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Cingular Commercial Spoof

Cingular Commercial Spoof

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Published by Timothy Noonan
Spoof of the Cingular "fewer dropped calls" campaign from a few years back.
Spoof of the Cingular "fewer dropped calls" campaign from a few years back.

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Published by: Timothy Noonan on Apr 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Dropped Call Spoof"Written by Tim Noonan5200 Martel Ave.Apt. 3M Dallas, TX 75206tnoonan10@netscape.net(617) 605 - 5028http://www.LBCimprov.com 
FADE IN:INT. APARTMENT -- NIGHTA YOUNG MAN sits on his couch with his head in his hands.On the coffee table in front of him is a half empty bottleof Jack Daniel's, a piece of paper with messy handwriting,and a CELL PHONE.When he looks up we can see that he has been crying.He reaches for the phone and dials.INT. OFFICE BUILDING -- CONTINUOUSSitting in her cubicle, wearing a headset, an OPERATOR forSuicide Prevention answers the phone.OPERATOR Suicide Prevention, this is Jill.Who am I speaking to?INT. APARTMENT -- CONTINUOUSThe young man finishes a pull from the bottle of Jack and slams it on the table with a grimmace.YOUNG MAN This is...Reading the label.YOUNG MAN (CONT'D)...Jack. And I'm gonna kill myself.He reaches out of frame and pulls in a rope tied in a noose.INT. OFFICE BUILDING -- CONTINUOUSJill nods, this is a textbook call.JILLOkay, Jack, why don't you tell mewhat's wrong.She reaches out of frame, brings in and sips from a cup ofcoffee.INT. APARTMENT -- CONTINUOUSThe noose is now around Jack's neck.JACK I've got no reason to live. Can youtell me one reason I shouldn't killmyself?
2.He checks the integrity of the rope.INT. OFFICE BUILDING -- CONTINUOUSJill smiles and starts to assure him he has reasons to live -unfortunately, the call has been dropped and all is SILENT.INSERTThe At&T logo over an orange background with "A Dropped CallCan Ruin A Conversation."INT. APARTMENT -- CONTINUOUSJack tilts his head, listening intently. The silence isdeafening.JACK I just need one reason. One reasonand I won't do it.He looks hopeful.INT. OFFICE BUILDING -- CONTINUOUSJill continues to list off reasons he shouldn't do it, allin SILENCE.INT. APARTMENT -- CONTINUOUSJack is a little taken aback. He shrugs.JACK Just one little reason and I won'tkill myself.INT. OFFICE BUILDING -- CONTINUOUSMore of Jill talking in silence.INT. APARTMENT -- CONTINUOUSJack nods to himself.JACK Okay then.He starts to stand up.INSERTThe Cingular logo over the orange background with "FewestDropped Calls."RETURN Jack's feet dangle in front of the couch.

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