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Top 7 Management Dilemmas

Top 7 Management Dilemmas

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Published by jennypan2

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Published by: jennypan2 on Apr 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Top 7 Management Dilemmas
 [Print|Email This|Bookmark] Most managers and entrepreneurs face the same management issues. Yet the choices they make are the basis for their success. Any businessis concerned with the question of productivity: what productive role fitsus best and where does that put us in the economic marketplace. Oncein that market arena you are confronted with others. Then it comes toa certain style in which you differentiate from the rest. It is the style of your organization that drives the performance. There are sevendilemmas you face when dealing with these topics of productivity andstyle. Everyone should take their own decisions on the matter. It’s all aquestion of finding the right balance.1.The first dilemma: Innovate or ConserveWe all discuss about the importance of innovation, that youshould focus on new applications, new markets, etc. But therevenues of innovations are in the (near) future. You should alsoget the maximum out of your current business. If you do notinvest, there comes a moment where current business declineswithout a new innovation to take over the revenues. If you investtoo much it may endanger the continuity of current business.2.The second dilemma: Own production or Leverage on third-partiesWhat it the content of your business? Do you face the productionby yourself or do you leverage on third parties?Internetmarketplaces are good and successful examples of the last. Bothrequire different competences however. Focussing on corebusiness fits in this category. You concentrate on own productionand what is beside your strength you might consider outsourcingto third-parties.3.The third dilemma: Support or Lead You could choose for you business to be in the front of themarket or you could be happy supporting others. There are amyriad of possibilities for each.
4.The fourth dilemma: Cooperate or Compete This dilemma is more visible within your company than from theoutside although it is also present there. Many companies valueteamwork, but they organize the activities in a competitive wayby setting individual targets. You should balance both.5.The fifth dilemma: External or Internal focus There are entrepreneurs that observe the market and jump in aniche when they see a possible profit. They follow eachdevelopment in the market and they are flexible first-movers.Others have built up own ideas in a different way of perceivinginformation. This dilemma is present in any organization.Normally marketers and sales are a bit more external focussedwhere IT and administration for example are more focused onstreamlining the activities that comes to them.6.The sixth dilemma: Product or ServiceA universal choice that looks so simple. We all have an ideaabout this dilemma, but the implication of pursuing the one orthe other can be very high.7.The last dilemma: Consumer or Company This dilemma is less important for managers if their context isalready set. The more important is it for entrepreneurs. Facingten to twenty business clients is something else than driving20.000 demanding consumers to your business. You should knowthis upfront.© 2005 Hans Bool / Astor WhiteAstor White.Committed to your management issues. On a distance.Author at Ezinearticles:Hans BoolSource:http://Top7Business.com/?expert=Hans-Bool
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ByKanaga Siva [Print|Email This|Bookmark] Most people love to own a business of their own and attribute variousreasons for this desire. In spite of this burning desire to own andoperate a business they are very hesitant to put their best foot forwardand venture out. What holds them back from Starting a New Businessis certain Fear Factors indicated below.1.No Self-Confidence: They fear treading into unknown areas they have never beenbefore. They don't have the confidence of grappling with newproblems and new issues that are bound to arise in theirbusiness. They are negative thinkers. They are more worriedabout failure rather than think positively about success.2.No Money for Investment:Since money plays a major role in starting a new business, it is

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