Necals, which is the High Priesthood outof Atlantis, part of them went there. The other part of them, by the way, went into the Caribbean along withthe Mayans and went to a little area which is now called Santa Marta, in Columbia.Those people are called Kogi, Arwako, Weewa and Conquamos.
But they are the original Necals out of Atlantis and they told me so, eyeball to eyeball.
RM: This I found fascinating!
DM: The head of the Mayans, Don Alejandro, has also told me, face to face, that they are also fromAtlantis. So are the Hopi. They have said the same thing. So, the history is about to be presented in a newlight of who they are and where they came from. They are all linked together.
RM: Right.
DM: They are about to all come together and meet for the first time ever—well, not
They did meetin Guatemala, but not in a meeting where they actually discuss how they would function together.
RM: OK. There is another stream. We’ll go there in a little bit.
DM: There are a lot of them.
RM: So, Tibet 13,000 years ago?
DM: By the time the Sumerians started, which we consider to be the beginning of modern-day culture,about 6,000 years ago, the Necals had already been into Western Tibet, and built the Pyramid and weresitting there waiting for the rest of us to come along. [They were] using that energy to enlighten themselveswith. They eventually became the Tibetans, or what we call the Tibetans. Sure, there were influxes fromIndia and other places, but the original group was still there.
RM: They held the knowledge for a long time.
DM: They held the knowledge of what was prior to there of our history. Our entire Human History is alittle over 200,000 years; it’s 200,200 something years long, when we were born. That was coming fromAfrica through Gondwana Land, through Lemuria over to Atlantis and then to this present world that weare in now.© Conscious Media Network. All Rights Reserved

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