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Published by nr0823

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Published by: nr0823 on Apr 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IN SENATE____________________________________________________ Senate introducer's signatureIN ASSEMBLY__________________________________________________ Assembly introducer's signature
The senators whose names are circled below wish to join me in the sponsorshipof this proposal:s20 Adams s44 Farley s58 Kennedy s18 Montgomery s23 Savinos15 Addabbo s02 Flanagan s34 Klein s54 Nozzolio s28 Serranos55 Alesi s08 Fuschillo s26 Krueger s53 O'Mara s51 Sewards11 Avella s59 Gallivan s27 Kruger s37 Oppenheimer s09 Skeloss40 Ball s12 Gianaris s24 Lanza s21 Parker s14 Smiths42 Bonacic s22 Golden s39 Larkin s13 Peralta s25 Squadrons46 Breslin s47 Griffo s01 LaValle s30 Perkins s16 Staviskys38 Carlucci s60 Grisanti s52 Libous s61 Ranzenhofer s35 Stewart-s50 DeFrancisco s06 Hannon s45 Little s48 Ritchie Cousinss32 Diaz s36 Hassell- s05 Marcellino s33 Rivera s49 Valeskys17 Dilan Thompson s07 Martins s56 Robach s57 Youngs29 Duane s10 Huntley s62 Maziarz s41 Saland s03 Zeldins31 Espaillat s04 Johnson s43 McDonald s19 SampsonThe Members of the Assembly whose names are circled below wish to join me in themulti-sponsorship of this proposal:a049 Abbate a107 Crouch a042 Jacobs a121 Miller, D. a068 Rodrigueza092 Abinanti a014 Curran a095 Jaffee a102 Miller, J. a067 Rosenthala105 Amedore a063 Cusick a057 Jeffries a038 Miller, M. a118 Russella084 Arroyo a045 Cymbrowitz a135 Johns a052 Millman a012 Saladinoa035 Aubry a034 DenDekker a112 Jordan a103 Molinaro a113 Saywarda124 Barclay a116 Destito a099 Katz a015 Montesano a029 Scarborougha040 Barron a081 Dinowitz a074 Kavanagh a132 Morelle a016 Schimela082 Benedetto a114 Duprey a065 Kellner a039 Moya a140 Schimminger a073 Bing a004 Englebright a100 Kirwan a003 Murray a145 Schroedea122 Blankenbush a071 Farrell a129 Kolb a037 Nolan a064 Silver a055 Boyland a123 Finch a025 Lancman a128 Oaks a036 Simotasa008 Boyle a007 Fitzpatrick a091 Latimer a069 O'Donnell a146 Smardza026 Braunstein a137 Friend a013 Lavine a051 Ortiz a093 Spanoa044 Brennan a143 Gabryszak a050 Lentol a136 Palmesano a079 Stevensona131 Bronson a090 Galef a125 Lifton a088 Paulin a011 Sweeneya046 Brook-Krasny a133 Gantt a072 Linares a141 Peoples- a110 Tediscoa147 Burling a077 Gibson a127 Lopez, P. Stokes a115 Tenneya117 Butler a149 Giglio a053 Lopez, V. a058 Perry a002 Thielea101 Cahill a066 Glick a001 Losquadro a023 Pheffer a061 Titonea096 Calhoun a150 Goodell a126 Lupardo a087 Pretlow a031 Titusa043 Camara a075 Gottfried a111 Magee a021 Ra a062 Tobaccoa106 Canestrari a005 Graf a120 Magnarelli a097 Rabbitt a054 Townsa089 Castelli a098 Gunther a059 Maisel a009 Raia a041 Weinsteina086 Castro a130 Hanna a060 Malliotakis a006 Ramos a020 Weisenberga138 Ceretto a139 Hawley a030 Markey a134 Reilich a024 Weprina033 Clark a148 Hayes a027 Mayersohn a109 Reilly a070 Wrighta047 Colton a083 Heastie a019 McDonough a078 Rivera, J. a094 Zebrowskia010 Conte a028 Hevesi a104 McEneny a080 Rivera, N.a032 Cook a048 Hikind a017 McKevitt a076 Rivera, P.a142 Corwin a018 Hooper a108 McLaughlin a119 Robertsa085 Crespo a144 Hoyt a022 Meng a056 Robinson
1) Single House Bill (introduced and printed separately in either or  both houses). Uni-Bill (introduced simultaneously in both houses and printedas one bill. Senate and Assembly introducer sign the same copy of the bill).2) Circle names of co-sponsors and return to introduction clerk with 2signed copies of bill and 4 copies of memorandum in support (single house);or 4 signed copies of bill and 8 copies of memorandumin support (uni-bill).LBDC 02/28/11
Legislative Bill Drafting Commission10647-01-1S. --------Senate--------IN SENATE--Introduced by Sen--read twice and ordered printed,and when printed to be committedto the Committee on-------- A.Assembly--------IN ASSEMBLY--Introduced by M. of A.with M. of A. as co-sponsors--read once and referred to theCommittee on*LEGILA* *State Comptroller 3*(Enacts the comptroller's 2011mandate for fiscal reform act;repealer)--------Leg. fiscal reform act OSC #3AN ACTto amend the legislative law and thestate finance law, in relation tocontents of the state budget and thecapital financing and program plan;to amend the legislative law, inrelation to joint budget conferencecommittees; to amend the statefinance law, in relation to therainy day reserve fund; and to amendthe legislative law, in relation toreport on the budget (Part A); toamend the state finance law, inrelation to establishing the New
04/04/11 2 10647-01-1York state capitalasset/infrastructure council (PartB); to amend the state finance law,in relation to limitations on state-funded debt; to repeal article 5-Bof the state finance law relating tolimitations on state-supported debt;and providing for the repeal ofcertain provisions of such law uponexpiration thereof (Part C)The People of the State of New __________________________________ York, represented in Senate and ____________________________________ Assembly, do enact as follows: ______________________________ 
04/04/11 3 10647-01-11 Section 1. This act enacts into law major components of legislation2 which are necessary to implement the comptroller's 2011 mandate for3 fiscal reform act. Each component is wholly contained within a Part4 identified as Parts A through C. The effective date for each particular5 provision contained within such Part is set forth in the last section of6 such Part. Any provision in any section contained within a Part, includ-7 ing the effective date of the Part, which makes a reference to a section8 "of this act", when used in connection with that particular component,9 shall be deemed to mean and refer to the corresponding section of the10 Part in which it is found. Section three of this act sets forth the11 general effective date of this act.12 § 1-a. Short title. This act shall be known and may be cited as "the13 comptroller's 2011 mandate for fiscal reform act".14 PART A15 Section 1. Subdivision 3 of section 53 of the legislative law, as16 added by chapter 762 of the laws of 1992, is amended to read as follows:17 3. a date, subject to the provisions of section twenty-three of the _____________________________________________________________ 18 state finance law, for the production of a forecast or forecasts on ____________________ 19 receipts which shall constitute an evaluation developed by the fiscal20 committees of each house, jointly or separately, of the receipts likely21 to be available to the state absent passage of any new revenue measures.22 Such forecast or forecasts shall also contain an evaluation of the23 receipts likely to be available to the state upon passage of any revenue24 measure submitted and proposed by the governor pursuant to section three25 of article seven of the state constitution; and

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