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Full Election Brochure 2011

Full Election Brochure 2011

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Published by FriendsOfMike

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Published by: FriendsOfMike on Apr 18, 2011
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Mike MonahanBusiness ManagerLocal 103, IBEW
on Day:Saturday, May 7, 2011
 R e
Dear Member,
What our naon has seen over the past few years – turmoil in the financialmarkets and a rising trend of aacks on organized labor – has made itabsolutely vital for IBEW, Local 103 to have strong leadership that not onlyrecognizes the problems we face but also is able to implement soluonsthat will keep our local union strong going forward.During my me as Business Manager, I have proven that I can provide suchstrong, steady, and effecve leadership. Recognizing the skill and experseit would take to make sure that our Funds did not suffer the way so manyother pension funds did during the economic crisis, I led the way withsound financial policy, posioning Local 103 to be ready for the eventualrebound of the markets. What I can say now is that this approach has keptour Funds stronger than most other similar funds and our local union iswell-situated to take on the challenges of the future.I am also proud to say that throughout all of the uncertainty of the past few years, Local 103 has never given upits commitment of service to the community. We have expanded our outreach to veterans returning from warand have increased our ability to provide aid to those members and their families who are seeking to furthertheir educaon.I now respecully ask for your vote so that I can connue to provide the strong, steady, effecve leadershipthat you deserve. The experience I have gained over the recent economic downturn, coupled with the tenyears I have served as you Business Manager, will allow Local 103 to connueFraternally,Michael P. Monahan
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Combat the trend of Public Work going to Non-Union contractors
How is Mike Monahan performing on his 20 Year Plan? Here’s his report card:
Local 103’s public market share has increased from just 12% in 1999 to over 70%today. This is thanks to the methodical vision of Business Manager Mike Monahan.The Market Recovery Program he instuted when he came to office has completelyflipped the trend of public work going to non-union contractors.
Recognizing Local 103 had a great product and tremendous value to offer electricalcontractors and far to many were choosing to not partner with Local 103. Monahanstarted an aggressive top down organizing drive convincing some of the most successfulopen shop electrical contractors in our area that they could prosper with Local 103 bybecoming union.Organized Labor's image has been severely bruised and damaged over the past halfcentury. Monahan started a public campaign to change how Local 103 was perceived inthe public's eye. With our TV. Radio, and Print campaign - Local 103 is viewed as aprofessional, productive, organization with the public and industry owners and users.Our future as an organization depends on the apprentice today whose man-hours willnot only feed their families but the contributions will ensure benefits for retirees now andin the future. The bar in the apprentice school had to be raised to meet the needs for thefuture.Recognizing substance abuse had no place in our organization and workplace. A zerotolerance program was negotiated making our job sites safer.Recognizing the renewable energy sector would take off - Monahan was ahead of thecurb with branding and training positioning Local 103 as an industry leader in this sector.
Halfway through the 20-year plan that Mike
Monahan put into effect in 1999, Local 103 isin a much beer posion than it was just 10 years ago thanks to Monahan’s strong,steady, proven, and effecve leadership. Aer almost three years of uncertainty in the financial markets, the Local 103 Fundsconnue to outperform other similar fundsbecause of shrewd decision-making and carefully planning. Local 103 has grown itscontractor base in order to increase thenumber of jobs it is able to win. Through thisall, the Local 103 Health and Welfare Fund remains strong, allowing Local 103 to providequality coverage to all of our members. Thiscommitment to our membership’s prosperity and wellbeing is what sets us apart as a union.
The Business of Local 103 
similar plans in 2008. Because of a strategy,implemented by Business Manager Mike Monahan,
which calls for acombinaon of diversified investments,seasoned consultants, managers and advisors, and aconservave approach to invesng, IBEW, Local 103Funds have been able to withstand the economic
turmoil without serious damage to the Union Funds.
Monahan and the Local 103 Trustees have not given upthe long-term focus of the Funds’ investments and as aresult, the Funds have been able to benefit from therecovery that has been happening since 2009. The
Pension Fund now sits in the Green Zone of fund
rang, the highest status available, while so many
pension plans across the region and the country weredeclared to be in the Yellow Zone or Red Zone, which
mark a crical or endangered status. Local 103 hasbeen able to connue to make benefit payments torerees and family members as well as health carepayments uninterrupted. This is something that cannotbe said for so many other organizaons across the
The worldwide financial crisis that began in 2007 andlasted into 2009 has proven to be the worst economic
downturn in the United States since the Great Depression.
The recent recession lasted longer than any recessionsince the 1930s and the decline in the U.S.’s GDP as a
result of the recession was the largest since the
Depression. The combinaon of a a housing bubble burst
ing, excessive borrowing by consumers and business,corrupt acons by financial instuons, and bank failures
all came together in 2008 to cause a decline in all
investments across the board. Equity markets fell by asmuch as 75% and some bonds have lost virtually all of their value. Stock markets are sll struggling to reboundfrom the economic meltdown. Over 8.5 million jobs werelost during the recession and the construcon industryhas been faced with 30-40% unemployment.Needless to say, the effect that this financial situaon hastaken on benefit plans across the country has beensubstanal, as nearly all investments lost value and therewas no reasonable safe haven. However, the IBEW, Local103 Pension Fund was able to perform beer than 85% of El
Only through the efforts of Mike Monahan and theTrustees of Local 103 have we been able to protectthe Union Funds during the most difficult period in
U.S. economic history since the Great Depression.
Because of their work, IBEW, Local 103 members andtheir family have connued to be able to receive thebenefits they have earned and deserve.
“Local 103 has won back such a huge percentage of work in the field of traffic signal upgrades that I had no
other choice but to sign on as a signatory contractor.
What I have found is that the decision to sign on wasthe absolute best move I could have ever made for mybusiness. With Mike Monahan’s guidance, CorvielloElectric is now compeng for traffic signal jobs that wenever would’ve been able to win as an open shop
- Sergio Corviello. Corviello Electric Inc.
“I would have never been able to be successful in thepublic market without the aid that Local 103 provides.Mike Monahan’s vision for taking back the public sector isthe main reason for that success. Where unioncontractors were able to win less than a quarter of thepublic work just ten years ago, under Mike Monahan’sleadership, we are now winning over three-quarters of 
that same work.”
- Joe Bavarro, Brothers Electrical Company, Inc.
“Having started off as an apprence under Local 103, Ithen was a nonunion contractor for over 15 years.However, I made the decision to come back to theunion aer seeing the changes that have taken place.What I have found in my return is that our BusinessManager, Mike Monahan, is commied to training the
best electricians and technicians anywhere and my
business can only benefit from that commitment.”
- John Corliss, J. Corliss Electric, Inc.
“Mike Monahan has set Local 103 as a leader in theelectrical industry. His ability to ulize resources at
his disposal has only strengthened our union’s place
at the top. From tracking jobs to invesng in up-and
coming technologies, Mike’s dedicaon has led ourunion to be compeve now and ready for the chal
-lenges of the future. ”
- Paul Maiuri, Maiuri Electrical Corporaon
Because of the dedicaon to improving the lives of all
our members, whether working, unemployed, or
rered, and all of their families, Local 103 has beenable to connuously provide good quality health careand wellbeing through the Health and Welfare Fund.The coverage that Local 103 provides is unmatched in
our industry.
Some of the benefits to members include:Full health benefits for Rerees aged 58-65 with no
Medicare supplemental coverage for those age 65+$59 million spent last year on health claims for Local103 members and families$16.7 million spent last year on prescripon drugcoverage for Local 103 members and families
Full health insurance coverage for unemployed members
Mike gave me this info. Will fill in.

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