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201101 American Renaissance

201101 American Renaissance

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American Renaissance, January 2011. The Great White Wave; Immigration and Human Nature; The Galton Report – Asians: The Model Minority; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters
American Renaissance, January 2011. The Great White Wave; Immigration and Human Nature; The Galton Report – Asians: The Model Minority; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters

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Published by: American Renaissance on Apr 19, 2011
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American Renaissance - 1 - January 2011
The Great White Wave
Vol. 22 No. 1
There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.
Thomas Jefferson
January 2011
American Renaissance
Midterms show how muchwhite votes still matter.
by Stephen Webster
n November 2, voters took theDemocrats to the woodshed.The party of Barack Obamalost at least 63 seats in Congress andsix in the Senate. By the time you readthis, they may have lost more becauseas this issue went to press, there werestill two undecided congressional races.Whatever the results, the Democrats willhave suffered their worst defeat since1938, when voter anger against Frank-lin Roosevelt’s New Deal cost them 72House seats. When the new Congressconvenes in January, the Republicanswill enjoy their largest House majoritysince 1949.How did this happen and what doesit mean for whites? Back in 2008, afterMr. Obama drubbed the hapless JohnMcCain, the left proclaimed a new eraof ascendancy. Former Clinton retainerJames Carville even wrote a book aboutit, called
40 More Years: How the Dem-ocrats Will Rule the Next Generation
.John Judis, writing in
The New Republic
,hailed the election as “the culmination of 
“a [fundamental] change in politicaldemography and geography.”Such claims seemed plausible. Mr.Obama won 28 states with 365 electoralvotes (he needed 270 to win), includ-ing such formerly reliable Republicanstates as Virginia, North Carolina, andeven Indiana. Many looked at the voterswho put Mr. Obama in power and saw apermanent majority: a brown-Red coali-tion of non-whites and white liberals.As expected, 95 percent of blacks votedfor Mr. Obama, but so did two-thirds of Hispanics and 62 percent of Asians. Mr.
time voters, suburban voters, Catholics,college graduates, and women. He evenmanaged to win a plurality of men (49percent to 48). John McCain won onlyamong whites, the elderly, and votersliving in small towns and rural areas—a combination Democratic strategistSimon Rosenberg derided as “a relic of the past . . . . an aging and frayed bunch,living off the fumes of a day and politicsgone by.” More than one liberal punditchortled that it was the destiny of the“white” GOP to become a regional partyof the South and parts of the Midwest.
Wishful thinking
The liberals were wrong. We donot yet have a permanent brown-Redgoverning coalition, but given the de-mographic trends, with non-whites—already a third of the nation—predictedto become the majority around 2040, itmay be only a matter of time. Liberal-ism and innumeracy tend to go hand inhand, so the media lefties fail to under-stand that many in their brown coalitionare not eligible to vote because theyare illegal aliens, non-citizens, or tooyoung. 2010 will probably be the yearbirths to non-whites outnumber those towhites, and some future Congress mayyet amnesty all illegals. Demographyis destiny, and numbers will eventuallytip the scales. But for now, and for thenext several elections, the majority of voters will be white, and as the 2008and 2010 elections proved, their votesmatter most.The 2008 vote was the most “diverse”so far, with a record non-white turn-out. Blacks (13 percent of all voters),galvanized by the chance to give the
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Mr. Obama thinks Amer-icans are too stupid to un-derstand the great thingshe has done for them.
Results by Congressional District, 2010
Democrat Republican Switched to Republican
American Renaissance - 2 - January 2011
 Letters from Readers
Sir — I read the December coverstory (“What to Make of Black Conser-vatives?”) with great interest but withsome reservations. I have real sympathyfor conservative blacks—the charges of “Uncle Tom” and “Oreo” must be verytiresome—but I am not sure I considerthem allies. The same holds true forconservative Hispanics and Asians. If we are to live with non-whites, by allmeans let them be “conservative.” Theyuphold standards and they are basicallyfair-minded about race.However, our interests are different.The best of them want a color-blindAmerica; I want a majority-white Amer-ica, and like Sam Francis, I would usestate power to achieve it. Furthermore,given the penchant for conservativenon-whites to marry across racial lines(Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele, andWard Connerly are all married to whitewomen), I do not think they would behappy in a society that disapproved of 
common ground with black conserva-tives in the short term, but in the end,it is up to whites, and whites alone, toadvance their own interests.John Morris, Philadelphia, Pa.Sir — In his December review of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s
, Steven Far-ron presents her book as a defense of Western Civilization, but it would moreaccurate to call it a left-wing criticismof Islam. The extent of her praise of theWest is to note that we have a higherstandard of living than the Third Worldand to celebrate the liberal views of homosexuality and feminism held bysecular Europeans. Nowhere does shedefend the West on cultural, historical,or ethnic grounds. In fact she attacksthose who do, calling the Vlaams Belang“a racist, anti-Semitic, extremist partythat is unkind to women and that shouldbe outlawed.”Professor Farron is correct to say thatshe ignores the relationship betweenrace and success, but Miss Ali does sug-gest where she falls on the bell curve:
government labor agency, they calledme in to take an IQ Test. . . . A lot of it was math, which I have always beenhopeless at; the rest of it was psycho-logical tests and language skills—Dutchlanguage, of course. My results werepoor” (page 221).Ellison Lodge, Potomac, Md.Sir—I greatly enjoyed Prof. Farron’silluminating review of 
but wasvery surprised by one thing: Does MissAli really think American support forIsrael had nothing to do with the Sep-tember 11 attacks? America’s actionshave alienated generations of Muslims,and Osama bin Laden himself said hehad three reasons for the attacks: thepresence of American troops in SaudiArabia, our sanctions against the Sadd-am Hussein regime, and our supportfor Israel. I would add that a terroristhas every reason to be honest about hismotives because he cannot change histarget’s behavior unless the target under-stands the terrorist’s motives.I believe Prof. Farron is also incorrectto say that whites are the only people inthe world who do not put a premium onlight skin. It is true that they would hesi-tate to admit it publicly, but their actionsbetray them. Almost all whites wantwhite schools, white neighborhoods,and white institutions. The expression“a touch of the tar brush” is never acompliment.Clyde Sharp, Bennington, Vt.Sir — In the December Galton Report“Hippocrates” writes that blacks are lesslikely than whites to suffer from depres-sion or to commit suicide, because theyhave higher levels of testosterone. Hewrites that testosterone tends to protectmen from depression, noting that theyare only half as likely as women to suf-fer from it. But if testosterone protectsfrom depression and suicide, why is itthat nearly everywhere in the world menare more likely than women to commitsuicide?I would suggest that at least a partialexplanation for why blacks are lesslikely than whites to kill themselvesis lower intelligence and less concernabout the future. Intelligent people arebetter aware of the future implicationsof present misfortunes. They can alsobetter imagine different lives for them-
circumstances unbearable. I suspectblacks are better than whites at livingfor the moment.Name WithheldSir — In November’s “O Tempora,O Mores,” you mention Theodore Mc-Kee, the Third Circuit federal judgewho threw out the Hazleton, Pennsyl-vania, illegal-immigrant law. Readersshould know that he is a 1994 Clintonappointee, and black. A website calledJust the Beginning Foundation (it iscommitted to “honoring the legacyof African-Americans in the federal judiciary” and “increasing diversity inthe legal profession”) notes that JudgeMcKee serves on the “Task Force onEqual Treatment in the Courts” and co-chairs the “Commission on Racial andEthnic Bias.” Given this background,we’d be wasting our time parsing his
afraid the will of the people of Hazletonwas going to be thwarted the minute thecase hit his desk.Meanwhile, Lou Barletta, Hazleton’simmigration-reform mayor, was electedto Congress in the mid-term elections.John Ingram, Duncannon, Pen.
American Renaissance - 3 - January 2011
the polls. Black women, at 70 percent,actually had the highest turnout of anydemographic group. Whites accountedfor 76 percent of the vote (despite beingonly 66 percent of the population), downfrom 79 percent in 2004, and 85 percentif you go back to 1988.White
was also lower thanin 2004, 66.1 percent vs. 67.2 percent,
faced: either a black Democrat or JohnMcCain. The Arizona senator was astrong supporter of amnesty for illegalsand was closely associated with the poli-
under a very dark cloud. A majority of whites—55 percent—still voted for
suggests some racial bloc voting evenamong whites. Until recently, Sen. Mc-Cain’s 55 percent of whites would havebeen all he needed to win. Even now,despite the shrinking white electorateand Mr. Obama’s huge success amongnon-whites, if Sen. McCain had made astrong pitch to whites and had captured
have won handily.This year, Republicans won
 than 60 percent of the white vote—the
in the White House. Whites accountedfor 78 percent of the vote (blacks, 10percent, Hispanics, 8 percent), up twopoints over 2008, and 62 percent of themvoted Republican.The result was a landslide. In additionto historic gains in Congress, Repub-licans gained six seats in the Senate,seven (possibly eight—Minnesota isstill counting) state governorships, atleast 680 seats in state legislatures, andtook control from the Democrats insix (possibly seven) state senates andthirteen state lower houses. Sixty-ninepercent of white Protestants voted Re-publican (up from 63 percent in 2008),but so did 54 percent of all Catholics (42percent in 2008). Fifty-seven percent of men went for the GOP (a 9 percent jumpover 2008), as did 51 percent of woman(an 8 percent rise). Apparently it is theDemocrats who now face a “gendergap.” They’re facing an age gap too.Fifty-eight percent of voters aged 65 ormore voted GOP (10 percent more thanin 2008), as did 54 percent of voters aged45 to 64 (up 5 percent).The only age group won by Demo-crats was 18 to 29-year-olds, and evenamong them there was a 14 point swingto the Republicans, and they made up asmaller percentage of the electorate in2010 than they did in 2008, 11 percentvs. 18 percent. The lefties were rightabout one thing, however—GOP sup-port remains strongest among Southernwhites, 73 percent of whom votedRepublican.As they say, in politics two years isan eternity.
Like the 1938 election, the 2010Democratic rout was the result of voteranger, with Barack Obama standing infor FDR. The difference, of course, isthat voters didn’t turn on FDR until mid-way through his
term. PresidentObama’s approval rating is in the low40s, and the president’s party can expectmidterm losses when the numbers arethat low.Voters have a lot to be angry about:persistent unemployment, anemic eco-nomic growth, fears of a “double dip”recession, rising fuel and food prices,falling home prices. These would bedaunting challenges to any chief ex-ecutive, but Mr. Obama isn’t just anychief executive. He is the Messiah, themiracle worker who, when he clinchedthe Democratic nomination. said hewas “absolutely certain” that futuregenerations would recognize that “this
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American Renaissance is published monthly by theNew Century Foundation. NCF is governed by section501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; contributionsto it are tax deductible.Subscriptions to American Renaissance are $28.00 per year. First-class postage is
outside Canada and the U.S. (air mail) are $40.00. Back issues are $4.00 each. Foreignsubscribers should send U.S. dollars or equivalent in convertible bank notes.Please make checks payable to: American Renaissance, P.O. Box 527, Oakton, VA22124. ISSN No. 1086-9905, Telephone: (703) 716-0900, Facsimile: (703) 716-0932,Web Page Address: www.AmRen.com
American Renaissance
Jared Taylor, EditorStephen Webster, Assistant EditorRonald N. Neff, Web Site Editor
Percentage Who Voted Republicanin 2008 and 2010
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