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Milkfish (Bangus) Floating Cage Culture Project in Dauis, Bohol. Philippines

Milkfish (Bangus) Floating Cage Culture Project in Dauis, Bohol. Philippines

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Published by edendereze6026

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Published by: edendereze6026 on Apr 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Milkfish (Bangus) Floating Cage Culture Project in Dauis, Bohol.Philippinesby Edmundo Enderez – March 31, 2011I.Introduction
1.The program on Community-based coastal resource management (CB-CRM)is being implemented in order to develop the capacity of the coastal and fishingcommunities in resource management and income diversification. In Bohol, themarine fish catch showed declining trend (see Graph below) despite theimplementation of CRM program by different stakeholders. Intrusion of commercialfishing boats into the municipal waters of Bohol exacerbates overfishing and the useof illegal methods of fishing that degrade the marine fisheries habitat continues tobe a problem. This is attributed to the big demand for fish and other aquaticproducts. However, the lack of understanding on overfishing due to too muchfishing pressure and reduction in the fish carrying capacity of the sea due tofisheries habitat degradation, which reinforce each other, has led the fishers tocatch fish indiscriminately for as long as they make profits. The end result is thatthe present fish stock biomass is at much lower level which can only reproduce somuch fish population and the present capacity of the sea can only carry not muchtotal fish volume.
Source of data: BAS
2.The Map above shows that poverty incidence in Bohol is relatively high.Aside from the increasing demand for fish, it is the lack of employment other thanfishing that forced poor fishers to catch fish indiscriminately.3.In order to meet the increasing demand for fish and alleviate the poverty of the fisherfolk, there is really a need to let a significant number of fishers shift tonon-fishing economic activities. Just what like China and Vietnam are doing, thePhilippines through its Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) is earnestin developing the mariculture industry. The brackishwater fishpond industry which
provides the bulk of the production of cultured fish (mainly bangus) is being limitedby the ban on mangrove conversion into fishponds. This is particularly true in Boholas shown in the Graph below that milkfish production in brackishwater ponds hasleveled off or there is very little annual increase.
In Barangay Songculan, Dauis, Bohol, SOGUFA was formed to engage inCBCRM and livelihood development with the assistance of PROCESS-Bohol,Foundation for Philippine Environment-Bohol Marine Triangle (FPE-BMT), and thenthe PADAYON-BMT. SOGUFA members under the leadership of its Chairman, Juanito Obispo, started with seaweed culture project in a portion of the municipalwater fronting their Barangay. Due to poor production in their seaweed cultureproject for several reasons, they finally decided to venture into the bangus floatingcage culture project.
II.SOGUFA bangus floating cage culture project
1.The floating cages are installed in an area about 150 meters away fromshoreline and at depth of not less than 5 meters during lowest tide. There are 2tourist resort establishments along the beach near the project site. Due tomisunderstanding on the official use of the nearshore water and the mistakenbelief of resort owners that the project is a source of water pollution, a conflict arosebetween SOGUFA and resort owners. The case was brought to the attention of theLGU which settled the matter after the following actions: SOGUFA chairmanexplained how feeding is done to prevent feed waste and the process that preventsaccumulation of fish wastes at the sea bottom and SOGUFA agreed to dismantle thefixed caretaker’s hut and provide navigational lane for the resort boats.

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