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24863648 You Can Improve Your Memory

24863648 You Can Improve Your Memory

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Published by Dhaiyanne Dc

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Published by: Dhaiyanne Dc on Apr 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You Can Improve Your Memory: Glucose And Oxygen1. Fact: glucose is the primary human source of energy. It travels in your bloodcirculation.2. Fact: eating or drinking glucose prior to testing improves memory recall up to50%.3. Fact: Human ability to regulate glucose supply starts going South (deteriorating)at age 35. Deal-with-it.Google: Dr. Sandra Suram-Lea, Lancaster University. Her team tested 60 collegestudents on recall of words on a list after 30 minutes and 24 hours. The group takingglucose before or after seeing the list produced significant (up to 50%)improvement.There is an improvement in how new memories are formed in the hippocampus of the brain. The sugar or starch in digesting carbohydrates is converted intochemicals for human energy. It is bile and enzymes that break down rice, grain,fruits and pasta for glucose. Use: liquid dextrose, cornstarch or an apple.OxygenWhen you raise your oxygen levels, learning and memory are improved up to 30%.How? Two-minutes of stretching, shaking and diaphragmatic inhalation andexhalation release additional oxygen into the blood.Did you know your 3-pound coconut always requires about 23% of all your oxygen?Wait. When you are learning new information and want long-term memory,you must have an additional 10% or a total of up to 33% of your total oxygensupply.Doing light exercise pre-learning for a couple of minutes does the trick.Google: M.C. Moss, University of Northumbria, U.K. Psychopharmacology 2005An external supply of oxygen prior to learning and consolidates memory smoothesyour neural pathways. Instead of stealing it from your Grandma, do the respiration,stretching and shaking exercises.DepletionThe more complex the learning, and the longer you give it your concentrationand attention-span, the faster you deplete your Glucose and Oxygen (reserve)supply.Ever notice yourself getting tired and yawning by 2pm? You have depleted your
blood sugar (glucose) supply, and are not deeply inhaling enough. If knowledge ispower, now you can take action to catch your second wind instead of being aslacker.Researchers at Binghamton University and the University of Virginia testedelderly volunteers (over age 35), and college students to remember a list.One group drank lemonade with glucose (Dextrose), the other lemonadewith saccharin. Those who had glucose remembered 2x the saccharin crew.N.B. Chocolate is bad glucose because FAT stalls the energizing effects of the blood sugar. Fruit or juice enhance learning and memory before anexam or study session.For Inquiring Minds Only: our brain stores information Chemically by producingProtein that strengthens specific synapses. They create new patterns of NeuralNetworks of memory.Who CaresDr. Scott Small, Columbia University Medical Center (12.2008) has research thatindicates a high level of blood sugar reduces the brain blood flow (volume).Not all over, but to the Dente Gyrus, which is located in the hippocampus.Dente Gyrus is involved with laying down new memory, handling stress anddepression. You want a healthy flow of glucose to maintain a cognitive brain.Alz and othe forms of dementia debilitate the Dente Gyrus.Professor Small discovered the healthy regulation of glucose worsensafter 30, causing cognitive loss. He recommends physical exercise if you want tomaintain all your marbles.Oh yeah, other scientists suggest light exercise will reduce the effects of Type 2diabetes on thinking and memory. It appears to be an insulin defect.Don’t blame natural aging of your corpus delicti – obtain more oxygen and glucoseby your own daily efforts. Add two-minutes of daily physical workout for importantresults. Too much to ask to save your brain?Google: Annals of Neurology, National Institute on Aging, 12.08.EndwordsHuman neurochemistry is determined by your Neural Pathways and Associations,not the reverse. The Einstein Area of the brain is the Angular Gyrus. It makesassociations, understands metaphors and Abstract thinking. The more neurons youactivate by learning and memory, practice and repetition, the better your brain

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