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Hopeless Love - Chapter 2

Hopeless Love - Chapter 2

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Published by MayzeeRae
This is chapter 2 of Hopeless Love; a story I'm writing about unrequited love between a teenager and an adult. Please comment and readcast :) Thanks.
This is chapter 2 of Hopeless Love; a story I'm writing about unrequited love between a teenager and an adult. Please comment and readcast :) Thanks.

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Published by: MayzeeRae on Apr 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I don’t know why, but he wouldn’t look at me. I was getting scared about this,because he
looked at me. It was a double period of Music, and it was half way through second period. He hasn’t looked at me the whole time.‘’Right, it’s time for a performance. Who should we have today?’’ Mr Autumnasked the class.Everyone pointed at me, while Katy, my best friend, was jumping up and downshouting my name. I grimaced as I realised I’d have to perform. This was the firsttime I’d ever performed, and everyone else had already done it. I was terrified.‘’Madeline, why don’t you perform for us today?’’ Mr Autumn said, smiling at me.I sighed, both with relief and despair. I was relieved that he’d finally looked atme, but I was so scared about performing. I grabbed an acoustic guitar from theside of the room, and sat on a stool in front of the class.‘’This song is by my favourite band, All Time Low. It’s called RememberingSunday. I’m going to change the lyrics a bit so I don’t sound like a lesbian.’’ Imuttered.I began strumming the guitar, playing every chord perfectly. I began to sing, andhad the attention of everyone in the room. When I got to the chorus, I lookedright in to Mr Autumn’s eyes.‘Forgive me, I’m trying to find my calling, I’m calling at night. I don’t mean to bea bother, but have you seen this boy? He’s been running through my dreams,and it’s driving me crazy, it seems. I’m gonna ask him to marry me.’ I sang withall my heart.I finished the song and looked up at everyone. They were all silent. Katy’s mouthwas hanging open in shock.‘’Um, was that okay?’’ I whispered across the room.Mr Autumn started clapping really loudly, causing the rest of the class to join in.Everyone started screaming and cheering ridiculously loud, I may as well playedat Wembley Stadium. Mr Autumn ran over to me with a huge grin on his face.‘’That was
Why haven’t you performed before? Your voice is beautiful.’’He whispered in my ear. His neck was close enough to kiss.‘’Um, thanks, but I’m really not that goo-‘’‘’Stay behind after this lesson is over, okay? You can go out to break if you
want, but I’d love for you to sing me some more songs!’’ Mr Autumn interrupted.I nearly screamed in excitement. I’d rather stay with him all break than gooutside.‘’Sure.’’ I said with a smile.
 The bell rang shortly after that, and I stood up to wait for Mr Autumn. Aftereveryone left, Mr Autumn shut the door and looked at me for a long time. I didn’tknow where to look, so I decided to look back at him.‘’So, do you write any of your
songs?’’ He asked, sitting opposite me.I felt really uncomfortable; I didn’t want him to see my songs. The lyrics were soobviously about him.‘’Um, yes; I have a book of lyrics in my bag.’’ I muttered.I pulled out the notepad carefully, and handed it to him. He looked through it fora few minutes, and then started flicking through the pages really quickly.‘’I’m going to pick a random song, and you’re going to sing it for me. Is thatokay?’’ He asked.‘’Okay.’’ I managed to squeak.He stopped turning the pages, and it landed on a random page. He touched thepage for a second, and then handed it back to me. I looked at it and wanted tocry. It was one about him, and he’d realise it so quickly.‘’Y-you want me to sing that one?’’ I stammered.‘’Yes, please.’’‘’Okay, but only a verse.’’ I sighed, picking up my guitar.Mr Autumn waited patiently while I tuned my guitar. I started to play, and hiseyes bored in to me as I began to sing.‘You are electric; running through my veins. I can’t help but stare as you light theroom with your shine. We stand inches apart; I could kiss you if I leant forward.But in my mind, you’re an entire ocean away from my lips.’I stopped as soon as I said the last word, and looked up at him. He was smiling atme, but then started to pout. God, he looked cute.‘’I want more!’’ He whined.I pouted back at him.‘’No.’’ I said stubbornly.‘’Fine; let me read the rest of the lyrics then!’’ He said, snatching the book frommy hands before I could stop him.I watched his face while he read the lyrics. It turned from a smile, to a frown, to aworried look. He handed me back the book without saying a word. I looked at thepage, and gasped. I had forgotten about what I’d written at the bottom of thepage. It said
For Alex Autumn, I love you.

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