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Google Maps Tutorial

Google Maps Tutorial

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Published by: Kelly Metz-Morning Journal on Apr 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(ha, get it?) to build a Google map
avigate towww.Google.com, click the Maps tab at the top of the screen.2.
Right below the Google|maps toolbar, click My Maps3.
Select Create new map
This is where you enter a title and description. The title should be in headline format,with the description summarizing what the map is about.
When plotting points on a map
Enter the address, with numerals, or an intersection into the Google|maps toolbar.2.
Click Search Maps3.
Once the address has been found, click Save to« and choose your map. Once the maphas been found, click Save.4.
Continue plotting your points until you are finished.5.
Once you are finished, click on the View Map link, which will take you to your mapwindow.6.
You can choose to Edit the map or be Done.
When plotting directions on a map1.
The first option you can do is enter in the navigation points to theGoogle|maps toolbar. Example: 1657 Broadway, Lorain, Ohio toMiddle Avenue, Elyria, Ohio
Click Search Maps b.
Once the directions pop up on the screen, you can ³Save to my Maps´ ± choose themap and click save.c.
Continue plotting your points in this fashion until you are finishedd.
Once you are finished with this option, click on the View Map link, which willtake you to your map window.e.
You can choose the edit or done options
The second option is clicking the Get Directions link, located right below the Google|maps toolbar 
Enter in the (A) point, which is thestarting point b.
Enter in the (B) point, which is theending pointc.
Click the Get Directions boxd.
Scroll to the bottom of the directionslist and click ³Save to My Maps´ link  ± choose the map and click save.
Continue plotting your points in this fashion until you are finished.f.
Once you are finished with this option, click on the View Map link, which willtake you to your map window.g.
You can choose the edit or done options
To embed your beautifully created map
On the map, make sure no labelsare chosen except your map.You can do this by scrollingyour mouse over the ³Satellite´and ³Traffic´ box, with thecheckmark next to your map.This ensures your map will beembeddable.2.
In the right corner above the map,click the ³Link´ link ± there will be two options, a ³Place link inemail or IM´ and ³Paste HTML toembed in a website.´3.
Before you automatically paste theHTML, click ³customize and preview embedded map´4.
Another window will appear withthe screen shot of your map andthe size options. This is where youdecide what the first view of themap your readers will see, so thisis pretty important, if you ask me.5.
In most webpages, as long as thediameters are within 600 width andheight, it¶s OK. At TMJ, a largemap is a good option, so you don¶thave to customize it at this point.6.
Click the Large option, or whatever size is best for your  particular need.7.
Once you click the size option, themap image will resize itself inyour window. In the ³2. Preview´you can move around the imageusing the zooming options and thearrows. Or you can use the handtool to move it within the screen.

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