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Encyclopedia Card Tricks

Encyclopedia Card Tricks

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Published by nicholaspwilkin8919

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Published by: nicholaspwilkin8919 on Apr 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
Chapter I~Miscellaneous Tricks~Contents
Twin Souls
Al Baker
HIS effective trick can be done with any pack of cards. Begin byhaving the pack shuffled by a spectator. In taking it back sight thebottom card, make an overhand shuffle, bringing it to the top and notealso the bottom card at the end of the shuffle. Go to a lady and sayyou will make a prediction foretelling exactly what she is about to do.Write on a slip of paper, "The gentleman will get the......of......" fillingin with the name of the top card of the pack. Fold the slip and put it onthe table under a glass or some other object. Hand the pack to thelady and ask her to think of a number, then when your back is turned,to deal that number of cards face down on the table, turn the top cardof those dealt, note what it is, replace the packet on the pack andmake one complete cut burying the chosen card in the middle. Turnaway while the lady does this.
When she is ready, turn again and take the pack. Go to a gentlemanand under pretense of fixing on a suitable card to impress on his mind,run over the faces of the cards, find the former bottom card and cut atthat point. Note the card thus brought to the top. On a second slipwrite, "The lady will get the......of......" fill in the name of this top card.Fold the slip and put it with the first. Ask the lady to whisper thenumber she chose to the gentleman. Hand the pack to him and tellhim to deal the cards face down and note the card at that number.This done, reassemble the pack and shuffle it as you build up theeffect by re-capitulating what has been done. Hand out the slips in thereverse order to that in which you wrote them. Have the two cardsnamed, then have the slips opened and read, proving that youpredicted the choice of those very cards.Chapter Contents 
The Magic Breath
HIS is a good example of how the presentation can be made totransform a simple trick into a striking effect. The trick is that in whicha card is sent to any number chosen by the spectator, the first timethe cards are counted a wrong card appears but on a second count theright one turns up. The method is simplicity itself. The card is on thetop so that the first count brings it to the number required so when thepacket is replaced on the pack and again counted it is found at thecorrect number. In the older method the cards were replaced on thepretext of a miscount, a very weak procedure.A card having been freely chosen, noted, replaced and brought to thetop, execute several shuffles keeping it there. Addressing thespectator you say, "Have you a magic breath ? Well I will show youhow to find out. If you have you can send your card to whateverposition you please merely by breathing gently on the cards. Will youchoose a number? Nine? Then just blow on the pack and think intentlyof that number as you blow." Spectator blows, turn your head awaywith a slight grimace. "Your breath does not seem to be very magical,but I may be mistaken. Will you take the pack and count down to yournumber?"He does this and turns a wrong card. Take the pack, put the packetcounted on top and execute a false shuffle; take the card he turned upand push it in somewhere amongst the top eight cards. "I knew youwould fail," you say, "instead of thinking while blowing, you blew whilethinking, not the same thing at all. Let me show you a real magicbreath. See, just a gentle zephyr, but it has sent your card to thenumber required. What was it you chose? Nine?" Deal eight cards,

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