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Published by Rose Curley

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Published by: Rose Curley on Apr 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN:INT. KITCHEN - AFTERNOONKristen sits at the kitchen table smoking a cigarette.KRISTENYour little persona is made up ofall the places that people haveseen you and what has been saidabout you and usually the placesthat I am are so overwhelming inthe moment and fleeting forme. One second where I’ve saidsomething stupid, that’s me,forever. What you don’t see arethe cameras shoved in my face andthe bizarre intrusive questionsbeing asked, or the people fallingover themselves, screaming andtaunting to get a reaction. Allyou see is an actor or a celebritylit up by a flash. A lot of thetime I can’t handle it. It’sfucked. I never expected that thiswould be my life.CUT TO:INT. KITCHEN - AFTERNOON - CONTINUOUSKristen cooks on the stove.KRISTENAt this point it seems like, ’We’llsee what the Twilight girldid. Let’s see how she’s trying tobe different.TITLE:FOLLOW KRISTENTITLE:2008
2.INT. SET - THE LATE SHOWDAVID LETTERMANUh. . . The film is called uh,
and it openstomorrow. And and and uh, for somereason young girls love these booksand will go crazy for the movieright?KRISTENI really hope so.DAVID LETTERMANI think probably so.KRISTENI really really hope so.DAVID LETTERMANThis is Twilight, openingtomorrow. Kristen Stewart.INT. INTERVIEW SET -
JUNKETINTERVIEWERIs it possible to prepareyourselves for how your bothcareers and personal lives, Iguess, will change once this moviecomes out?KRISTEN, 18, and ROBERT PATTINSON, 22, sit in chairs side byside looking at the interviewer with blank faces.INTERVIEWER (O.S.)Because its going to be. . .The interviewer makes an emphatic hand gesture.INTERVIEWER
, after this opens.The interviewer rests his hand on his chin looking at themwith concern.

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