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Wicker Sham Questions Answers Seattle Weekly April 11 V2

Wicker Sham Questions Answers Seattle Weekly April 11 V2

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Published by Caleb Hannan

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Published by: Caleb Hannan on Apr 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Joe Wickersham17807 East Lake Desire SERenton, WA 98058
This 3 page letter sent VIA EmailApril 20, 2011To: Caleb Hannan, Managing editor, Seattle Weekly
<channan@seattleweekly.com>To: Steve Suskin, Agent for Village Voice Media<Steve.Suskin@VillageVoiceMedia.com>Re: Joe Wickersham’s answers to questions submitted to Joe Wickersham bythe Seattle Weekly.Dear Caleb Hannan and Steve Suskin,Below are my answers to your 4 questions:Question #1) Have either Mr. Wickersham or his lawyer requested the State ofWashington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s investigative report involvingOfficer Wendy Willette? If so, do you have any general comment on the report?Answer to Question #1) Until this question was just asked of me I did not knowWendy’s last name. I filed a complaint against “Wendy” with her supervisor,Captain, William (Bill) Hebner right after the shooting of August 14, 2010 and hesaid there would be an investigation and that he would give her a polygraph ifnecessary. Hebner stated that I would be informed of the results of theinvestigation. In addition, in September 2010, I was told by Mike Cenci, AssistantChief of the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, that I would benotified of the results of the internal investigation within 2 days. However, todate, over 7 months later, I have never received any compensation, explanation,phone call or written correspondence whatsoever. This is even after manyrequests for the results and a copy of the internal investigation on my part. Sincethe Seattle Weekly has obviously received a copy of the internal investigationreport, why not forward a copy to me so that I can review and respond to it?Question #2) What does Mr. Wickersham say to Captain Bill Hebner’s claim thathe is “an admitted alcohol and drug abuser”?Answer to Question #2) I do not use drugs or alcohol and needless to say I wasnot taking any on the day of the shooting. To Captain Hebner I repeatedlyoffered to pay for all drug testing and alcohol testing as well as for a polygraph
2examination for both myself and Officer Wendy Willette (That was made as astanding offer and remains to this day). However, Hebner has never taken meup on that offer. What do they have to hide? You would think that they would jump at the chance to dispel the allegation that Wendy was cranked up andhigher than a kite on steroids and that she was there to put a hit on me. She wasnot in a rational state of mind, was not in her right mind and not even close tobeing sane.Question #3) In numerous voicemails to Captain Hebner left by Mr. Wickersham,he references the shooting of Native American woodcarver John T. Williams.How does Williams’ case relate to Mr. Wickersham’s?Answer to Question #3) The shooting of Native American woodcarver John T.Williams is a typical example of what most people understand to be the threat ofdeadly force and the use of deadly force without just cause. As you know, theU.S. Department of Justice is looking into that case now and it should be nosurprise to anyone if indictments result from that incident and the apparentcriminal acts and violations of Mr. William’s constitutional rights. I used thatreference with Captain Hebner to make the point that it is understood that somepolice officers believe that they are immune from criminal prosecution andbelieve that they have a license to kill. I let Hebner know that I understood thatbecause Wendy was in my opinion that kind of an officer that she was selected totake me out. In addition, after reviewing the actions of Officer Ian Birk in theWilliams shooting I also pointed out to Hebner that Wendy was much moreaggressive, used the “f” word continually, was in a rage and that even Birk didnot get to that level. Again, I have a standing offer that I made to Hebner that Iwould pay for all drug and alcohol testing and a polygraph examination for bothmyself and Wendy anywhere and anytime which said offer remains unacceptedto this day. Again, what do they have to hide? I will be filing a lengthy law suit inbehalf of myself and my son against all of the offending governmental entitiesregarding all of the numerous illegal and unconstitutional acts prior to my dogbeing shot, the shooting of my dog and all related matters in the near future.Question #4) Captain Hebner’s report also says that Mr. Wickersham claims tobe the target of a special law enforcement task force designed to intimidate andkill him. Why does Mr. Wickersham think he’s being targeted?Answer to Question #4) I am not at liberty to disclose every detail. However, inshort, I became a “whistle blower” and reported grievous and very seriousmisconduct by governmental officials. I obtained expert opinion in support of,and in independent verification and confirmation of, that position and thoseallegations.Immediately after I became a whistle blower I became targeted by governmentofficials. In my opinion, the shooting of my dog Maggie is just one example ofthat retaliation, intimidation and attempt to silence me. If I had it to do all over

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