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Illinois Professional Teaching Standard #2

Illinois Professional Teaching Standard #2

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Published by Kelly Ann

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Published by: Kelly Ann on Apr 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Standard 2- Human Development and LearningThe teacher understands how individuals grow, develop and learn and provides learningopportunities that support the intellectual, social, and personal development of all students.
Fully state the standard in bold text. Then write a paragraph explaining your knowledge and understanding of that standard—put the standard into your own words.
I think this standard wants me to recognize that students learn in a variety of differentways and that teachers need to design lessons to accommodate students’ differing learningabilities and interest levels of students. It is important for teachers to teach concepts usingvarying approaches and complexities to meet the needs of all students through lessons andactivities that are meaningful to them. If teachers understand how individual students makemeaning of concepts and are able to provide meaningful instruction to the meet their individualneeds, then by “supporting the intellectual, social, and personal development of all students”students are more likely to be more successful academically.2.
 Explain how the artifact you chose demonstrates your understanding and application of thestandard.
The artifact that I chose is a Glogster -an interactive poster- lesson on scientificmodeling. It shows how I can create and plan instructional methods to meet different needs of learners; visual learners, while addressing the necessary components of the concept being taught.It demonstrates my ability to identify different needs of learners and design accommodations thatsupport and promote their learning. It shows that I recognize students’ individual needs and
understand that some students learn better in more creative, engaging way, therefore I will utilizeresources to meet the needs of these students. It shows that I am prepared and willing to find,use, and create other methods of instruction to help all students succeed.3
 B. If the artifact has not been used in your practice, i.e., a class assignment, reflect upon how your teaching will be impacted by the assignment.
Although I have not actually used this Glogster for teach or reinforce the use of scientificmodeling in a classroom, I believe it is something I will eventually use in my classroom, with mystudents. After making the glog and recognizing the visual appeal of the final product, I am ableto recognize how students with differing learning styles can use the contents and appeal of theglog to increase their understanding of the subject. Using the glog I will be able to designinstruction to meet “learners’ current needs in cognitive, social, emotional, ethical, and physicaldomains at the appropriate level of development.”4.
Conclude with a paragraph discussing how you are more prepared to Teach and Learn in a Diverse Society as a result of satisfactorily meeting the standard.
Designing an interactive poster, like the Glogster, will better prepare me to teach andlearn in a diverse society as it requires me to acknowledge students’ different learning styles inorder to be able to recognize that some students process information in ways presented in theglog. After making the glog with information about lightning that is imperative to students’learning about lightning and finding the colors and graphics to be visually appealing I believe itwill enhance students of many different learning styles, such as visual learners, interactive

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