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Heart of Clouds-Chap24.Cwk (WP) -- Raindrops

Heart of Clouds-Chap24.Cwk (WP) -- Raindrops

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Published by Adrienne D. Wilson
As Teenie sits in the cave many years later, she leaves a secret message for Devlin in case he ever returns...
As Teenie sits in the cave many years later, she leaves a secret message for Devlin in case he ever returns...

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Published by: Adrienne D. Wilson on Apr 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HEART OF CLOUDS / Raindrops / 192
AS TEENIE SAT IN THE CAVE where Devlin had carved the tiny heart so long ago, some veryold tears inside of herself began to fall. She wondered what might have happened if Devlin hadnever left the village that year, and what might have happened if the two of them had gone intoeighth grade together and all the other sorts of things that one wonders about when sitting alonein a cave full of history. The history of her own first kiss.She thought about what had happened that night, after he’d walked her home and she’dtucked herself into bed as a child. That night the rain had howled as a storm rolled across thevillage and the raindrops had lashed at her windows all night long as the sky wept.The first thing in the morning she planned to go to Mr. Honeygarten’s and tell him aboutDevlin, and the fact he was going to be leaving soon. It seemed like the storm was crying all thetears she couldn’t that night. Almost as if it were crying them for her.The little vase full of Claire’s deep red cabbage roses at her bedside still perfumed the air in her room, but the roses themselves were beginning to drop their beautiful petals, almost like
HEART OF CLOUDS / Raindrops / 193
deep red teardrops in a way.Teenie pulled her covers up and watched the rain at the windows in the amber glow of her little night light. It seemed impossible that Devlin was really going to go. Not after all they hadshared at the very end of summer. She wondered if she would ever be able to see him again andwhen she did, would he have changed?Would he remember her?Would he still like her?She touched her lips with her hand — rubbing her fingertips over the place where he hadkissed her and pressing her own lips to her fingertips to see how it must have felt to him whentheir lips had touched. Hers felt soft, and she wondered if that is what he had thought aboutthem.And now, so very, very many years later, Teenie Alexander ran her fingertips across her lips once again and thought of Devlin and the first time a boy had ever kissed her. She smiled asshe leaned back against the wall of the cave and looked at the tiny heart that he had etched there.“It will always be here,” he’d said. “Just waiting for you.”“If you ever need me.”Teenie’s parents were long gone now, just like Mr. Honeygarten was because many manyyears had passed. And as she looked at the little heart on the cave wall she realized that whatremains of life is love, and all of the loves that we have shared. Like the love for Devlin, or for Melloman, or Brownie or for her mother and father, or for Mr. Honeygarten.
 Love is the most beautiful thing that life offers us,
she thought.As Teenie sat in the cave gazing at the heart it occurred to her that it was entirely like all
HEART OF CLOUDS / Raindrops / 194

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