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Published by Shuzumi

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Published by: Shuzumi on Apr 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Roni and Dini study at SMP 1. Their school has a nice library. The library is not so big, but it has a lot of books, newspaper, and magazines. The book are arranged according toa system.The students like coming to the library. The room is air conditioned and always full of visitor. They go there to read, or borrow some books they like. They are served by Mrs.Yulia and Mr. Bahrul. These librarian have been working fo twenty years.1. How is the library at Dini school?A.It is nice and very bigB.It is really nice and bigC.It is quiet and niceD.It is not so big but nice2. How will the visitor feel when they are in the library ?A.They'll feel coolB.They will feel hotC.they will feel very coldD.they won't feel comfortable3. How are the books arranged in the library?They are arranged ........
A.neatlyB.orderlyC.mathematicallyD.systematically4. "They are served by Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Bahrul."(paragraf 2).What does the word "They" refer to?A.Mrs. Yulia and Mr. BahrulB.Roni and DoniC.LibrariansD.Visitors 
A Theatre
A theater is a place where people entertain the audience. The people who perform,called actors and actresses, act in plays on a stage. A stage can be raised platform, or it can be part of the floor in a room, either in the center of the room or against a wall. The audience, isa very important part of a theatre because it is for the audince that the actors and actressesact, and the playwright writes. Without an audience, they are only rehearsing or practising.A theatre can be anywhere in home, school auditorium, park and a hall. Theatre meansaction. In this text theatre is used in connection with performances on stage by live actors andactresses. It is living theatre.Theatre in the East differs greatly from that of the West. The Asian theatre is, for themost part, nonrealistic, or symbolic. Western theatre, on the other hand, tends to be realistic.5. What is actor?A.A person who plays on stageB.A person who performs and acts in playsC.A man who acts in plays on a stage
D.A person who is playing at the theatre6. What is the main idea of paragraf 2?A.School auditorium is the only theatre.B.What a theatre is.C.The performance of actors is theatre.D.Theatre means action of actors.7. What is the difference between the Eastern theatre and the Western theatre?A.The Eastern theatre is based on facts rather than sentiment of illusion.B.The Western theatre is based on facts rather than Eastern theatre.C.The Eastern theatre is better than the Western theatre.D.The Western theatre is better than the Eastern theatre.8. "A theatre is a place where people
the audience."The synonym of the italic word is ........A.amuseB.influenceC.watchD. presentDear Betty,I'm writing to you concerning of my last day in Jogya. I just got back from Borobudur,the wonderful temple I've ever seen. The weather is fine. We are now staying in a hotel. It'snot far from Malioboro. We are treated well here. It has many excellent staff who serve thecustomers. We plan to go around Malioboro after the children take a short nap. We want toenjoy having "lesehan" there. It is a kind of a restaurant but we sit on the ground.Many kinds of local handicraft are sold along Malioboro street. Both domestic andforeign tourists are interested in them. I want to buy some as souvenirs.Don't worry, I'll also buy you the most interesting one.Love,
9. The text gives us information about ........A.the wonderful Borobudur templeB.the souvenirs to be boughtC.Dara's last day in JogyaD.a comfortable hotel near Malioboro10. Who is the letter from? ........
A.CustomersB.BettyC.The hotel staffsD.Dara11. How do the staff serve the customers of the hotel? ........A.ProudlyB.InterestinglyC.BadlyD. NicelyFarmers usually start to cultivate their field in the wet season. Before cultivating, they prepare their ....(12).... like hoes, sickles, rakes and ploughs. They also prepare their cows or  buffaloes. The cows or buffaloes are very important for farmers to pull the ....(13).... tocultivate the rice field. It is a ....(14).... way.12.A.machinesB.toolsC.appliancesD.utensils13.A. ploughB.tractor C.spadeD.rake14.A.modernB.traditionalC.simpleD.nice15. The advertisement above tells us about ........A.a travel agentB.a holidays package tour C.a transportation number D.a transportation company16. The company will take the passengers to some cities in ........ islands.A.fiveB.four C.threeD.two17. Where can we rent the Black Bird buses? ........A.JavaB.BaliC.SumateraD.Jakarta18. 'For further information,
call 8802309
'The italic word means ........A.ask C. phone

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