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by proxy

by proxy

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Published by Steven Shilshtut

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Published by: Steven Shilshtut on Apr 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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by proxy(2).txtFADE IN:INT. APARTMENT - DAYWe see a toothbrush briskly moving along teeth, causing morean more minty foam to expand out of SAM's mouth. As we panback, we see that Sam is brushing his teeth, but barelypaying attention, as he's checking facebook on his phone. Heattempts to spit in the sink but ends up drooling all overhis tie.SAM(sarcastically)Awesome.Sam walks out of the bathroom and into his bedroom. He grabsa tie and heads out into the living room.CUT TO:SAM stands in front of his laptop, checking his Facebook pagewhile awkwardly tying his tie. KEVIN, his roommate, ismilling around in the kitchen. Sam's phone vibrates, hereaches into his pocket, looks at the phone and chuckles. Heputs the phone on the desk, and continues tying the tie.SAM (CONT'D)Hey, Kev, you gonna be hometonight? The Bulls are playing.KEVINNah, I've gotta date.SAMFuck, again? Don't bring any ofyour pets here, I'm tired ofcleaning up hairballs.KEVINWeren't you supposed to be at lunchabout ten minutes ago?SAMYeah, yeah. I got distracted.Sam closes his laptop and leaves the apartment in haste. Hedoesn't notice that he left his cell phone on the desk.CUT TO:MOMENTS LATERSam is running down the stairs, struggling with his messengerbag slung over his shoulder. He hops the last few steps andsteps outside his building to the street.CUT TO:Page 1
by proxy(2).txtEXT. RESTAURANT - DAY - ESTABLISHINGSam speed-walks into a restaurant.CUT TO:INT. RESTAURANT - DAYSam walks into a bustling restaurant, and approaches thehostess' desk where she is hurrying to get off the phone.HOSTESSI don't care how many cars wereinvolved, you get here in fiveminutes or you probably won't havea job anymore.She hangs up the phone.HOSTESS (CONT'D)(to Sam)Welcome to the Valadon Restaurant,how many in your party?SAMI think my party is already here,my girlfriend and her parents.Sam sees his girlfriend, Julie, waving to him. He smiles andwalks toward her. She wrings her hands awkwardly.SAM (CONT'D)Thanks.JULIEHi Sam.SAMHey Jules. Where are your folks?JULIEThey're at the museum.SAMI thought we were having lunch withthem.JULIEI know, but it's their first timein Chicago, they wanted to checkout the Science and Industry.SAMOh, cool. Did you order yet?JULIEYeah, got you Corned Beef andMatzah Ball soup.Page 2
by proxy(2).txtSAMNice work.JULIESpeaking of work, how are thingswith Kerry?SAMShe's a treat. Nothing helps mework like a she-beast standing overmy shoulder like my mom. I can'twork that way.JULIEA she-beast?SAMNevermind. Aren't they supposed tohave bread here?JULIEWhat's a funt?SAMDon't worry about it. How arethings at your job?JULIEGreat, actually. I just gotoffered a promotion.SAMAwesome - how long ago did youorder?JULIEThat's why I wanted to talk to you,actually.Sam is looking everywhere but at Julie, while Julie won'ttake her eyes off Sam. Julie snaps her fingers in front ofSam's face, angrily.SAMI know about the slow service here,no worries.JULIENo, Sam. About my promotion.SAMWhat about it?JULIEIt's in New York.Sam looks at Julie, seriously now.SAMCool, I love their Pizza.JULIE(taken aback)Page 3

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