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Retail Bicycle Shop Business Plan

Retail Bicycle Shop Business Plan

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Published by Sachin Kumar Bassi

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Published by: Sachin Kumar Bassi on Apr 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Retail Bicycle Shop Business Plan
Name of the Bicycle shop:
University Cycle Works is an established bicycle specialty store,offering retail sales of new bicycles, parts and accessories,clothing, and maintenance and repair service.
Location of the Bicycle shop:University bicycle shop will be located chaura bazaar, ludhianabecause chaura bazaqr is one of the highly crowded area so I think it will be really good and will be approachable to local people.3.Obejctives:
Continue to provide the high quality of sales and servicesthat University Cycle Works is known for.
Manage a seamless transfer of ownership.
Maintain a financially healthy business and validate thetrust and advocacy of other people in support of thisbusiness purchase.
Repay the start-up loan provided by family memberswithin the first year.
Achieve monthly and yearly sales equal to or better thanthe previous year under the former owner.
Aim to improve sales of bicycle specific garments andrainwear over the year.
Focus marketing on new student influx to maintaincurrent growth in sales and service revenue.
University bicycle shop will offer a variety of products to itscustomers. The products which will offer by this shop will be….
PartsLet the variable X1 is for quantity of bicycle, X2 for clothing andX3 for parts. we can get the profit of rupees 100 from per bicycleand rupees 50 from per meter clothing and rupees from per parts.We have to maximize the profitsSo MAX Z = 100 X1+50 X2+30 X3Due to competition we can able to sale maximum 50 cycle per dayand 500 meters of clothing in a day. And maximum 250 parts. Wehave to earn at least rupees 5000 per day.So from above we can reach to the followingMAX Z = 100 X1+50 X2+30 X3S.T. X1< 50X2> 500X3< 250100 X1+50 X2+30 X3>5000where X1, X2, X3> 0manpower requiredFor the perfectively of the bicycleor for doing work we requirefollowing kind of manpower.
Shop helper
Skilled workerLet the variable X1 for the number of salesman X2 for numbershop helper X3 for number of skilled persons.the sales man 3000per month and shop helper takes 1000 per month and skilledworker 4200 per month. So we have to minimize the manpowercost, so that we able to earn maximum profitFor the well working in the shop we have required maximum 2sales man atleast 4 shop helpers and maximum 2 skilled workerand we have to spend maximum rupees 18,400 on the manpowerMIN Z: 3000 X1+ 1000 X2 + 4200 X3S.T. X1< 2X2> 4X3< 23000 X1+ 1000 X2 + 4200 X3< 18,400where X1, X2, X3> 0Adervertisement:If we have to achive the target sales then we have to following typeof advertisement of 
News PaperLet the variable X1 for the Number of times of the internetadvertisement is given in a month and X2 for Magazine and X3 forthe News Paper advertisement.The rates of Intertnet advertisement is 50000 and in Magazinerupees 5000 and in news paper rupees 500.We have to minimize the advertisement cost for the well working of the shop or to achive the sales target we have to give mximum 5advertisement in Internet and atleast 3 advertisement in magazine

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