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Independence Day Speech

Independence Day Speech



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Published by Aanosh Doctor
Aanosh Doctor is freelance writer and author. He has portrayed his views on various topics and influenced many lives with his words. Some of his view on our Independence have been expressed in this article.
Aanosh Doctor is freelance writer and author. He has portrayed his views on various topics and influenced many lives with his words. Some of his view on our Independence have been expressed in this article.

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Published by: Aanosh Doctor on Aug 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Cry for Independence…..What Independence are we celebrating???
--------A Message to My CountrymenGood morning India…….!On this 15
day of August, 2008, I wish to share a few of my thoughts with myfellow Indians. Today, we claim to have proudly completed 61 years of Independence and often, we state; “I am proud to be an Indian”. But, today, I ask,“How far have we gone to respect our freedom.
” Are we abusing our freedom?” “Is it enough to feel proud over what renowned Indians did earlier?” 
I thinkwhat’s more important is
how we repay 
, which is infact shameful enough. Lookaround you. Life’s a mess. There are so many people with hope in their eyes andfire in their belly, but no food and clothing, and are only left with a tear in their eyes. Still they try to smile through it and pray hard and even harder each day for help. But, who is to answer their prayers. Do we hear their cries? We are allignorant, aren’t we? Is this the way we salute our freedom? We, often, forget thatit is not us, personally who deserve this independence, but the nation as a whole.Then, why do we leave out the materialistically weak?We are all equal, whether we accept it or not. So, let us learn to stay that way, tolive together. It’s important to make everyone feel wanted. Looking down uponthe poor and downtrodden, or looking up to rich, is not what was meant to be,because believe it or not, we were born with nothing and will die with nothing.There’s no secret element to being special. All you need to do is believe yourself and others around you to be special. Make everyone feel special, coz that’s atrue Indian.Be an Indian, not today, not tomorrow, but for every day of the year. Learn tobelieve and treat yourself as an Indian. Remember, a show of love or tribute tothe nation is much different from real love and respect for our country andnationality. Even if we do not hoist the flag or chant the national anthem today,but, for each day of the year, we say a good word to someone, lend a helpinghand, or even think a good thought - - - that’s what’s more important. Even asimple “Thank you” to a rickshaw driver or a waiter means a lot. It makes him feelcontent and needed. To spread goodness, it is essential to be its source i.e. begood yourself.
Now we often hear each other saying, “Why should I do this?”, “Why should Ihelp”, “Don’t be so considerate, others won’t think about you.” How far are wecorrect when we say such things? Do we give the benefit of doubt to others? Weneed to individually and collectively work towards a better future for all
(and not afew)
. This is possible only through our good deeds.When we think of ourselves as one nation, it comes without say that, only piousactions will result in a positive and uplifting future. Impious and reprehensibleactions will only bring about negative, unwanted and troublesome reactions toendure in the future. The nation itself fosters its future according to the good or bad activities of its citizens. So whatever reactions this country will endure in itsfuture, whether it be harvests of plenty, a good economy, or starvation fromfamine and drought, victory over our enemies or destruction from war, dependson
the way we live today 
.When we see, therefore, that people in certain areas of our country are sufferingfrom drought, that farmers cannot grow their crops, that fires are consuming vastforests and destroying homes, that storms are causing destruction anddevastation to cities and towns, or incurable diseases are affecting more andmore people all the time, we should not miss the message. It is easy to askourselves, "Why has God done this to me?" or "Why has He allowed this tohappen?" and then try to put the blame on someone else. But why should suchreversals in life not happen to us? What have we done to avoid it? Usuallynothing.When we stop to consider that as many as a hundred million animals and abillion birds are slaughtered every year, and hundreds of thousands more aretortured and killed for useless purposes, does anyone wonder why there shouldnot be a heavy reaction to the cries of pain from so many innocent living beingsas they are butchered in order to satisfy mankind's thoughtless cravings?Everyone wants to be happy and live in peace, but
can there be peacewhen so many other entities suffer or are killed each day so that their corpsescan be sold in supermarkets?This is coupled by the widespread torture of people by people. There is tortureand fighting of people for being of a different religion. “Why do we always let our past affect our present?” Further, family crisis, such as discontent, arguments,separation, and divorce, community wars, such as gang wars, crime, robberies,murders, and rape, and industrial and economic wars as well. These affectmillions of people every day, and
it is nothing more than a reflection of our ownconsciousness.

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