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Baltimore Afro-American Newspaper, April 23, 2011

Baltimore Afro-American Newspaper, April 23, 2011

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Published by: The AFRO-American Newspapers on Apr 21, 2011
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April 23, 2011 - April 23, 2011, The Afro-American
By Linda Dorsey Walker
Special to the AFRO
Maryland established localredistricting commissions nearly 10years ago, after citizens complainedthey were not given sufcientopportunity for input into theprocess. The ve-member BaltimoreCounty Redistricting Commission,which includes one African American,met for the rst time in late March. Itwill hold three public meetingsto discuss the redrawing of county council district lines inBaltimore County; the rst twohave already taken place.The RedistrictingCommission’s third publicmeeting will take place 7 p.m.April 28 in the auditorium atPatapsco High School, 8100Wise Ave., Dundalk, Md.Persons wishing to speak or askquestions should plan to arrivebetween 6 - 6:45 p.m. for sign-up.Groups and individuals arewelcome to make suggestions oroffer proposals. County residents arefree to attend and participate in anypublic forum, regardless of their homedistrict.The Redistricting Commission,which is advisory in nature, mustprepare a formal recommendationfor the Baltimore County Council byJuly 1. The Council will then assessthe 2010 population data, deliberateon the Redistricting Committee’sproposed plan, and prepare its ownwritten plan by Sept. 1. TheBaltimore County Council will holdonly one public hearing, expected tooccur sometime in August 2011.Unlike the census of 2000, whichrevealed a signicant increase in theBaltimore County population, the2010 census showed a more modestincrease of about 50,740 people. Thelaw mandates that county councildistricts be substantially equivalent insize. This means the current Countypopulation of just over 805,000, whichhad been apportioned into sevendistricts of nearly 108,000 in 2001,must be apportioned into districts of approximately 115, 000 in 2011. So ashift in some precinct lines is likely.The greatest portion of theCounty’s population growth occurredin the northwest communities of Randallstown and Owings Mills. Thepopulation of Owings Mills, for therst time, is more than half AfricanAmerican at 61 percent, and that
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APRIL 23, 2011 - APRIL 29, 2011$1.00
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Trump’s Baseless Challengeto Obama’s Citizenship
 A2 A7
Hip Hop CaucusSupports Earth Day
BSU’s Goings to HeadNational Organization
By Shernay Williams
 AFRO Staf Writer 
Two inuential Black churches – oneyoung and the other seasoned – will unveiladditional worship branches on EasterSunday, continuing a trend for Blackchurches to expand.The 225-year-old Bethel A.M.E Churchwill premiere a companion location inOwings Mills Sunday at 11:30 a.m., andthe fresh-faced, 11-year-old EmpowermentTemple will debut a second site on BraddishAvenue at 1:30 p.m.Bethel A.M.E. hasowned 250 acres of landin Baltimore Countysince 1999, but itsgrand opening has beenthrottled after 10 yearsof litigation with nearbyresidents, who contestedthe congregation movingto their neighborhood,said the Rev. Dr. Frank Reid, senior pastor atBethel A.M.E.Legal battles aside, Rev. Reid said thechurch is ready to extend its outreach to thecounty corridor. They’ll hold services in suite219 of an ofce complex at 10989 Red RunBlvd.Fifty-ve percent of Bethel’s 12,000members already live in Baltimore County,he noted.“Baltimore is as much a region as itis a city. A lot of African Americans haveleft Baltimore City but they have not leftMaryland; they went to the county. And wesee ourselves as a regional church,” he said.After over a century of worshipping rstin meeting house, then at an old GermanLutheran Church on what is now SaratogaStreet, Bethel A.M.E. purchased the site at1300 Druid Hill Avenue in 1910 for $19,000.News outlets called the property purchaseone of the “largest real estate transactions bycoloreds.”Rev. Reid said he is contemplating a moveto East Baltimore or an Eastern County nextyear to ensure Bethel is “accessible from allareas.”“If we are going to be a strong inuencein Maryland, churchesmust expand,” he said.He afrms that thesame leadership willpreside in both branches.“We are now one churchin two locations. That isthe key. ... We’ll neverleave the city.”Beginning Sunday,service will begin at 9:30a.m. at the Druid Hill location and at 11:30a.m. at the new place of worship on RedRun Boulevard. Within a few months, Rev.Reid expects to stream services live from theOwings Mills site. Druid Hill services arealready available online through “Bethel TV.”While it is important for Rev. Reid topropel his congregation to Baltimore Countyresidents, the Rev. Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryantof Empowerment Temple said he has “madea commitment ... to remain and grow aroundthe city.”It is as crucial as ever for churches to bevisual and vocal in crime-ridden, unemployed
“I we are going to bea strong infuence in Maryland, churchesmust expand.” 
-Rev. Dr. Frank Reid
Two Prominent Black Churchesto Premiere New Locations
By AFRO Sta 
Longtime Maryland andBaltimore politician andcharacter William DonaldSchaefer died April 18 at hishome outside Baltimore. Hewas 89.Schaefer served on theBaltimore City Council for16 years before being electedto his rst of four terms asmayor of Baltimore in 1971.In his rst inaugural address,according to a story in theDec. 7, 1971 edition of the
, he told the crowd, “Ihave worked 16 long, hardyears to be able to stand heretoday—I can lead this city.And lead it, I shall.”He led Baltimore throughfour terms, as the
 endorsement of Schaefer inthe Sept. 8, 1979
 Baltimore Afro-American
noted: “He hasshown qualities approachinggenius at marshaling oftendiverse and warring elementsof this city into a collectivemachinery that is causingthe very face and soul of Baltimore to be radicallytransformed. ... Baltimoreans
Maryland Political Icon WilliamDonald Schaefer Dies at 89
Former Governor, State Comptroller, Baltimore Mayor and Baltimore City Council President 
William Donald Schaefer, a Marylandpolitical icon, died April 18 in hishome. He served as BaltimoreCity Council president, mayor of Baltimore, and comptroller andgovernor of Maryland.
“By 2021, i trends continue relative to the growth o minorities, the possibility o a second predominantly minority Baltimore County Council district may exist.” 
- Dunbar Brooks
County Residents’ InputSought on Redistricting
 AFRO Archives Photo
By Shernay Williams
 AFRO Staf Writer 
In the wake of an investigation thatuncovered a lack of diversity in theBaltimore City Fire Department, theunit’s chief announced it will reviveits partnership with the NAACP – andthis time make it “continuous.”“What my goal is, is to makesure this job is available to as manyBaltimoreans as possible,” Fire Chief Jim Clack said at a recent pressbrieng.He wants 60 percent moreminorities to join the unit. The serviceis currently 87 percent male with 34percent racial minorities. Of thoseminorities, 94 percent are Black and120 are Black women. A little over 1percent are Latino. In the newest class – which graduates next month – all 45cadets are White men except ve whoare Black and three who are women.The re department is teaming upwith the NAACP, and other minorityleaders, for a second time to adjustrecruitment techniques and energizeminorities to sign up. Fire ofcialsrst called on the organization in2004 after the unit came under re forgraduating an all White class.Clack said that partnership wassimply to ensure the subsequentclass was more diverse, but was notincorporated into the department’sroutine recruitment efforts. The newlyannounced partnership will be morelong-term, he said.“This will not be just one time.Every time we recruit, we want toinvolve the NAACP,” he told the
.NAACP President Tessa Hill-Astonsaid she will lead a taskforce – whichwill include members from the UrbanLeague, the Black re reghter unionand the re department – to implement
Fire Department Vows toRecruit More Minorities
Continued on A5Continued on A4
Baltimore Fire Chief JimClack said he wants to boostdepartment diversity byadding 60 percent moreminorities.
Image Courtesy Dreamstime
The Afro-American, April 23, 2011 - April 29, 2011
Hip Hop Caucus Releases ‘350 For Earth Day’ List
WASHINGTON, D.C.– The Hip Hop Caucus’ “One Planet.One Voice.” campaign is celebrating Earth Day, April 22, byhonoring 350 African-American pacemakers who, through theirprofessions, passions and service, are making the planet a betterplace to live.As part of an effort to reshape the brand of environmentalism, the “350 For Earth Day” list highlightsleaders in media, entertainment, sports, law, politics, education,and business. Some notable honorees include Kanye West,Soledad O’Brien, Ambassador Susan Rice, AME Bishop VashtiMcKenzie and environmental activist Van Jones.“Communities of color are often overlooked by traditionalenvironmental campaigns, yet the studies show that we areamongst the most adversely affected by pollution and climatechange,” said the Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., president andCEO of the Hip Hop Caucus, in a statement. “This Earth Daywe are standing up as good stewards of the earth because this isabout the health of our families and future generations.”From the “350 For Earth Day” site Hip Hop Caucussupporters and the public will be able to organize and promoteeducation and awareness events nationwide. These activitieswill comprise the largest Earth Day mobilization within theAfrican-American community in the 41-year history of thisinternational day.
The “350 For Earth Day” honoree gallery is available on amini-site at www.hiphopcaucus.org/earthday.
Confrontation, Facebook Message PrecededHudson River Tragedy
Hours before a New York woman drove her vehicle off aboat dock into the Hudson River on April 12, drowning herself and three of her four children, she posted a Facebook messageapologizing for the murder-suicide.“I’m sorry everyone forgive me please for what I’m gonnado…This is it!!!” Lashandra Armstrong, 25, wrote.According to the
 New York Daily News
, the distressedmother and Jean Pierre, the father of Armstrong’s threeyoungest children, had an angry confrontation at her Newburgh,N.Y., home before the murder-suicide.A neighbor told the
 Daily News
, “[Pierre] was banging onthe door real loud. He called to her, ‘Open the f------ door!’ Hewas there about a half an hour; he was on the phone as well.”According to reports, Pierre was served with an order of protection earlier in the day stemming from an incident inFebruary when his 2-year-old son was left at home alone. Thebarefoot toddler was found wandering the streets, which werecovered with snow.Orange County District Attorney Frank Phillips said no chargeswill be led after police questioned the father of the deceasedchildren. The man reportedly had a dispute with Armstrong at herhouse in Newburgh, N.Y. just before she piled the children intotheir black minivan shortly before 8 p.m. that night.Armstrong’s eldest child, La’Shaun, 10, managed to rolldown a window and escape the submerged vehicle. Accordingto
magazine, the boy climbed out of the water and waveddown help from a woman who took him to a nearby re stationto alert rescuers.It took re crews an hour to recover the van, which wassubmerged in 10 feet of water roughly 25 yards offshore,according to
.Armstrong and three children, Landon Pierre, 5, Lance Pierre,2, and Lainaina Pierre, 11 months, were all found dead inside.
 Read more at afro.com
Ire Over ‘Racist’ EmailContinues to Build
By Hazel Trice Edney
(TriceEdneyWire.com) — The CaliforniaState NAACP, this week,lambasted a CaliforniaRepublican’s emailing of acartoon depicting PresidentBarack Obama as being froma family of apes.NAACP PresidentAlice Huffman has issueda statement describingthe email sent by MarilynDavenport, an Orange County Republican Central Committeemember, as racist, outrageous, and disrespectful. The emailshows President Obama’s head on the body of a chimpanzeewith two chimp parents alongside him.According to reports, the caption that ran with the photosays: “Now you know why no birth certicate.” This is a directreference to the so-called “Birthers” movement, which seeksto broaden the belief that Obama was not born in Kenya ratherthan the U. S.; therefore not qualied to be president.The email resurrects historic Jim-crow-like racist and Whitesupremacist views of Black people being less than human andbeing akin to apes.“There are no ifs, ands, or buts about this cartoon, it isabsolutely and positively racist in nature. There is no waythat depicting the president of the United States as less thanhuman can be considered anything but a racist act,” Huffmansays in her statement. “History has shown that Blacks havebeen depicted in this fashion in the past to degrade AfricanAmericans as not human. Anyone who does not know thishistory is either ignorant, had their head buried in the sand; oras we at the NAACP believe – Simply Racist. We have viewedthis cartoon repeatedly and believe yet again that racism isalive and blatantly in our midst. It appears to the NAACP thatthe election of an African-American president has broughtto the forefront outright racists who believe their philosophydegrading the worth of African Americans once again will beaccepted in general. Why else would this cartoon be so easilyand without conscience distributed so widely.”
 Read more at www.afro.com.
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Courtesy Photo
An e-mail allegedly sent byRepublican Party ocialMarilyn Davenport showsan image of PresidentBarack Obama alongsidechimpanzees.
The Afro-American, April 23, 2011 - April 23, 2011 April 2, 201
1 - April 8, 2011 The Afro-American
April 23, 201
1 - April 29, 2011 The Afro-American
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Let Your Smile Bloom
Dr. Maxine V. Clark has been making
Maryland smiles beautiful for over 25 years!
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These are real people who hunt down $1 pints of Natty Boh. People whotake the Circulator to free movies on Federal Hill. People like you.
How can you afford a home here? Simple. City home prices are historically low and interest rates are, too. At Live Baltimore, we’ll match you withhomebuying incentives, renovation information, neighborhoods, and more.So if you’ve ever told yourself, “Someday I’ll own my own place,”get in touch. Because someday is now.
The 2011 version of the Maryland GeneralAssembly seemed to have a little bit of something for just about everybody – unlessyou supported gay marriage in Maryland. But,the debate and political machinations over thecontroversial measure seemed to usurp mostof the passion and volatility from the rest of the session.“This has been the most collegial sessionbetween the two houses and the governor,”said House Speaker Michael Busch during lastweek’s bill signing ceremony. There were 707bills passed, but gay marriage in Marylandwasn’t one of them.Advocates for the bill – organized andrelentless – won a stunning victory early on inthe Senate, where most believed the real battlewould be. But, although it made it out of theJudiciary Committee, the House never tooka vote on the measure, because ultimately,Busch knew he didn’t have the votes.Truth is after the bill made it through theSenate, opponents of gay marriage – manyof whom are in the Black community –got mobilized. They started calling theirrepresentatives and those who were onthe fence jumped off of it quickly. I thinksometimes people forget Maryland is aSouthern state with many Southern mores andsimilar measures have not gained traction inthe South. Still, the bill was just a few votesshort, so we’ll see what happens when itcomes back next year.Sen. Catherine Pugh sponsored – and thelegislature passed – SB 132, which limitsemployers’ access to the credit reports of potential employees. “It keeps companiesfrom checking credit reports to determineemployment except in the case of positionsthat require duciary responsibilities,”Pugh told the
.“I think it’s a real victoryfor those who are out there looking foremployment, especially in these uncertaineconomic times.“It also sends a message to employersthat you shouldn’t be using a credit reportto determine someone’s character. There areother ways of doing that.”Pugh, a West Baltimore Democrat wasbusy as usual during the session, but now it’sa pretty safe bet she is going to get even busieras she has all but made it ofcial that she willchallenge Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake tobe the next mayor of Baltimore.This session the legislature nally decidedto tackle the monstrous $36 billion pensiondecit in earnest. They voted to increase theretirement age to 65, increased the vestingtime to 10 years and employees will haveto pay a little more into their pension plans.Of course the reforms are uncomfortable forsome, but the system as it stood was simplyunsustainable.Much to the consternation of manyrestaurant, bar and liquor store owners inMaryland, the alcohol tax passed. BeginningJuly 1, the alcohol tax will increase from 6 to9 percent. The 50 percent increase is going tobe a signicant blow to many retailers acrossthe state, as well as consumers.Staying with the alcohol tangent, I’mcertain my friend Rita Roane-Blackwell,owner of Wine Express, which provides,“private tastings of uncommon wine,” isthrilled Marylanders can now have wineshipped directly to them, repealing an archaiclaw that dated back to the Prohibition era. AndMaryland wineries, which – quiet as it’s kept – are among some of the nest in the country,now can ship their product out of state. It wasa long time coming.And there was news on the MinorityBusiness Enterprise front this session.Lawmakers passed a bill renewing Maryland’scommitment to the MBE program, which wasset to expire July 1. The new bill keeps the 25percent participation of minority and women-owned businesses in Maryland’s procurementprocess. Legislators vow to produce a long-term plan for MBE during the 2012 session.Critics of the state’s MBE program argue moststate contracts didn’t reach the 25 percentminority participation goal over the last veyears.Bottom line is, despite the victories, therewas a lot of unnished business left for theHouse and the Senate to perhaps pick upin 2012, including the looming long-termstructural budget decit.But for those who nd themselves feelingunfullled in wake of the 2011 session, youwon’t have to wait until 2012. A specialsession is scheduled for September, duringwhich lawmakers will attempt to tackle theoften precarious adventure of redistrictingbased on the 2010 Census gures. Now, thatshould provide plenty of passion and volatility.
Sean Yoes is a former staff reporter and contributing writer to the AFRO.
Notes on a Somewhat Sleepy Session
are beginning to likeBaltimore.”Since the news of hisdeath, tributes have beenpouring in from across thestate.“William Donald Schaeferlifted us up as a City andrestored our pride from theneighborhoods up. I waspresident of the GreaterHomewood CommunityCorporation in 1972, whenhe launched the Mayor’sStation program in ourcommunity, bringing us andother neighborhoods a directlink with City Hall withoutleaving home,” said BaltimoreCity Councilwoman MaryPat Clarke, in a statement.“With Mayor Schaefer, wewere all family, and, for allthe occasional disagreements,family always came rst. Ashe wished, we will rememberbest that, ‘He cared.’”To Baltimore he broughtthe Inner Harbor projectand ofciated the openingof the aquarium and otherprojects to create a betterBaltimore. He was also at thetable when the Colts pulledout for Indianapolis. But, henevertheless had more thanhis share of critics for how hisadvancements for Baltimoredidn’t seem to reach into allneighborhoods.Such criticism, however,didn’t slow his politicalcareer in the state, as hewas elected to two terms asgovernor beginning in 1987.His tenure at the head of thestate of Maryland included aredistricting, the consolidationof Maryland’s state collegesunder a single administration,the Reach the Beach andbeach replenishment and thebeginning of the light railproject.“He was a great mayor anda wonderful governor. Herein Baltimore, he gave use anew sense of self-condence.... His relentless approachto a ‘do it now philosophy,’shook up, not only the citybureaucracy, but it spreadlike a culture throughout ourcommunity. We all wantedto do it now, and all do itright. ... He had the heart of areformer,” said Sen. BarbaraMikulski.”He wanted tobuild Baltimore, he wantedto build the economy. ... ForSchaefer, it was always aboutthe people. ... He was a truepatriot and we wish himGodspeed.”After a four-year break hereturned to state wide politicsas the comptroller, serving inthat capacity for eight yearsbefore exciting the politicalarea for good.“This is a sad day for thepeople of Maryland – and forme, personally,” said Rep.Elijah Cummings, D-Md. ina statement. “Gov. Schaeferdevoted more than vedecades to public service. Hisloss evokes more than ourgratitude; it is as if each of us has lost a member of ourfamily.“As a leader, DonaldSchaefer’s greatest strengthwas that he was a Baltimoreanto the core of his being. Heexemplied the determinationand the pride in hard workwell done that is at the heart of our character as a community.“Even on those occasionswhen we disagreed on policy,I never doubted that he hadthe public’s well-being atthe forefront of his mind.With Donald Schaefer’spassing, an era has ended inour community. He will bemissed.”Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md.,said in a statement, “DonSchaefer was an indomitableforce who dedicated his lifeto the people of Maryland. …There was no problem thatwas too small for his attentionand his forceful ‘do-it-now-style’ focused attention onnding solutions and gettingresults. Personally, it was aprivilege to have known himand he leaves a legacy of strong, visionary leadershipthat transformed a city and astate.”Schaefer, despite beinga good politician and publicservant, was best knownfor his brazen nature andoutrageous comments.Gov. Martin O’Malley, onApril 19 ordered state agsown at half-staff and saidSchaefer will lie in state at theMaryland State House and atBaltimore’s City Hall.“Governor Schaefer’slife was spent in service tothe communities he loved,and his unrelenting drive to‘do it now’ was a constantpursuit of a better Marylandfor the people he served,”said Governor O’Malley.“And so it is tting that as wemourn the loss of Maryland’sindomitable statesman, thepeople of Maryland cancelebrate his legacy properly.”
William Donald Schaefer Dies at 89
Continued from A1
April 25
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Schaefer will lie in state atthe Maryland State House,Annapolis, Md.
 2 – 5 p.m.
A procession will drivethrough all Schaefer’sfavorite areas of BaltimoreCity.
 5 – 9 p.m.
Schaefer will lie in stateat Baltimore City Hall,Baltimore, Md.
April 26
 9 a.m. – 9 p.m
.Schaefer will lie in stateat Baltimore City Hall,Baltimore, Md.
April 27
Memorial Service, Old St.Paul’s Church, BaltimoreBurial, Dulaney ValleyMemorial GardensIn a tribute to Schaefer,Maryland Public Televisionwill show at 8 p.m. April 27a one-hour special,
, looking at his51 years of public service.Following the special,MPT will air a live paneldiscussion on the formermayor, comptroller andgovernor.
 AFRO Archives Photos
William Donald Schaefer received an honorary degree from Morgan State University in1983. He is shown, left, with
Black Enterprise
founder Dr. Earl Graves, right, on the daythe degree was conferred.
Funeral arrangements:
William DonaldSchaefer spend 51years in public servicefor the city of Baltimoreand the state of Maryland.

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