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Conquest of Makkah

Conquest of Makkah

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Published by Imammiyah Hall

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Published by: Imammiyah Hall on Apr 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Conquest Of Makkah
By virtue of the treaty of Hudaibia, Bani Khuzza who had declared their association withthe Muslims were now considered a part of Muslims now nobody had any right tochallenge them; but the Quraish in order to punish them for their friendship with theMuslims violated the treaty and asked Bani Nakr to kill them and pillage their territory.Even Suhail himself, who had signed the treaty of Hudaibia on behalf of the Quraishcame to fight in disguise. Bani Khuzza begged to spare their lives but they did not listenand slew all of them. Even those who had taken refuge in Kaaba were massacred. Whenthe refuges of Kaaba pleaded for mercy in the name of Allah, the Quraish replied there isno Allah today.When the Prophet (S.A.W) heard the news of the gruesome killing from the fortyrefugees (including women and children) who had somehow reached Madina he orderedan army of ten thousand people to get ready to attack Mecca, though it was the month of Ramzan and the Muslims were fasting.Abu Sufian who was then the governor of Mecca rushed to Madina to apologise for thekillings and ask for forgiveness of the Prophet (S.A.W). But the Prophet (S.A.W) did not believe his words and ordered his men to march towards Mecca. Saad Ibne Ebada wasgiven the command of the advance force when the Prophet (S.A.W) learned from hisuncle Abbas that Saad and his men were contemplating to loot Mecca in retaliation of themassacre of Bani Khuzza, he removed him from the command and gave it to Ali (A.S.).Ali (A.S.) took his men to Marruzaharan near Mecca and camped there for the finalattack. Abu Sufian seeing his end near him immediately embraced Islam, but the Prophet(S.A.W) did not believe his words again and ordered the Muslims to surround Mecca,and enter from four different points. Ali (A.S.) who was also commanding a large cavalryalong with being the flag-bearer of the Muslims army was ordered to hoist the flag onMount Hajun and wait for the Prophet (S.A.W). The other officers were also asked not toattack the Meccans first.Ali (A.S.) as ordered reached Mount Hajun without harming anybody and hoisted theflag of Islam on it. Other generals too led their army peacefully and gathered near Ali(A.S.). When the Prophet (S.A.W) arrived, he removed his armour, but the dress of a pilgrim and wore a black turban and proceeded towards Kaaba with Ali (A.S.) to offer  prayers.There were three hundred and sixty idols inside the Kaaba representing the different pagan Arab gods. Pictures of Prophet (S.A.W) Ibrahim and his son Ismail and of angelsin females form were posted on the walls of Kaaba. The Prophet (S.A.W) after obliterating these pictures broke all idols. The idol of Hubal the so-called god of Meccacould not be broken by the Prophet (S.A.W) or Ali (A.S.) as it was fixed at a high place.The Prophet (S.A.W) made Ali (A.S.) stand on his shoulders to break it. Not one person

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