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Published by: Аскандар Каландаров on Apr 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Underground Oracle VM Manual
underground.jpgThe only Oracle Virtualization and Oracle VM Manual. New chapters will be added and posted to ITNewsCast regularly.
The Underground Oracle VM Manual
Oracle VM for x86 Deployment Guide
Show a printer friendly version of this book with its sub pagesCopyright © 2009 - 2011 Roddy Rodstein. All rights reserved.
Roddy Rodstein, CISSP
Change Log
RevisionChange DescriptionUpdated ByDate1.0First Release of theUnderground Oracle VMManualRoddyRodstein05/20092.0Second Release of theUnderground Oracle VMManualRoddyRodstein09/20093.0Third Release of theUnderground Oracle VMManualRoddyRodstein08/20104.0Forth Release of theUnderground Oracle VMManualRoddyRodstein12/20101Complete rewrite oChapter 1RoddyRodstein03/08/111Oracle VM CentralizedLogging DraftRoddyRodstein03/29/111Complete rewrite oChapter 2RoddyRodstein04/03/11
Limits of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranty 
This publication contains information protected by copyright. This publication may not be duplicated in any way without the expresswritten consent of the publisher, except in the form of brief excerpts or quotations for the purpose of review. The informationcontained herein is for the personal use of the reader and may not be incorporated in any commercial programs, other books,databases, or any kind of software without the written consent of the publisher. Making copies of this book or any portion, for anypurpose other than your own, is a violation of United States copyright laws.
 Warning and Disclaimer 
Every effort has been made to make this publication as complete and as accurate as possible, but no warranty or fitness is implied.The information provided is on an "as is" basis. The authors and the publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to anyperson or entity with respect to any loss or damages arising from the information contained in this publication.The information found in this publication was gathered from many different sources in the computing world. It is provided forinformational purposes only. Use common sense in applying these concepts and tips. Screen shots may vary from environment toenvironment. Please verify correctness and applicability in a test environment first and then deploy to your productionenvironment(s).
Trademarked names appear throughout this publication. Rather than listing the names and entities that own the trademarks orinclude a trademark symbol with each mention of the trademark name, the publisher states that he is using the name for editorialpurposes only and to the benefit of the trademark owner, with no intention of infringing upon that trademark.
 About the Author 
Roddy Rodstein (CISSP, CEH) has over 10 years of professional experience in the IT industry. In his current role at Oracle Roddy is amember of the Virtualization and Linux team. Before joining Oracle, Roddy spent six years at Citrix supporting Citrix's core product,XenApp. Earlier in his career Roddy successfully established, owned, and operated an IT consulting business that specialized in serverbased computing and remote access solutions. His professional achievements also extend to writing and self-publishing industryreference guides currently available on Amazon,Securing Microsoft Terminal Services(ISBN: 061514330X) andCitrix CCA  MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows Exam Cram(ISBN: 1576109453).
This book is intended to assist solution architects, sales engineers, field engineers and consultants in planning, designing, deployingand supporting Oracle VM for x86 in internal and external clouds. This book assumes that the reader has an architecturalunderstanding of cloud computing, Oracle technologies, storage and network system, and related software.
The Underground Oracle VM Manualhttp://itnewscast.com/book/export/html/8441 of 24318.04.2011 16:35
This book is intended to articulate the design considerations and validation efforts required to design, deploy and support Oracle VMfor x86 in an internal or external cloud.
Chapters at a Glance
Chapter 1: Oracle VM IntroductionChapter 2: Oracle VM for x86 Reference Design and Architectural IntroductionChapter 3: Hard and Soft Partitioning Oracle Technologies with Oracle VMChapter 4: Oracle VM Server Sizing, Installation and UpdatesChapter 5: Oracle VM Manager Sizing, Installation, Updates and the Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface...Oracle VM 2.1.5 to 2.2 UpgradeChapter 6: Oracle VM 2.2 SAN, iSCSI and NFS Back-end Storage ConfigurationsChapter 7: Oracle VM Networking from A to 802.1QChapter 8: Virtualizing Oracle Database 10g/11gChapter 9: Virtualizing Oracle Enterprise Manager 10gOracle VM Centralized LoggingThe Virtualization Policy ProjectWatch this spaceOracle OpenWorld 2011 Call for Papers - Submit Today!Temporary Post Used For Theme Detection (409fc5e9-d7ee-4e1a-b645-8b82f256f434 - 3bfe001a-32de-4114-a6b4-4005b770f6d7)Debugging Oracle VM 2.2 & Oracle VM Manager 2.2 errors using the many log filesNew VDI Training Course now available!HIMSS 2011 and New Press ReleaseOracle Desktop Virtualization at HIMSS 2011Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0.4 Released!Two Virtualization Webinars This Week We're Hiring! - Server and Desktop Virtualization Product Management
Chapter 1: Oracle VM Introduction
 An introduction to Oracle VMCopyright © 2009 - 2011 Roddy Rodstein. All rights reserved.Show a printer friendly version of this book with its sub pages
Table of Contents
Change LogThe Evolution of Oracle VM for x86Oracle VM for x86 Introduction...Oracle VM for x86 Virtualization Modes...Oracle VM for x86 Packaging and Pricing Accelerating Application Deployments with Oracle VM for x86... Virtual Machine Cloning...Oracle VM Templates…...Oracle VM Templates Packaging and Pricing...Oracle VM Template Builder…...Oracle VM Template Builder Packaging and Pricing...Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder…...Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Packaging and Pricing...Oracle JRockit Virtual Edition…...Oracle JRockit Virtual Edition Packaging and PricingThe Oracle VM Management Pack Plug-inOracle's x86 Virtualization Support Policy
Change Log
RevisionChange DescriptionUpdated ByDate1Complete rewrite oChapter 1RoddyRodstein03/08/11
The Evolution of Oracle VM for x86
 At Oracle OpenWorld 2007, Oracleannouncedits entry into the x86 server virtualization market with the first release of Oracle VMfor x86, version 2.1. Oracle VM for x86 was introduced as a low cost, high performance, open source server-virtualization solution for
The Underground Oracle VM Manualhttp://itnewscast.com/book/export/html/8442 of 24318.04.2011 16:35
Oracle and non-Oracle workloads, backed by Oracle's world-class support organization. With the release of Oracle VM for x86, Oraclehad a flagship x86 server virtualization solution and a clear x86 server virtualization strategy.
The first release of Oracle VM for x86 was version 2.1. An Oracle colleague explained to me that Larry Ellison avoids using 1.0for Oracle product releases to help drive early adoption.In August 2008, Oracleannouncedthe release of Oracle VM templates. Oracle VM templates are self-contained preconfigured virtualmachines with key Oracle technologies, which can be downloaded from the Oracle LinuxeDeliveryportal and quickly deployed intoproduction using Oracle VM for x86. Oracle VM templates completely eliminate the operating system and application installationprocess, reducing risk and dramatically shortening Oracle application deployment timelines.In August 2009, Oracleannouncedthe release of Oracle VM Template Builder. Oracle VM Template Builder is an application-packaging studio that generates preconfigured, reusable Oracle VM templates with Oracle and non-Oracle applications on OracleLinux JeOS (just enough operating system). Oracle Linux JeOS is a customizable small-footprint x86 and x86-64 Oracle Linuxoperating system.On January 27, 2010 Oracle completed the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, which added Sun's software and hardware assets toOracle's product portfolio. Shorty after the Sun acquisition, Oracle rebranded numerous Sun virtualization technologies with theOracle VM product name and created the Oracle VM product family with the following three separate product lines: Oracle VM forx86, Oracle VM for SPARC (formally LDOMs), and Oracle VM VirtualBox. Each product line has add-on products that extend thefunctionally of the line. Then, OracleannouncedOracle Virtual Assembly Builder and JRockit Virtual Edition. Oracle Virtual AssemblyBuilder and JRockit Virtual Edition extended Oracle VM templating into the Oracle Fusion Middleware product portfolio.With the addition of Oracle VM templates, Oracle VM Template Builder, Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder, and JRockit Virtual Edition,Oracle VM for x86 was transformed from a x86 server-virtualization solution into Oracle's next-generation application deliveryplatform.The next sections will examine Oracle VM for x86, Oracle VM templates, Oracle VM Template Builder, Oracle Virtual AssemblyBuilder, JRockit Virtual Edition and the Oracle VM Management Pack.
Oracle VM for x86 Introduction
Oracle VM for x86 is Oracle's x86 cloud virtualization and next generation application delivery platform. Oracle VM for x86 shipspreinstalled on the Sun x86 server and blade product line and is also fully supported on third-party x86-64 servers. Oracle VM for x86is the preferred virtualization and application delivery platform for internal and/or external clouds using x86 hardware running OracleLinux, Solaris x86, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or Windows virtual machines. With Oracle VM for x86, mission-critical applications canbe migrated from physical to virtual machines with unparalleled density, performance, and ease of management.Operating system and application installations can be very time consuming. Oracle VM for x86 offers next-generation operatingsystem and application packaging and deployment features that eliminate the traditional operating system and application installationprocess. Oracle VM for x86 enables operating system and application configurations to be packaged in preconfigured, reusable virtual-machine templates. Virtual machine templates can consist of a single virtual machine or a group of virtual machines, called anassembly. Virtual machine templates can be rapidly redeployed an unlimited number of times as copies of an original virtual machineor virtual machine assembly, or as a unique new virtual machine or virtual machine assembly.The Oracle VM for x86 is a type 1 hypervisor that installs directly on x86-64 hardware, enabling multiple concurrently running virtualmachines to share a single piece of hardware. Each virtual machine has its own operating system, kernel, virtual CPUs, RAM, network interfaces, storage, and applications. Oracle VM for x86 increases server utilization by breaking the traditional one-workload-per-boxapproach to server provisioning while making operating systems and enterprise applications easier to deploy, manage, and support byeliminating the operating system and application installation process.Oracle VM for x86 consists of an x86 server component and a manager component used to manage one or more clustered servers.The server component is based on the open sourceXen.orghypervisor, and is called Oracle VM server. The Xen hypervisor is a thinlayer of code that installs directly on hardware that enables multiple guest operating systems to run concurrently on a single piece of hardware. Xen has emerged as the industry open standard for x86 virtualization, with broad adoption from ISVs such as Oracle, IBM,HP, Dell, and Citrix, and cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Savvis Cloud Services, and Rackspace Cloud. Oracle makes subtlechanges to the original Xen.org code that create a unique Xen distribution, which Oracle maintains and redistributes as Oracle VMserver. Oracle VM server was designed to support the most demanding high I/O workloads like Oracle Database products and OracleExalogic, which other hypervisors and Xen distributions are unable to support.The manager component is a traditional Oracle application, named Oracle VM Manager, that installs on Oracle Linux and Red HatEnterprise Linux. Oracle VM Manager is used to manage one or more clustered Oracle VM servers, virtual machines, and virtualmachine resources. Oracle VM Manager is a traditional Oracle application consisting of an Oracle database, an Oracle applicationserver, and a J2EE application with an OS-/browser-neutral Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) administrative portal. All of the Oracle VM Manager components can be installed in an all-in-one configuration on an Oracle Linux virtual machine or in amultiple node HA configuration. Oracle VM Manager is distributed from the Oracle LinuxeDeliveryportal as an ISO file and as apreconfigured, production-ready Oracle VM template.Figure 1 shows the Oracle VM Manager administrative portal.
The Underground Oracle VM Manualhttp://itnewscast.com/book/export/html/8443 of 24318.04.2011 16:35

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