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Crime Part 2

Crime Part 2

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Published by jibranrarh
jibran rarh neil ppt
jibran rarh neil ppt

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Published by: jibranrarh on Apr 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is Forensic Psychology?
‡Study of the behavior and mental processes of those whoengage in criminal behavior.‡Forensic vs. Clinical psychology‡Forensic vs. Corrections psychology‡How does one get to be a forensic psychologist ±Back to clinical programs‡Research, internships ±Forensic programs ±FBI
Crime Statistics
‡M. Twain‡Government statistics exaggerate some crimes, underreport others:
 ±Homicide rates probably mildly underreported ±Some crimes like rape and molestation may go unreported ±Crimes perpetrated by women or children may go unreported ±Property crimes probably underreported ±drug crimes probably overreported
‡Media reports almost certainly far overexaggerated:
 ±Ex. ³1 in 4 women have been raped´ Koss (1987) Ms. Magazine ±Most empirical figures vary around 7-15% ±Ex. 1 in 4 homes are visited by crime each year  ±Ex. 1 in 4 Africa-American males become criminals ±The Law of One in Fou
A story«.
‡Here¶s a chance to test your ³novice´ psychological profiling skills:
 ±I¶ll give you the crime, you tell me whodunnit. ±Think in terms of demographics (age, sex, race) and personality and IQ
‡Dec 24, 1990 the perpetrator drugs Tammy Homolka, age 15, withHalcion and Halothane and rapes her. The perpetrator, with a willing partner, photographs and videotapes the sex acts with the victim.Tammy vomits as a reaction to the drugs and suffocates.‡Mid-June 1991, Leslie Mahaffy (15) disappears after phoning a friendfrom a 7-11. She is raped and tortured over two days, the proceedingsvideotaped. She is discovered piece by piece June 29.‡Nov. 1991 Terry Anderson (14) vanishes‡April, 1992 Kristen French (16) abducted, raped and tortured oveEaster Weekend. She is strangled, her nude body shorn of all hair andleft in a ditch.

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