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The Moslem Assassin Cult and Al Qaeda

The Moslem Assassin Cult and Al Qaeda

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Published by confede

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Published by: confede on Apr 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Moslem Assassin Cult & Al QaedaSecret Agents ofIslam
WhenRamzi Yousefwascaptured and brought to trial,
many people were surprised to hear about his lifestyle.Yousef was an inveterate womanizer. He drank, he went to all-nightdiscos, he took scuba diving vacations. He was not known to pray much(outside of prison), nor to observe Islamic holidays.Nevertheless, he presented himself -- in court and in life -- as awarrior for Islam. He took money from strict Muslim fundamentalists,and he worked to help advance their aims. He wrote poems about hislove for God. In 1997 and 1998,Osama bin Ladenpraised him ininterviews as a man devoted to protecting the Muslim community.He also warned that Yousef was not unique."[I]f the American government is serious about avoiding the explosionsinside the U.S., then let it stop provoking the feelings of 1,250 millionMuslims," bin Laden warned, four years before theSeptember 11 attack. "Those hundreds of thousands who have been killed ordisplaced in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, do have brothers and relatives.They would make of Ramzi Yousef a symbol and a teacher. The U.S. willdrive them to transfer the battle into the United States."This was not idle talk, it was the open declaration of a war which hadalready been underway for nearly a decade. When bin Laden spokethose words to CNN's Peter Arnett in 1997, al Qaeda had alreadymoved dozens of sleeper agents inside the United States -- dozens atminimum.Like Ramzi Yousef, these men were enigmas. Some devoutly followedthe strictures of Islam. Others seemed to flaunt them. Yousef'sexplosive genius might have been unique, but his status as an infiltratorof Western society was not.al Qaeda's No. 3 officialKhalid Shaikh Mohammedwas a well-knownwomanizer. Khalid Shaikh, Yousef and other accomplices frequented
seedy clubs in Manila's red-light district, such as the Manila Bay Cluband Sir Williams Karaoke, according to CNN reporter Maria Ressa,writing in Seeds of Terror. Later, in Florida and Massachusetts,several of the September 11 hijackers even patronized strip clubs andprostitutes.Western observers were quick to point out the seeming hypocrisy --killing in the name of Islam, while failing to follow Islamic traditionsand laws. When the topic was raised, however, it was usually as apropaganda tool, a rhetorical device to diminish the terrorists byderiding them as perverts, hypocrites and bad Muslims.But it's more complicated than that.al Qaeda operatives routinely take on deep cover roles in order toinfiltrate an enemy's society. This isn't simply a pragmatic decision todisregard the tenets of Islam in order to accomplish a goal. Rather,it's a specific, traditional practice, justified through an elaboratetheological framework.The approach was first employed in the 11th century, by the Assassins,a notorious cult of Islamic extremists. Today, the practice is continuedby a similar sect, known asAl Takfir Wal Hijra, which represents a keyfaction in the top leadership of al Qaeda.There are numerous similarities between the Assassins and the Takfiri-- including operational structure, strategy and theology. But the sectsare separated by a centuries-long chasm of deep sectarian conflict.But, then and now, these men shared a common vocation -- secretagents for an extreme vision of Islam.They were -- and are -- the ultimate infiltrators, unbound by moralrestraint. These men are not subject to any meaningful cultural

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