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Obama Biden Watch - Volume 3 Issue 4 - April 2011

Obama Biden Watch - Volume 3 Issue 4 - April 2011

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Published by CitizensUnited
In This Issue:

* Obama Speech Takeaway: "Government is the Answer"
* "Fair Elections" Brought to You by Barbra Streisand and Alec Baldwin
* America's Secret Entitlement Program
* Obama's Energy Plan?
* Citizens United Productions - The Tea Party Trilogy
* Final Thoughts from Citizens United President David N. Bossie
In This Issue:

* Obama Speech Takeaway: "Government is the Answer"
* "Fair Elections" Brought to You by Barbra Streisand and Alec Baldwin
* America's Secret Entitlement Program
* Obama's Energy Plan?
* Citizens United Productions - The Tea Party Trilogy
* Final Thoughts from Citizens United President David N. Bossie

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Published by: CitizensUnited on Apr 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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President Obama, there you go again.Barack Obama giving a speech about the impor-tance of fiscal restraint is like Bill Clinton talkingabout the importance of telling the truth. It just
doesn’t pass the smell test.
The national debt has increased by $3.6 tril-
lion on President Obama’s watch, exploding from
$10.6 trillion to $14.2 trillion during the first 27months of his presidency. Our federal budget defi-
cit is at a record high, largely because of Obama’strillion dollar “stimulus” plan and trillion dollar 
healthcare takeover. So when the President, a biggovernment liberal from Chicago, stands up and
says he’s now a budget hawk and proposes to cut
$4 trillion dollars over 12 years, why should anyone
 believe that he’s actually going to follow through
on this new plan?
President Obama’s core political strategy re-
volves around spending a lot of taxpayer funds on alot of government programs. That is his ideology
that government is the answer to society’s prob-
lems. But what does President Obama, running for reelection, do when the public rebels against his biggovernment ideology and tells him we need tomake unprecedented cuts and reforms to govern-ment, for the sake of our children and grandchil-dren? He pulls a 180. He makes another speechthat contradicts his record in the hope that a $1 bil-lion campaign war chest can convince the American
 people that this time he’s being sincere.
 This unprincipled change of direction is not
only disingenuous, but it’s also indicative of a poli-
tician willing to say and do anything to get re-
elected. Let’s look at his record. In 2008, candi-
date Obama campaigned on deficit reduction. As
President, he has done nothing. At this year’s State
of the Union address, he could have made entitle-ment reform and spending cuts a priority. He did
not. When the President’s own bi
-partisan debtcommission came back with serious recommenda-tions to curb the debt he could have embraced them.He chose not to. When he released his budget for fiscal year 2012 in February, the President couldhave changed direction from the failing status quoto chart a new direction to put us on the path to fis-
cal solvency. He couldn’t find the political courage
to do so.
But Congressman Paul Ryan’s bold budget
 blueprint changed the political calculus for Obamaand his brain trust. The truth is that PresidentObama finally focused on our fiscal crisis and budget cuts in a speech only because his politicaladvisers and pollsters told him he was being left be-hind on one of the most critical issues of our time.Unfortunately, despite being $14 trillion in debt, the
President’s speech was not at all urgent in tone. It
was defensively partisan, which has become a curi-ous trademark for someone who campaigned on
creating a “post
 partisan” atmosphere inside the
 beltway. Courageous cuts and drastic reforms werenowhere to be found. In fact, the main thrust of thespeech seemed to be
April 2011
Volume 3 Issue 4
...your eyes and earsfor the next two years
Citizens United ~ 1006 Pennsylvania Ave SE ~ Washington D.C. 20003
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Obama Speech Takeaway: “Government is the Answer”
Citizens United ~ 1006 Pennsylvania Ave SE ~ Washington D.C. 20003
centered on what programs Mr. Obama pledged to “protect” along
with the normal Democrat tax increases, defense cuts, and class war-fare.This is a dangerous time for America. We have an unabashed
liberal at the helm who doesn’t have the guts to tell the people that
America needs to change its ways and junk the failed status quo. It ap-
 pears that from here on in, it’s going to be all about the President and
his prospects for a second term
which means not rocking the boatand only telling the people what they want to hear. This is exactly theopposite mindset the country needs right now from its Commander-in-Chief.It must be a scary time to be a big spending liberal like Obama.The American people have caught on to the fact that the big govern-
ment utopia they’ve been promised has only made the situation worse.
 Now they are fully engaged on the debt and deficit issue and are de-manding action. President Obama may try to put one past them withdazzling speeches making big promises like he did in 2008 but this
time Americans know Obama’s record and will see right through that.
Hardworking taxpayers are tired of the out-of-control spending, busi-ness-as-usual operations, and a sluggish economy; their patience for freewheeling big government liberalism is at last coming to an end.
 Now that’s hope and change we can believe in.
In this Issue
More Words From thePresidentPg. 1
“Fair Elections” Brought to
You by Barbra Streisandand Alec BaldwinPg. 3
America’s Secret
Entitlement ProgramPg. 5
Obama’s Energy Plan?
 Pg. 6Citizens UnitedProductions PresentsPg. 7Final ThoughtsPg. 8
Published ByCitizens UnitedEditorDavid N. BossieManaging EditorJ.T. MastranadiContributorsChris BergJeff MarschnerAlexa MoutevelisPublication DesignKirk RisingerJulie Drinkard
2011 byCitizens United
Page 2
Congressman Paul Ryan (R-
WI) drafted up his own budget plan to reduce America’sdebt titled: “A Roadmap for America’s Future,” which helped force President Obama
to finally comment on the debt problem
something Obama had promised to do in2008 when he ran for office.
Citizens United ~ 1006 Pennsylvania Ave SE ~ Washington D.C. 20003Page 3
“Fair Elections” Brought to You by
Barbra Streisand and Alec Baldwin
Liberal Democrats, including President Barack Obama and Senators Dick Durbin and CharlesSchumer, have long railed against the corruptive influ-ence of money in politics. This is a bit ironic consider-ing what prolific fundraisers they have been. PresidentObama raised $750 million for his 2008 campaign andis expected to raise $1 billion for his re-election (hiswealthy and well connected bundlers have been askedto raise at least $350,000 each). Senator Schumer ended 2010 with over $10 million dollars in his cam-
 paign war chest; Senator Durbin “only” $2.25 million.
Despite benefitting from these exorbitant fund-raising sums, liberal politicians continue to insist thatmoney corrupts the political process. In order to pre-vent this kind of corruption, these politicians have re-
 peatedly introduced legislation to “level the playingfield” by allowing the government to determine whose
speech should be protected.
Last year’s failed DISCLOSE Act is perhaps the
 boldest attempt in recent history to restrict our FirstAmendment rights. This bizarre piece of legislation,cobbled together by Senator Schumer with the aid of special interest lobbyists, thankfully failed to becomelaw, despite the overwhelming support of PresidentObama and the rest of the liberal establishment.
This year, Senator Durbin seeks to own the cam-
 paign finance “reform” mantle. In his effort to addressthe horrors of “big donor, special interest funded elec-tions” he has re
-introduced the Fair Elections Now Act,a bill he has been pushing since 2007. It failed to ad-vance last year despite the support of such campaignfinance luminaries asBarbra Streisand.
This year, Senator Durbin has again trotted outhis proposal, bearing the same misleading name, butsought to up his Hollywood star power by enlisting thesupport of Alec Baldwin. Perhaps he hopes for moresuccess with the aid of a better pitchman, or perhaps
Mr. Baldwin’s razzle
-dazzle was enlisted to divert the
 public’s attention from the nation’s high unemployment
rate to the liberal pet project of campaign finance
 The 2011 version of the Fair Elections Now Act
is billed as a “comprehensive response” to
CitizensUnited v. Federal Election Commission
. CitizensUnited restored the First Amendment protection of po-litical speech. The Supreme Court ruled that no matter who the speakers are, whether a group of individuals, asmall business, corporation, labor union, or non-profitorganization, they may engage in political speech.Much to the chagrin of incumbent politicians, manyAmericans took advantage of this restored right and joined together to participate in the political processduring the 2010 election cycle. Perhaps the zeal withwhich the American public embraced and exercisedtheir rights is what has prompted the need for a
“comprehensive response” from incumbent politicians.
This time around, Senator Durbin’s“comprehensive response” would create a complex for-
mula to determine what threshold amount a Senate can-
didate must raise to qualify for “Fair Elections” fund-
ing. The formula would require a Senate candidate to
raise 10% of primary “Fair Elections” funding (40% of 
$1.25 million plus $250,000 for each congressional dis-trict) from a threshold amount of people (2,000 people plus 500 additional peo-
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Senator Durbin (D-IL) enlists the help from celebrities likeAlec Baldwin and Barbra Streisand to help gain supportfrom the public and push his Fair Elections Now Act billeven further.

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