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selling vs Truth

selling vs Truth

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sell-out vs Truth; u decide
sell-out vs Truth; u decide

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Book
Published by: sam iam / Salvatore Gerard Micheal on Apr 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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selling vs Truth
i'm sorely tempted to go through all my articles to find any references of sellers (we'll make a listof sellers in this essay) vs people who care more about exposing the truth .. In one sense, i wantto vomit. In another, i don't care. i want to scream; at the same time, i want to hide .. Is there no place in this world we can find
Truth? I'm so angry i could spit; equally, i want todissolve all those concerns in a drunken stupor.. Before i do that ;) let me try to express thesource of all this conflict..We all need escape, entertainment, release, refuge,.. Recently, i find this in a Korean soap calledPersonal Tastefreely available on Youtube (see how i incidentally promote both the soap andYoutube - just by mentioning them?) Do i have a financial interest in Youtube or Personal Taste? No. i simply 'love' the show and being able to get it free :) One of my top values is integrity andsomehow, aside from all of its sickly manipulations, the show has it .. There are some beautifulmoments where i must force back tears .. In a sense, it's an idiotic sitcom but .. it's an
 idiotic sitcom ;) And here's the key sellers trap us with: they
lure us in.
Jay Weidner David IckeTim RifatRiley MartinRael
George UreJoseph Skipper Perhaps there should be an intermediate category of Sellers-Truth-dealers but today, i'm notgoing to play word-games. Truth with a capital 'T' represents absolute truth;it's not diluted withlies, promotion, selling, softened,.. Truth is Truth (divine Inspiration). The lists above, in mydetermination, show who care more about selling vs getting the truth out. Now of course "these isfightin' words". ;) i wrote to Jay, i wrote to David, i wrote to Tim, iwrote to George, and i wroteto Joseph .. None of them replied to me -none. How did i determine which are sellers vs Truth-dealers? Call it gut feeling, intuition, whatever you want,.. When i look at Tim's websites (and hehas many), he keeps pushing his crystals (only
crystals can clear you of demons) and other  products .. Jay is now pushing David (just got an email from his web-dealer) .. George has prettyconsistently pushed only one thing: web-bot-revelations .. Joseph has no financial interestswhatsoever in products/services (that i can detect) .. Riley claims not to be starting a new religion but basically requires you to accept his story on faith .. And Rael admits he's starting a newreligion but is collecting funds for a spaceport that only
can build.i've tried to communicate with all those listed above. Riley is the only one i established a loosefriendship with. i get the feeling Rael is reachable only with a sizable donation or establishedname in journalism with positive intent to interview .. i've tried to promote Jay, George, andJoseph indirectly by discussing their ideas and versions of 'the truth' but .. Because of Jay's recent promotion of David and older promotion of Tim, i've had to revise my opinion of him. He writesin that recent email: "Once in every generation a person rises up above the crowd to reveal the
truth of our age. This individual shows us who we really are and the way out of the chaos andconfusion that surrounds us. At this moment, in this time, that person is David Icke" 8| Oh .. my ..God. Did Jay just invest money into David or what? 8| How could i be so
to endorse Jay previously? Now perhaps you understand why that super-cheap (and strong) beer looks moreappealing..George has been consistent and much of what he writes is free for you to peruse .. Joseph, i'm notfamiliar with extensively, but every website of his i read/examine (the photo evidence) - indicatesto me: he's not a liar/deceiver/promoter/seller. So it's more than just gut feeling / intuition thattells me these things .. i'm impressed with consistency, integrity, selflessness,.. i'm equallyimpressed (in negative ways) with pushing products, pushing others who 'know the truth', or some exclusive relationship with 'saviors' (Rael and Riley) .. In the end, you must use your own judgment about these people (what you choose to swallow from them).. But indicators rise above.. i just hope not too many people get sucked into their world-views investing funds and hopeswhere only cleverly disguised con-men reside.Worse than wasting money is investing
in these people. Riley promises his alien friendswill rescue (some of) us before the 'end of the world'. Rael promises his alien friends will 'lift usout of ignorance'. Tim declares only his crystals can 'rid you of demons'. David has now becomethe 'one and only savior' of our generation according to Jay while i personally think 
they're all  full of shit 
.. Now i gotta go get that cheap-strong beer and watch some Personal Taste whilemaybe bawling my eyes out over a stilly-stupid drama (instead of crying over the deceptions of this cold and cruel world;).."Never give up; never surrender!"

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