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Disposition Rubric

Disposition Rubric

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Published by adam1852

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Published by: adam1852 on Apr 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dispositions Rubric for COE Graduate Programs
Candidate’s Name: __________________________ Course/Semester/Year:_____________________________ Evaluator: _________________________________ Program: ________________________________________ Evaluation Interval: #1 #2 Other 
This instrument is used to rate each element relative to expectation levels of students within their current program. Theseexpectations may differ among programs due to different contexts and graduate levels.
Unacceptable (1)
Acceptable (2)
Target (3)
1. Commitment to the Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions of the Profession
aEducational decisions not grounded in relevantesearch and/or theory related to area of specialization.Uses knowledge specific to the area of specialization toake educational decisions.Regularly applies current research and theoryelated to area of specialization to make educationaldecisions.
 bSkills used reflect outdated, “that’s the way we’vealways done it” approaches.Employs skills characteristic of the area of specialization ineducational practice.Demonstrates advanced level of skills characteristicof the area of specialization.
c No evidence of use of professional developmentstrategies (i.e. use of current literature, participation inorkshops or conferences) to improve professionalractice.Demonstrates commitment to activities in support of theeducation profession, and the desire to work towardimprovement of the field of education.Serves as a leader in the educational setting (i.e.grade level team, curriculum team, other leadershipeam, etc) to develop strategies for the unit toexplore a range of solutions to challenges within thesetting.
GeorgiaFramework  Domains1, 2, 6 
dProfessionalism in decision making is not evident or consistent. Does not consistently demonstrate honestyand integrity within work (e.g. Plagiarism or other cheating). May be disruptive. Does not typically doone or more of the following: Fulfill responsibilities,interact constructively, respond to feedback, or demonstrate self initiative.Demonstrates professionalism in decision making. Showsonesty and integrity in work, including awareness andavoidance of plagiarism or other cheating. Typicallyulfills responsibilities, does not disrupt, interactsconstructively, is responsive to feedback, and demonstratesself initiative.Consistently demonstrates excellentrofessionalism in decision making. Shows honestyand integrity in all work, including awareness andavoidance of all forms of plagiarism or other cheating. Fulfills responsibilities, does not disrupt,interacts constructively, is responsive to feedback,and demonstrates self initiative.
Comments or Examples on Performance for Profession Elements:
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Unacceptable (1)
Acceptable (2)
Target (3)
2. Commitment to Diversity
aDemonstrates a lack of awareness of the range of issues related to diversity in the area of specialization.Acts in ways that demonstrate awareness of diversityconcerns appropriate to the area of specialization andeducational practice in general.Demonstrates an advanced level of knowledge of diversity concerns related to the area of specialization and educational practice.
 bAttention to diversity is an “add on” that is notembedded within educational practice. Behaviors doot demonstrate knowledge of cultural awareness or esponsiveness relevant to the area of specialization.Engages in processes which enhance cultural awareness,cultural sensitivity, cultural relevance and culturalesponsiveness appropriate to the area of specialization.(These processes are embedded in candidate’s educationalractice.)Serves as a leader in the educational setting todevelop strategies to address cultural sensitivity,cultural relevance and cultural responsiveness.
GeorgiaFramework  Domains2, 3, 5
cInteractions with learners do not demonstrate attentiono the diversity of learners’ needs or to the notion thatall students can learn.Acts to address the diverse needs of learners demonstratinga commitment to the idea that all students can learn.Interactions with learners demonstrate a full rangeof differentiated instructional principlesdemonstrating a strong commitment to the idea thatall students can learn.
Comments or Examples on Performance for Diversity Elements:
Unacceptable (1)
Acceptable (2)
Target (3)
3. Commitment to Technology
aFails to use advanced technology available as aegular part of educational practice.Uses advanced technology, as available, appropriate to areaof specialization in educational practice.Demonstrates an advanced level of knowledge andskill with available technologies appropriate to areaof specialization.
GeorgiaFramework  Domains1, 4, 5
 b Narrow focus on the barriers to use of emergingechnologies within area of educational practice anddemonstrates little knowledge of relevant emergingechnologies.Demonstrates an awareness of emerging technologies and aillingness to utilize emerging technologies in educationalractice as appropriate.Serves as a leader in the educational setting inodeling the use of appropriate emergingechnologies.
Comments or Examples on Performance for Technology Elements:

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