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Something New

Something New

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Published by Matthew

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Matthew on Apr 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Something New…
is an exploration of beautiful and new ideas by Matthew P. Holbert, from chaos to art.Fractals are made of infinite patterns created by a simple equation; the fractal tellsus much about form, for the simple feedback loop that creates the shapes govern naturalmanifestation everywhere. The atom needs feedback from an observer to give it character traits, and it is therefore the observer that is the forgotten co-creator of nature, lending itssuperficial drive to survive to simple life, and full blown consciousness to complex life. Itis very obvious that everything is fractal, and that this feedback from the observer isessential for everything as we know it to exist.Like how a branch grows twisted, or the lightning bolt fractures into many smaller  bolts, variety in nature is the display of a character trait of Spirit. Everything beingfractals, follow a pattern of complexity, and that intricacy and uniqueness depends onfeedback from the observer, life especially depends on the observer to survive; it isapparent that without Spirit there is no reality, and is Spirit not in and betweeneverything?
Like fluid, tapping into every being, there is one soul. You are the player of arepresentation of God, an avatar; you play a videogame, but who is the player of you?Your body is a conduit for the player, and you are the one player of all character traits.Like water can be gas, liquid, and ice, the nature of Gods Spirit is evident at all perspectives: person I, thing It, People we and process Its.And so, when I see someone in the world I understand that they are expressions of that same force, and express only different degrees of the same mind and the same body.If I go to war, it is me that I am fighting, not some other whom I must fear. Then, Ifurther lock my doors and shut my heart from the world for fear of my very self. Why doI wish to hurt, shackle, and enslave my self?The metaphor of the world being an organism is relatively common, and means just that as the person is the crystallization of ones soul, the world is the crystallization of the world’s spirit. Mankind has changed the world to reflect its soul, which is obviouslytwisted and complex.The extensions of self, like houses, scissors, cars, and so on are a part of thatentire environment, which has been locally shaped by the human process, by the earth’s process, and by the design of industrialization. But the extensions of mankind reflect thecharacteristics of the people that made them. They are a reflection of mankind’sintelligence, of the degree of mankind’s oneness with nature and spirit thus far.Imperfection is a great character trait of mankind, and it is the hard task of overcoming imperfection while perfection is understood as an ideal, that mankind must be bothered with, because without that trouble no great task of or global effort or improvement can be achieved. Stagnancy, like when a flower is plucked, means death,and the decay of a system. Therefore activity, alteration, and experimentation areimportant to progress of systems like government.When someone wants others to be punished for consuming or possessing a drugfor instance, they are angry because of propaganda, and they are vengeful because of alack of sympathy. Confused, ignorant, and afraid because of what they’ve been told byauthority, the people of the older generations have bought the lie. Somehow crime has become a personal choice of millions of Americans, because of the choice of a singlegeneration of Americans to mandate the illegality of a certain criterion of drugs.And legal drugs today are no less harmful, and no less susceptible to abuse thanthose declared legal. In fact, the money made by drug dealers is no less a part of thegovernment/monetary system than the legal drug dealers called pharmacies. Legal drugsare medicine, yet harm more people every year than pot. Legal drugs are medicine, yetthey are abused by many people, inflicting greater harm than most schedule one drugs. No longer is choice an option in the western world. The choice to be me is nolonger an acceptable, no longer a respectable, and no longer a desirable choice to make.The life that is desired is the conditioned one, one that was created by people that wantthe prosperity of the capitalist system, and the decline of spirituality in the People.But what is the prosperity of capitalism if not the complete destruction of the
environment to possess it, to control it, and to become more one with it by creating products out of it? What then is the answer to the problem? Perhaps applying a newoperating system of government to the way business is able to function.

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