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2009-4 Guided by the Creator's Hand

2009-4 Guided by the Creator's Hand

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Published by Leslie Cooper

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Published by: Leslie Cooper on Apr 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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® Vol. XXVIII, No. 4
Is Your Lamp Burning?
 Amazing Ants!
Lost in the Mountains!
My Picture Gallery
Heavenly Clothing ora Harlot’s Raiment?
s Christ sat looking uponthe party that waited orthe bridegroom, He toldHis disciples the story o the ten virgins,
by theirexperience illustrating the experi-ence o the church that shall live just beore His second coming.
 Tis parable (Matthew 25:1–13)invites us to search our heart andexamine our Christian experienceto see whether our lamp is burningbrightly, and whether we still havea reserve o oil or the days or yearsto come.Matthew chapters 24 and 25ocus on last-day events, includingthe destruction o Jerusalem, thesigns o Christ’s coming, and theJudgment. Te prophecies point-ing to these events are some o themost important truths shared by the Son o man during His earthly ministry.Te parable o the ten virgins de-scribes the duty o all to watch andprepare or the great day o God.
Marriage customs of theJews
On an appointed day, the bride-groom and his riends would goto the bride’s house and escort herand her attendants either to his ownhouse or to that o his parents. Inthe parable, this particular bride-groom lives ar away, so the exacthour o his arrival is uncertain. Hewill arrive sometime in the night.Te young maidens who are to meethim have assembled near the bride’shouse waiting or him, so thattogether they may go to the wed-ding place. When they see that heis coming, they go out to meet him,each bearing her lamp.
The number “ten”
Te Bible uses the number “ten”in signicant ways: ten command-ments, tithe, ten horns, ten toes,ten nations. According to Jewishauthorities, ten lamps were used, asa rule, in bridal processions.
Scripture emphasizes the needor purity in our Christian aith (2Corinthians 11:2).“Tese are they which were notdeled with women; or they are virgins. Tese are they which ollowthe Lamb whithersoever he goeth.Tese were redeemed rom amongmen, being the rstruits unto Godand to the Lamb” (Revelation 14:4).
A Bb ad Spr f Prp mpa, w mms bDAniel lee
Emphasis supplied throughou
Youth Messenger
, Volume XXVIII, Number 4
In the parable, “the two classes o watchers represent the two classeswho proess to be waiting or theirLord [Advent believers].
Tey arecalled virgins because they proess apure aith
Christ’s Object Lessons
, p. 406)
.And they all had a lamp whichrepresents the Word o God and theknowledge o it.
They went forth
As the virgins le their ownhomes to unite in celebrating thewedding, we Adventists separatedourselves rom the world in ex-pectation o the second Advent o Christ.
To meet the bridegroom
Te going orth o the virgins tomeet the bridegroom symbolizesthe second advent o Jesus Christ.In Matthew 25:2, we read that“ve o them were wise, and ve wereoolish.”Outwardly, they all seemed thesame. Tey were given the samelamps to perorm the same task, yetve were oolish. “Foolish” is heretranslated rom the Greek word
, meaning godless, impious,not showing respect or reverence,especially or God. Tey did nothave the ear o God in their heart.Yet, “the class represented by theoolish virgins are not hypocrites.Tey have a regard or the truth,they have advocated the truth, they are attracted to those who believethe truth; but they have not yieldedthemselves to the Holy Spirit’sworking.”
(Ibid., p. 411).
“Without the Spirit o God aknowledge o His word is o no avail.Te theory o truth, unaccompaniedby the Holy Spirit, cannot quickenthe soul or sanctiy the heart. Onemay be amiliar with the com-mands and promises o the Bible;but unless the Spirit o God setsthe truth home, the character willnot be transormed. Without theenlightenment o the Spirit, menwill not be able to distinguish truthrom error, and they will all underthe masterul temptations o Satan.”
—Ibid., p. 408.
Shocking statistics
“It is a solemn statement that Imake to the church, that
not one intwenty whose names are registeredupon the church books are pre-pared to close their earthly history 
,and would be as verily without Godand without hope in the world as thecommon sinner.”
Te General Confer-ence Daily Bulletin
(1893), pp. 132, 133.
Not one in twenty 
o thosewho have a
good standing withSeventh-day Adventists
is livingout the sel-sacricing principles o the word o God.”—
, vol. 1,p. 632.
“Te time is not ar o when thepeople o God will be called upon togive their testimony beore the rul-ers o the earth.
Not one in twenty has a realization o what rapidstrides we are making toward thegreat crisis in our history 
. . . . Tereis no time or vanity, or triing, orengaging the mind in unimportantmatters.”
, p. 253.
“We need also much moreknowledge; we need to be en-lightened in regard to the plan o salvation.
Tere is not one in onehundred who understands orhimsel the Bible truth on thissubject [justifcation by aith] thatis so necessary to our present andeternal welare
Te Review and Herald 
, September 3, 1889.
How about our youth? We grewup in the church and say we havekept all the “commandments.” Inwhat are we still lacking?What does Inspiration say aboutthe Adventist youth today?“Te young want just what they have not; namely,
. Nothingcan take the place o this. Proes-sion alone is nothing. Names areregistered upon the church booksupon earth, but not in the book o lie. I saw that
there is not one intwenty o the youth who knowswhat experimental religion is
.Tey serve themselves and yetproess to be servants o Christ;but unless the spell which is uponthem be broken, they will soon re-alize that the portion o the trans-gressor is theirs.
 Messages to Young People
, pp. 383, 384.
Young Sabbathkeepers
are giv-en to pleasure seeking. . . .
Tere isnot one in twenty who knows whatexperimental religion is
. Tey areconstantly grasping aer somethingto satisy their desire or change,or amusement; and unless they areundeceived and their sensibilitiesaroused so that they can say romthe heart, ‘I count all things but lossor the excellency o the knowledgeo Christ Jesus my Lord,’ they arenot worthy o Him and will comeshort o everlasting lie.”
, vol. 1, p. 496.
Not one in twenty? Tat is lessthan 5%! Why is this? Te moreactual statistics are even morestartling:
Not one in a hundred among us is doing anything beyondengaging in common, worldly enterprises
. We are not hal awaketo the worth o the souls or whomChrist died.
—Ibid., vol. 8, p. 148.
“There is not one in twenty of the youth who knows what experimental  religion is. They serve themselves and yet profess to be servants of Christ.” 
Youth Messenger
, Volume XXVIII, Number 4

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