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N Williams April 16 Open House Displays

N Williams April 16 Open House Displays

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Published by PoyourowConsulting
At the April 16th Open House for the N Williams Traffic Operations Safety Project, these boards displayed the problems, opportunities and potential strategies for improving traffic on N Williams Avenue.
At the April 16th Open House for the N Williams Traffic Operations Safety Project, these boards displayed the problems, opportunities and potential strategies for improving traffic on N Williams Avenue.

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Published by: PoyourowConsulting on Apr 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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April 16, 2011
North Williams Trac Operations Safety Project
 The Portland Bureau o Transportationis exploring options that willmake travelling on North WilliamsAvenue between Weidler Street andKillingsworth Street saer and morecomortable or all users.With the advice o a StakeholderAdvisory Committee ormed or thisproject, City sta have prepared alternative designs or your consideration. These designs include potential transportation changes to reduce conicts andimprove operation o the bike lane, auto lanes, bus stops, and crosswalks.Here’s how you can provide your input:
 Talk with sta Place comments on the map provided
Answer questions at stations labelled “Input Required”
Provide written comment
Submit comments on project website:
www.portlandonline.com/transportation/williamsFor more inormation, please visit the website or contact the Project Manager:Ellen Vanderslice503-823-4638ellen.vanderslice@portlandoregon.gov
Notice o Non-Discrimination to the Public: The Portland Bureau o Transportation ully complies with Title VI o the Civil Rights Act o 1964 and related statutes and regulations in all programs and activi-ties. Contact the Title VI Coordinator at Room 1204, 1120 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97204, or by telephone, (503) 823-2559, City TDD (503) 823-6868. To help ensure equal access to programs, services andactivities o the City o Portland, the City will provide auxiliary aids and services to persons with disabilities; please call 503-823-5185 or TDD 503-823-6868.
    P    H    O    T    O    B    y    j    O    N    A    T    H    A    N    M    A    u    S
4 Comfort and Connections:
NE 7th Avenue carries a lot o cartrafc, with no room or bike lanes.Plus, it ends just ater NE AlbertaStreet.
5 Continuity:
Side streets east o North WilliamsAvenue don’t go through.
6 Destinations:
North Williams Avenue is a busyplace, and many o the peoplebiking on the street live, work, eat,shop, or visit on North Williams.
7 The Numbers:
More than 3,000 people bikeup North Williams Avenue eachday in the warm months. In theevening, the street moves about400 bikes and 800 motor vehiclesper hour in the section north o Russell Street.
3 Connections:
O all the possible northboundbikeways or this area, NorthWilliams Avenue is the only onewith direct connections to theBroadway and Steel Bridge bikepaths.
2 NE MLK Boulevard:
MLK is designated a “major citytrafc street” or cars and is not adesignated bikeway. Some peoplethereore use North WilliamsAvenue to bike to destinations onor near MLK Boulevard.
1 Crossings and Continuity:
 The side streets west o Williamsdon’t go through, and the majoreast-west streets are hard to crossbecause they carry heavy autotrafc rom I-5.
Why Williams?
 The City o Portland designated North Williams Avenue a "major city bikeway" in thePortland Bicycle Plan last year. This means North Williams Avenue will become one o the best and busiest bike routes in the bike network, the same way "major city trafcstreets" (like NE MLK Blvd.) are designed to be the best and busiest car routes.Why was North Williams Avenue designated a "major city bikeway"? And why are somany people already biking on North Williams Avenue?
North Williams Trac Operations Safety Project
April 16, 2011
Failure to yield to pedestrians atcrosswalks is a common complaint
 Ten years ago when there were just a ew hundredpeople biking up N Williams each day, pulling a businto the bike lane to drop o and pick up passengersworked ne. But now that there are more than 3,000cyclists a day in warm months, it doesn’t work well andeels stressul and dangerous to everyone involved.
Bus/Bike Conicts
photo: Jonathan Maus
Rush hour on N Williams betweenBroadway and Weidler
 The bike lane on N Williams moves nearly 400 peopleper hour at its busiest location (compare that to about800 cars in the two auto lanes at the same location). Butsome o those people are actually riding in the auto laneat times to pass slower cyclists or the stopped bus. Whilethis is legal, it is not comortable or most cyclists ordrivers, especially in places where auto speeds are high.
Bikeway Capacity
We have heard concerns about speeding on everysegment o N Williams. Between Broadway and Russell,52% o cars exceed the 30 mph speed limit. Multiplelanes give motorists ample opportunity to pass, whichmakes it easier to exceed the speed limit.
Auto Speeds
People are concerned about the ease and saety o walking across N Williams. With two auto lanes and onebike lane to cross, and ast-moving car trac, usingeven a well-marked crosswalk can be unnerving. NorthWilliams is a place where many children and people withdisabilities walk and use transit, so crosswalks need tobe sae and easy to use.
Crosswalk Safety
A TriMet bus stops in the bike lane topick up/drop o passengers
 These are the concerns that we have heard most oten rom the residents,businesses and visitors o N Williams Avenue.
North Williams Trac Operations Safety Project
April 16, 2011
Providing sae and comortable travel orpedestrians using North Williams Avenue isone o the highest priorities or this project. Thepotential strategies or improving the pedestrianenvironment includes:Reducing the number o auto lanes in certain
locations to slow trac and allow drivers tobetter see pedestriansProvide high-visibility or signalized crosswalks
at strategic locationsProvide curb extensions to allow pedestrians
and drivers to see one anotherManage conficts with bicyclists
Reducing auto speed allows drivers to stop ina shorter distance and reduces injury risk High-visibility crossings at mid-block andintersection locations with high pedestrianactivity provide priority to pedestriansSignals at a number o key intersectionswill provide sae crossingsProviding only one travel lane allows pedestrians toidentiy sae gaps and elimates “multiple threat”Providing only one travel lane improves visibilityo pedestrians to driversCurb extensions decrease crossing distances andimproves the visibility o pedestrians

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