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Blue Eye's Vs. Purple Chapter 1

Blue Eye's Vs. Purple Chapter 1

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Published by Taylor

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Published by: Taylor on Apr 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The last book of He’s A Senior and I’m the Freaky Sophomore!“It feels good to be back,” my mom said as we got out of the car.My older brother, Tyler, and I climbed out of the car and looked at our new house.My parents wanted to move back to their childhood hometown.My younger brother, Mark, got out of the car and yawned. “Nice house,” he said scratching his head.“I guess,” Tyler muttered. “I still don’t see why we had to move here,”“Stop complaining, you just miss your girlfriend, you’ll get over it,” I said.Tyler glared at me as our mom came over and wrapped her arms around us. “You’re going to love it here, I promise,”I looked a lot like my mom, Violet. I’m like a younger version of her.Mark looks a little like her only because of his eyes, brownish purple eyes. Tyler, on the other hand, looks like our dad, Josh, bur has our mom’s black hair.Our dad started to unload the car.“Boys, go help your father,” mom said. The guys groaned and went to help our dad.“Let’s go look around,” my mom said.I smiled and followed her inside.The house was relatively large, not too big, just right, I guess.“Pick out you’re room,” my mom said as she walked into the living room.I smiled and nodded before racing up the steps.After looking in each room I decided I wanted the middle one with the bathroom,so I wouldn’t have to share with the boys.I would no longer have to worry about the toilet seat being up.I skipped out of my room and outside. “The middle room is mine,” I called.“Whatever, get your boxes,” Tyler said.I walked over to him and he carefully gave me my box.After a few hours we unpacked the car and the U-haul.We took a lunch break then got back to work.For the time being everyone had a bed, a dresser and a desk.My dad said that we’ll get new stuff later.As I was lying on my bed picking out paint colors the door bell rang.Someone answered it and chatter filled the living room.“Lilly, Mark, Ty, our neighbors are here,” my mom called.I sighed and got out of bed and walked down stairs.There was a family of five smiling at us.“Kids, this is the Jones family,” my mom said.“Welcome to the neighborhood,” Mrs. Jones said.“Thanks,” I smiled along with Mark.Tyler was somewhere in the back acting like he’s too cool for school.He’s actually the biggest nerd I knew.“This is our son, Vick, and our daughter, Hailey,” Mrs. Jones said.As we said hi to each other I couldn’t help but notice, Vick staring at me. I smiled at him and he grinned back.“Nice to meet you,” my mom said. “These are our sons, Mark and Tyler and our daughterLilly,”.“You have a beautiful family,” Mrs. Jones said before talking with my mom.The dad’s just stood there and listened before starting their own conversation.“So,” Vick said to me. “Are you going to Weston High?”“Yeah,” I smiled.“Nice, I could show you around,”“Thanks,” I said. I noticed Hailey and Mark flirting with each other.Tyler walked over to me. “Look at Mark?” he chuckled.I giggled. “I know,”.“Should I save her?”“Nah,” I said.“She looked into him,” Vick said.“Good point, so, what do you do for fun around here?” Tyler asked.“The local ice-cream place is pretty fun, everyone from school goes there. I work

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